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Howdy partner! So, you finally made it to the West! It’s not a peaceful place that’s for sure.

No worries though, because you’re in the right place and our job is to help you survive the dangers ahead. Are you new to Red Dead Redemption II? Or maybe a returning cowboy?

Fear, not gunslinger! If you are here you most likely need help, and that’s exactly what you will receive from our Red Dead Redemption 2 Wiki Guide.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t find a specific collectible, or you can’t get the gold medals for all story missions. Having troubles hunting, fishing or robbing?

We’ll make it easier for you. In fact, we’ll tell you everything you can do in RDR2. From start to finish.

And, by everything, yes, we mean everything. Even how to cheat or how to get unlimited money! Not that you will actually do that. We know you are an honest cowboy.

Are you ready to begin your adventures in the wonderful world of Red Dead Redemption 2? How about bookmark this page first and explore the table of contents below?

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That’s it, cowboy! Let’s tame the Wild West together, and once again, welcome to our Red Dead Redemption 2 Wiki Guide!



New Weapons Available

Outlaws From the West

Start the game

Cattleman Revolver, Hunting Knife, Lantern

Enter, Pursued by a Memory

Complete Outlaws From The West

Sawed-Off Shotgun

Old Friends

Complete Enter, Pursued By A Memory

Lasso, Carbine Repeater

The Aftermath of Genesis

Complete Enter, Pursued By A Memory


Who The Hell is Leviticus Cornwall?

Complete Old Friends and The Aftermath Of Genesis


Eastward Bound

Complete Who The Hell Is Leviticus Cornwall?

