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Red Dead Redemption II: All Stagecoach Robberies Locations Guide

In Red Dead Redemption 2, you can rob every coach and stagecoach you encounter while exploring the world; however, only 6 of them are unique; meaning that will allow you to earn more money than you usually receive while stealing from a random carriage. These 6 unique Red Dead Redemption 2 Stagecoach Robberies can’t be attempted until you reach Chapter 3 in the video game developed by Rockstar Studios for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

All Stagecoach Robberies Locations In Red Dead Redemption 2

During the said chapter, you’ll complete a story mission named Friends in Very Low Places. While playing the said mission, Trelawny introduces you to the Rhodes Station clerk, named Alden.

As you’ll find out, Alden is not satisfied with how the world progresses, and more importantly, he’s not satisfied with his wage.  Therefore, one of his weak points is greed, which is an opportunity for you to use your bribing skills.

Red Dead Redemption II features two such characters. First, we have Alden in Rhodes, and the second clerk you can bribe is Hector in Strawberry.

Each of them agrees to give you 3 tip-offs on the richest stagecoaches in Red Dead Redemption 2. This means that the video game features a total of 6 side-activities involving specific coaches. These are very similar to the Shop Robberies and Home Robberies we already presented as part of our RDR2 Wiki.

Stagecoach Robberies Tips

Before we move on to the locations of these robberies there are a couple of things that you can keep in mind to makes the heists much smoother.

  • Perfect heists need proper planning. Memorize the number of NPCs in the area before robbing.
  • Try and be stealthy at night. Under the right conditions, some robberies can be pulled off without any risk.
  • You can shoot in the air to startle NPCs.
  • Try to incapacitate potential heroes by using equipment.
  • Escape as soon as possible. Officers of the law will catch up and you do not want to be around when that happens.
  • Some robberies are time-sensitive, you have to complete them in a certain time period after they are started.

Now that we have given you some tips, we can move on to the locations of these robberies. The following are all the stagecoach robberies locations and how you should properly rob them in order to make the most from each of them.

RDR2 All Coach Robberies Locations Map

Red Dead Redemption 2 All Stagecoach Robberies Locations Map


1 – North Scarlett Meadows Coach Robbery Tip

The first tip-off you receive from Alden is for a wagon full of antiques. Once you talk to Alden at Rhodes Station, check the North Scarlett Meadows Coach Tip in your inventory.

Tip Description: “Head North up the road past face rock. Wagon full of antiques coming from the North East headed for a buyer in Rhodes should only be a couple of guards. Deliver to Seamus at Emerald Ranch. Careful not to damage the wagon or the cargo.”

After you read the document, gallop to the location marked on our map and wait for the stagecoach to arrive at the marked location.

When the stagecoach finally appears, you have two options. You can mislead the coach driver, or you can opt to rob the coach on sight, by opening fire on all 4 guards.

If you opt for the first strategy, wait for one of the guards to get down and inspect the wheel; then step away from the coach, draw your weapon and kill all 4 guards in a single Dead Eye use. Make sure to loot their dead bodies in the process since they will be packing a moderate amount of cash. 

Red Dead Redemption 2 North Scarlett Meadows Coach Robbery

Mislead the driver, then open fire on all 4 guards

Next, get in the stagecoach and drive to Seamus at the Emerald Ranch Fence. Drive slowly and pay attention especially when you take turns because the statues you carry can fall from the wagon; greatly reducing the payout. When the stagecoach is inside Seamus’ barn you’ll receive your payment.

2 – South Scarlett Meadows Coach Robbery Tip

The second time you visit Alden, you’ll receive a new tip-off that unlocks the South Scarlett Meadows Stagecoach Robbery.

Talk to Alden in Rhodes, then inspect the document you receive.

Tip Description: “Road southwest at Bolger Glade. Look for carriage coming from the South. The passenger is a wealthy merchant, probably keeps his cash hidden so might need some persuasion.”

After you arrive at the second location marked on our map, wait for the stage-coach to arrive and shoot the driver immediately.

The passenger inside will try to escape, so run after him and when close enough press O/B to tackle him. In order to find where the money is, hit him at least once.

Red Dead Redemption 2 South Scarlett Meadows Coach Robbery

Beat this wealthy stranger to find out where his fortune is located

The passenger will tell you that the lockbox is located under the stagecoach. Release the poor fellow, then return to the stagecoach and inspect it to retrieve the hidden lock-box.

Take the money inside to complete the side activity and if you wish to make an additional $25, drive the carriage to Seamus at the Fence in Emerald Ranch. Since it is a closed carriage, you won’t have to worry about anything falling over, so you can drive to your heart’s content. 

