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Red Dead Redemption 2

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Red Dead Redemption II: Tatanka Bison Horn Trinket Crafting Guide

In Red Dead Redemption 2, the Tatanka Bison Horn Trinket is a unique item and a piece of jewelry you can craft at the Fence, later in the video game.

The Tatanka Bison Horn Trinket from RDR2 – as most trinkets – requires only one material, you can obtain by hunting a Legendary Animal.

This specific trinket improves Arthur’s resistance in melee combat.

Tatanka Bison Horn Trinket Materials:

1x Legendary Tatanka Bison Horn – Reward for killing the Legendary Tatanka Bison. It should not be confused with the Legendary Bison Horn obtained by hunting the Legendary White Bison. Also, this item can’t be obtained from the common American Bison.

Cost -$16.75

How to Craft the Tatanka Bison Horn Trinket:

You can craft this unique piece of jewelry at any Fence in the game. Simply bring the required material and pay the shopkeeper the amount he asks.

You don’t need other materials besides the Tatanka Horn.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Tatanka Bison Horn Trinket Crafting Guide

How to Use the Tatanka Bison Trinket:

Once you purchase the trinket, keep it in your inventory while playing the video game. Remember that you don’t need to equip it in order to benefit from it.

The Tatanka Horn Trinket reduces the amount of melee damage Arthur takes by 10%; making him more resistant especially during fist fights. Just like a bison, right cowboy?

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