Volcanic Pistol, Varmint Rifle, Springfield Rifle

Mission  Requirements New Weapons Available
Polite Society, Valentine Style Complete Eastward Bound None
Americans at Rest Complete Eastward Bound Tomahawk
Who is Not without Sin Complete Eastward Bound None
The First Shall Be Last Complete Americans at Rest None
Paying a Social Call Complete Americans at Rest Double-Barreled Shotgun, Throwing Knife
Money Lending and Other Sins – I & II Complete Americans at Rest None
Exit Pursued by a Bruised Ego Complete one of the first 3 missions in Chapter 2 None
Money Lending and Other Sins – III Complete Money Lending and Other Sins I & II None
A Quiet Time Complete Money Lending and Other Sins I & II None
Blessed are the Meek? Complete Money Lending and Other Sins I & II and A Quiet Time Schofield Revolver
We Loved Once and True  Complete Money Lending and Other Sins I & II and Paying a Social Call None
Good, Honest, Snake Oil Complete Polite Society, Valentine Style and wait 2 in-game hours None
The Spines of America Complete Exit Pursued by a Bruised Ego None
Pouring Forth Oil – I-III Complete The First Shall Be Last, Polite Society, Valentine Style and We Loved Once and True None
Pouring Forth Oil – IV Complete Pouring Forth Oil – III and wait 1 in-game hour Pump-Action Shotgun
An American Pastoral Scene Complete Blessed are the Meek? Lancaster Repeater
A Fisher of Men Complete A Quiet Time and Pouring Forth Oil – I-III None
The Sheep and the Goats Complete The Spines of America, Pouring Forth Oil – IV and A Fisher of Men Rolling Block Rifle
A Strange Kindness Complete Who is Not without Sin, The Sheep and the Goats and Blessed are the Meek? Double -Action Revolver
Mission  Requirements New Weapons Available
The New South Complete A Strange Kindness None
Money Lending and Other Sins – IV Complete The New South None
Further Questions of Female Suffrage Complete A Strange Kindness and move 350 meters away from camp None
American Distillation Complete The New South and wait 3 in-game hours None
The Course of True Love – I-III Complete The New South None
Advertising, the New American Art – I & II Complete American Distillation, The Course of True Love – I-III and An American Pastoral Scene None
Horse Flesh for Dinner Complete Advertising, the New American Art – I & II and The Fine Joys of Tobacco None
The Fine Joys of Tobacco Complete Advertising, the New American Art – I & II and Magicians for Sport Fire Bottle
Magicians for Sport Complete Advertising, the New American Art – I & II None
Friends in Very Low Places Complete Magicians for Sport and Further Questions of Female Suffrage None
An Honest Mistake Complete The New South and The Course of True Love – I-III or American Distillation None
Preaching Forgiveness as He went Complete An Honest Mistake and The Course of True Love – I-III, An American Pastoral Scene or American Distillation Bolt Action Rifle
Sodom? Back to Gomorrah Complete Preaching Forgiveness as He went, American Distillation and wait one in-game hour None
Blessed are the Peacemakers Complete Sodom? Back to Gomorrah and Magicians for Sport None
A Short Walk in a Pretty Town Complete Horse Flesh for DinnerThe Fine Joys of Tobacco, Blessed are the Peacemakers and Friends in Very Low Places None
Blood Feuds, Ancient and Modern Complete A Short Walk in a Pretty Town None
The Battle of Shady Belle Complete Blood Feuds, Ancient and Modern None
Mission  Requirements New Weapons Available
The Joys of Civilization
Angelo Bronte, a Man of Honor
Help a Brother Out
Brothers and Sisters, One and All
Fatherhood and Other Dreams
No, No and Thrice, No
The Gilded Cage
A Fine Night of Debauchery
Horsemen, Apocalypses
Urban Pleasures
Country Pursuits
Revenge is a Dish Best Eaten
American Fathers – I & II
Banking, the Old American Art
Mission  Requirements New Weapons Available
Welcome to the New World
Savagery Unleashed
A Kind and Benevolent Despot
Hell Hath No Fury
Paradise Mercifully Departed
Dear Uncle Tacitus
Fleeting Joy
That’s Murfree Country
Mission  Requirements New Weapons Available
A Fork in the Road
Icarus and Friends
Visiting Hours
Just a Social Call
Do Not Seek Absolution – I & II
Of Men and Angels
The Course of True Love – IV & V
Money Lending and Other Sins – VI & VII
The Delights of Van Horn
A Bridge to Nowhere
A Rage Unleashed
Archeology for Beginners 
Honor, Amongst Thieves
The Fine Art of Conversation
Goodbye, Dear Friend
Favored Sons
The King’s Son
Mrs. Sadie Adler, Widow – I & II
My Last Boy
Our Best Selves
Red Dead Redemption
Mission  Requirements New Weapons Available
The Wheel
Simple Pleasures
Farming, for Beginners
Fatherhood, for Beginners
Old Habits
Jim Milton Rides, Again?
Fatherhood, for Idiots
Gainful Employment
The Landowning Classes & Home of the Gentry?
Mission  Requirements New Weapons Available
Bare Knuckles Friendships
An Honest Day’s Labors
Home Improvement for Beginners
The Tool Box
A New Jerusalem
A Quick Favor for an Old Friend
Uncle’s Bad Day
Trying Again
A Really Big Bastard
A New Future Imagined
American Venom
Mission  Requirements
The Noblest of Men, and a Woman Part I & II – Complete Eastward Bound (Chapter 1)

Part III & IV – Complete A Fine Night of Debauchery (Chapter 4)

Arcadia for Amateurs Start Chapter 2
The Smell of the Grease Paint Start Chapter 2
Fundraiser Start Chapter 2
Geology for Beginners Start Chapter 2
Smoking and Other Hobbies Complete Who is Not Without Sin (Chapter 2)
He’s British, of Course Complete The New South (Chapter 3)
No Good Deed Complete American Distillation (Chapter 3) and two other story missions
The Iniquities of History Complete An Honest Mistake
Oh, Brother Start Chapter 4
The Ties That Bind Us Complete The Joys of Civilization (Chapter 4)
The Artist’s Way Complete The Joys of Civilization (Chapter 4)
A Bright Bouncing Boy Complete The Joys of Civilization (Chapter 4)
The Mercies of Knowledge Complete The Joys of Civilization (Chapter 4)
Idealism and Pragmatism Complete The Gilded Cage (Chapter 4)
The Wisdom of the Elders Complete Fleeting Joy (Chapter 5)
The Veteran Start Chapter 6
The American Inferno, Burnt Out Complete The Landowning Classes (Epilogue 1)
American Dreams Complete the Murder Scene encounters
A Fine Night for It Complete one of the following encounters: Torch Procession, Stalking Shadows, Spooked Horse, Voice
Encounter Type Spawning Locations
Unique Fixed (Wilderness/Towns)
Wilderness Random (Wilderness)
Town Random (Towns)
Mission  Requirements Reward(s)
Jack Hall Gang Complete Eastward Bound Gold Bars x 2
High Stakes Complete The New South Gold Bars x 3
Poisonous Trail Complete Eastward Bound Gold Bars x 4
Le Tresor Des Morts Special/Ultimate Edition Pre-Order Bonus Gold Bars x 5