3 – Coach Convoy Robbery Tip

Alden’s final tip-off is about a coach convoy that will travel just north of Rhodes as you can see on our map.

Tip Description: Railway bridge northeast of Hill Haven Ranch. A convoy of coaches coming from the North. Expect good money but loads of guards. Be real careful.”

The coach convoy is heavily guarded, so it’s wise to maintain a safe distance from it. You can try standing on the bridge nearby and snipe both stagecoach drivers, followed by the mounted guards.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Coach Convoy Robbery

Snipe both drivers first

Obviously, you can also try other ways to approach the convoy, depending on your playstyle; but the one we have used works quite well as long as you activate Arthur’s Dead Eye skill.

To complete the side activity, once you clear the area; rob both coaches. You should see that at the back of each coach is a locked box. Break the locks and take the money.

If you wish to earn some extra funds, take one of the stagecoaches to Seamus.

Once you complete all three Red Dead Redemption 2 Stagecoach Robberies from Alden, travel to the Post Office in Strawberry to meet Hector. Just like Alden, he’ll give you 3 tip-offs.

4 – Fort Riggs Stagecoach Robbery Tip

The first tip-off you receive from Hector sends you to the border with Blackwater, close to Fort Riggs.

Tip Description: “River road near Fort Riggs. Coach coming from Blackwater heading for Riggs Station. Should be carrying cash in the strongbox at the back. Expect a couple of guards.”

Before parting ways, Hector will recommend you either play it out as stealthily as possible or you use the power of explosives to deal with everyone in one go. Depending on your choice, the mission can become rather difficult to deal with. 

We generally recommend you use explosives to your advantage. But while that’s a time-effective method, it can tend to be a bit costly. Therefore, you’re better off with the second method if you’re low on funds. Here’s how that pans out:

The location marked on our map offers the perfect sniping position. Wait for the stagecoach while standing on the top of the mountain, overseeing the river.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Fort Riggs Coach Robbery Location

Snipe the drivers and the guards from above

When the coach arrives, using a scoped rifle take both drivers out. Now, pick the guards one by one, and only descend the mountain after you clear the area. This can, however, turn into a dogfight if you fail to get rid of everyone in a short timeframe. If that happens, make sure to leverage the cover of your high ground as much as possible by moving in and out of vision. 

Break the lock on the box at the back of the coach to retrieve $110 and if you feel ready for a long drive, take the coach to Seamus.

5 – Appleseed Timber Stagecoach Robbery Tip

The second Red Dead Redemption 2 Coach Robbery tip you receive from Hector leads to Appleseed Timber, north-east of Strawberry.

Tip Description: “Railway bridge north of Appleseed Timber Co. Coach coming west headed for Appleseed carrying wages, cash should be in the back. Expect a couple of guards.”

This coach robbery is quite accessible, leaving room for improvisation. You can opt to call out the driver, then take him and the guards by surprise and kill them on sight.

Alternatively, if you’re not interested in delivering the coach to Seamus, you can place some dynamite on the road and shoot it when the coach is nearby. The fire will destroy the coach but not the money.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Appleseed Timber Coach Robbery Location

You can blow up the coach using dynamite

Simply opening fire on all guards is also a viable option. Consequently, the woods make a fine cover for sniping. You can try to leverage that in order to deal with them as cleanly as possible without taking a lot of damage. 

After you secure the coach, open the box at the back and take the 100$ present inside. 

6 – Owanjila Stagecoach Robbery Tip

The third and last time you talk to Hector at Strawberry Post Office, you’ll receive a tip-off about an armored banking coach heading to Owanjila.

Tip Description: ” Head out west past Wanjila. Banking coach coming from the North. Armored with heavy security. Cash locked inside. Act carefully.”

Before approaching this Stagecoach Robbery in RDR2, you will need a dynamite stick. The armored coach will not stop even if you call out the driver; therefore, the only approach is to find a good cover from which you can take out all 4 guards.

When close enough, kill the drivers first, then the guards using Arthur’s Dead Eye skill. If you’re feeling generous, then it might be a good idea to release the horses since they would be caught in the explosion otherwise. 

To do this, simply unstrap them and fire a random shot in the sky and they’ll be gone in the blink of an eye. 

After you stop the coach and clear the area, throw a stick of dynamite at it to blow it up. Make sure to get away from the explosion radius in order to avoid taking damage. Once the coach is unlocked, simply take the money (200$) inside.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Owanjila Coach Robbery Location

Blow up the armored coach to retrieve the money

Did you manage to complete all Red Dead Redemption 2 Stagecoach Robberies? Share your tips below and follow our pages on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for more guides, news, and trailers on the latest video games.

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