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Red Dead Redemption II: All Companion Activities Guide

Alongside the Companion Item Requests, Red Dead Redemption 2 also features a series of Companion Activities during which various gang members will ask you to accompany them in a series of events.

The Red Dead Redemption 2 Companion Activity Requests are time-sensitive and can be easily missed, thus we have created the following list so you can complete all of them without missing any.

You can identify an RDR2 Companion Activity Request by checking your map and looking for a white icon with a C on it.

Furthermore, if you wish to complete all of them, make sure you regularly visit your camp and interact with Dutch’s gang members.

The Companion Activity Requests can take various forms, and sometimes they lead to side-missions or other activities. For example, Charles will ask you to help him hunt a Bison during Chapter 2 of the video game.

This specific activity will give you the chance to shoot a Bison and even find the Poison Throwing Knife Pamphlet.

RDR2 All Companion Activities Wiki Guide

Talk to Charles to start a Hunting Companion Activity

Make sure you attend all these Companion Activities in RDR2 if you wish to get the most from the video game.

Our guide below lists all Red Dead Redemption II Companion Activities, and if necessary, outlines the side missions you must complete.

Chapter 2 Companion Activities

1. During Chapter 2 of the video game, while your camp is in Horseshoe Overlook, one of the gang members will ask you to play Dominoes and Poker with him/her. It is a random character.

2. Lenny will also invite you to a learn Five Finger Fillet table game.

3. Charles will invite you to go hunting with him. You will get the chance to skin a Bison and discover a camp where the Poison Throwing Knife Pamphlet is located.

  1. Javier will ask you to assist him in a Home Robbery.

Chapter 3 Companion Activities

1. While stationed in Clemens Point Camp, Sean will ask for your help during a Coach Robbery.

2. Tilly wants to play a game of Dominoes with you.

3. Bill will also ask you to assist him in a Coach Robbery.

4. Javier wishes to go fishing with you and you will find a Legendary Fish location.

5. Micah will test your skills in Five Finger Fillet.

6. During Chapter 3, Kieran will also invite you to go fishing, and if you accept you will find another spot for a Legendary Fish.

7. Before finishing Chapter 3, Javier will need your assistance in committing a Home Robbery.

Chapter 4 Companion Activities

1. While at Shady Belle Camp, Micah will ask for your help during a Coach Robbery.

2. An exclusive Bank Robbery can be triggered by talking to Charles, but only if you own the Special or Ultimate Red Dead Redemption 2 Edition.

3. Another Red Dead Redemption 2 Coach Robbery can be activated by talking to Lenny.

4. Pearson will tell you more about the Gator Eggs and Crayfish Holes if you go hunting with him.

5. Finally, Uncle will ask you to help him steal a herd of cows. This activity is one of the funniest in the video game.

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