Small-Sized Fish:

Medium-Sized Fish:

Large-Sized Fish :

Legendary Fish:

  • Legendary Redfin Pickerel
  • Legendary Perch
  • Legendary Bullhead Catfish
  • Legendary Chain Pickerel
  • Legendary Rock Bass
  • Legendary Bluegill
  • Legendary Largemouth Bass
  • Legendary Smallmouth Bass
  • Legendary Steelhead Trout
  • Legendary Sockeye Salmon
  • Legendary Longnose Gar
  • Legendary Muskie
  • Legendary Lake Sturgeon
Collectible Type Total Available
Cigarette Cards
Dinosaur Bones
Rock Carvings 10
Hunting Requests
Dreamcatchers 20
Special Tonics
Chests & Lock Boxes 74
Unique Weapons, Items & Outfits 30
Achievement/Trophy How to Unlock
Lending a Hand Complete all optional Honor story missions.
Best in the West Attain 100% completion.
Gold Rush Earn 70 Gold Medals in Story missions.
Friends With Benefits Complete a Companion Activity in each camp.
Hobby Horse Play all mini games.
Breaking and Entering Recover the stash from 4 homesteads.
Artificial Intelligence Discover the fate of Marko Dragic.
Take From the Rich Rob or loot $250.
Give to the Poor Donate $250 to the gang tithing box.
Pony Up Spend $5000 across all shops.
Extreme Personality Reach maximum or minimum Honor level.
Western Stranger Complete 10 Stranger mission strands.
Collector’s Item Complete one of the Collectable strands.
Bountiful Survive 3 days holding a bounty of $250 in all states.
Errand Boy Deliver 5 camp companion item requests.
Self Sufficient Craft 30 unique items in Story Mode.
Skin Deep Skin every species of animal in Story Mode.
Zoologist Study every animal across all states in Story Mode.
It was THIS Big! Catch a fish weighing at least 16 lbs (7.3 kg).
Locked and Loaded Upgrade each available component for a single sidearm or longarm weapon.
Grin and Bear it Survive 18 bear attacks and kill the bear each time in Story Mode.
Trusty Steed Reach max bonding level with a horse.
Breakout Red Dead Online: Complete the Intro.
Series Major Red Dead Online: Take part in a Series.
Gun For Hire Red Dead Online: Accept 10 Free Roam missions from characters around the world.
Eventful Red Dead Online: Play 5 Free Roam Events.
Buckle Up Red Dead Online: Achieve 5 gold belt buckles from awards.
The Real Deal Red Dead Online: Achieve MVP 3 times (in a round with at least 4 players).
Horses for Courses Red Dead Online: Concurrently own 5 horses.
Getting Started Red Dead Online: Reach Rank 10.
Notorious Red Dead Online: Reach Rank 50.
All’s Fair Red Dead Online: Successfully counter a rival Posse’s Free Roam mission.
Home Comforts Red Dead Online: Purchase 5 camp improvements.
Non-Regulation Red Dead Online: Craft 25 pieces of ammunition.
Posse Up Red Dead Online: Form a Persistent Posse.
Master Craftsman Red Dead Online: Craft 20 items (excluding ammo).
Butchered Red Dead Online: Sell 20 items to the Butcher.
Picked to Perfection Red Dead Online: Pick 25 Herbs.
Strength in Numbers Red Dead Online: Complete a Free Roam mission as part of a Posse with at least 2 members.


Secret Achievement/Trophy How to Unlock
Back in the Mud Complete Chapter 1.
Just a Scratch Complete ‘Enter, Pursued by a Memory’.
To Greener Pastures Complete Chapter 2.
Settling Feuds Complete Chapter 3.
Washed Ashore Complete Chapter 4.
No Traitors Complete Chapter 5.
Third Time Lucky Complete ‘Goodbye, Dear Friend’.
Redemption Complete ‘Red Dead Redemption’.
Cowboy Builder Complete ‘A New Jerusalem’.
Endless Summer Complete the Epilogue.
Paying Respects Find the graves of each of your fallen companions.
It’s Art Find a permanent home for the squirrel statue.