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Red Dead Redemption II: Channel Catfish Fishing Guide

RDR2 Channel Catfish

Red Dead Redemption 2 Channel Catfish is one of the five large-sized fish species you can catch in the video game developed by Rockstar Studios.

In fact, compared to the other four (Longnose Gar, Muskie, Lake Sturgeon, and Northern Pike), the Chanel Catfish is the largest, based on its legendary variation.

The RDR2 Channel Catfish is endemic to the swamps of the Bayou Nwa area as it prefers waters with deep mud and aquatic plants.

Trying to catch a common Channel Catfish in Red Dead Redemption II is also a challenge because the weather plays an important role.


“Channel Catfish lurk deep in muddy swamp waters, where aquatic plants provide shade and cover. Large, with a keen sense of smell, they find Swamp Lures irresistible but ignores most natural baits. They dislike bright sunlight, being most active in overcast weather. In the Rio Bravo border region, the local folklore tells of a colossal Legendary Channel Catfish, but there are no official records of such a creature.”

Recommended Fishing Spot and Bait:

As you can see on the map below, the Channel Catfish in Red Dead Redemption 2 can be found in 3 specific spots; however, this doesn’t mean you won’t encounter this species in other areas as well.

The location on the map show where you have the best chances to catch a Channel Catfish while playing the game.

As mentioned above, the weather is important when you attempt to catch this type of fish; thus, you get better and faster results if the weather is overcast.

Catching a Channel Catfish with live bait could also prove difficult, so make sure you buy the Swamp Bait from the Lagras Bait and Tackle Shop.

RDR2 Channel Catfish Location Map

Common Channel Catfish Fishing Spots

Channel Catfish Variation and Weight:

In RDR2, the Channel Catfish has two variations and should not be confused with the Bullhead Catfish, a small-sized fish.

Based on its weight, you can catch common catfish with a weight between 14 and 20 lbs, or maybe a Legendary Channel Catfish, which is colossal and weighs 180lbs and 7 oz.

However, the RDR2 Legendary Channel Catfish spawns only after you mail all 13 Legendary Fish to Jeremy Gill as part of the stranger mission named A Fisher of Fish

Completing A Fisher of Fish

Just like any other Stranger mission, A Fisher of Fish is completely optional – unless you’re looking to catch the prized Channel Catfish. 

In order to initiate this, you will need to make your way up to the dock to find Jeremy Gill. This area is located toward the northeastern shoreline of Flat Iron Lake. Depending on your location, approaching this area from the southeast of Fratneck Station might be better. 

With that said, here’s what A Fisher of Fish has to offer in terms of difficulty and playability:

Meeting Jeremy Gill & Legendary Fish Locations

Meet Jeremy Gill at the northeastern coast of Flat Iron Lake, near Flatneck Station. He’ll give Arthur a map with 13 Legendary Fish locations. Catch these fish and return to Jeremy for rewards.

Legendary Fish Location Bait Notes
Bluegill S of Clemens Point Special Lake Lure Buy at least 7 at Bait Shop in Lagras
Largemouth Bass SE of Lake Don Julio Special River Lure Near San Luis River
Perch Elysian Lake, SW of Annesburg Special River Lure Roanoke Ridge, New Hanover
Redfin Pickerel Stillwater Creek Special Lake Lure Catch independently or in A Fisher of Fish
Rock Bass Aurora Basin, Lower Montana River Special Lake Lure W of Elizabeth, Tall Trees Region
Smallmouth Bass Lake Owanjiula Special Lake Lure W of Elizabeth, between Big Valley & Tall Trees
Sockeye Salmon Lake Isabella Special Lake Lure NW of Valentine, Grizzlies West, cold region
Bullhead Catfish Creek Deitas, W of Sisika Penitentiary Special River Lure Sisika Island
Chain Pickerel SE of R in Dakota River Special River Lure NW of Flatneck Station
Muskie S of Van Horn Trading Post Special River Lure Must start A Fisher of Fish
Steelhead Trout NE of New Hanover, Kamassa River Special River Lure N of Annesburg, Brandywine Drop
Longnose Gar N of Lagras Lake, Lemoyne Special River Lure S of R in Lagras, beware of crocodiles
Catfish Creek Deltas, W of Sisika Special River Lure Same waters as Legendary Bullhead Catfish


Once all fish are caught, return to Jeremy Gill. He’ll invite you on a trip to Rio Bravo to find the Legendary Channel Catfish, but you need to reach Epilogue 1 in Red Dead Redemption 2 to access this.

If you follow the mission, you’ll eventually find that the Legendary Catfish actually doesn’t exist.

Channel Catfish: Cooking Recipes

Having a Gritty Meat, the only Red Dead Redemption 2 cooking recipe you can prepare from a catfish is Gritty Fish.

This specific recipe doesn’t require any special ingredients, but you’ll need a fire to cook the fish.

How to Catch a Channel Catfish?

The fishing technique required to catch a Channel Catfish is similar to the one used for all other fish species of a similar size.

Cast your line once you equip the recommended lure, then start reeling slowly by rotating the right thumbstick clockwise. Hook the fish with R2/RT, then continue reeling when the fish is not fighting, keeping your rod up all the time.

When the rod starts to move down, tilt the left thumbstick down and reel in for 2 seconds, then raise your rod again.

Repeat this step by tilting down and reeling for 2-3 seconds, then tilt again to bring in the fish faster.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Common Channel Catfish

A Common Channel Catfish in Red Dead Redemption 2

Did you manage to fish a Channel Catfish in Red Dead Redemption 2? Share your fishing technique in the comments section below, and don’t forget to follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for more video game guides, walkthroughs, news, and trailers.

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