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Red Dead Redemption 2

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Red Dead Redemption II: All Lock Boxes and Chests Locations Guide

So, you want to get richer in Red Dead Redemption 2 and you want to know the locations of all chests and lock boxes. Right, Arthur?

You’re in luck cowboy because our Red Dead Redemption 2 Lock Boxes & Chests locations’ guide is here to help you.

Collecting all of them will make you the richest man in the West,  but it will take some time to find all of them if you don’t know their locations. Here is where our map steps in. Use it to find all these collectibles in no time.


Before you begin, however, there are several tips you should consider.

First of all, make sure you are equipped correspondingly because it’s a long journey. This trip will take you to the mountains as well, so wear warm clothes.

Use your best horse, and by best, we mean the one with most stamina, in order to move faster.

For each location on the map, we have a list of instructions on how to find corresponding Red Dead Redemption 2 Lock Box or Chest. We also listed the items inside.

Fast traveling will help you but it’s not necessary. You can unlock it when you have enough money after finding several chests.

Make sure you bring your best weapons because you will encounter gangs and wild animals.

Once you collect the goodies inside a chest or lockbox, they will remain in your inventory even if you die and respawn.

Try to combine these Red Dead Redemption 2 locations with those of other collectibles, such as Cigarette Cards, Orchids, Dinosaur Bones, Rock Carvings, Dreamcatchers, Special Tonics, and even Unique Collectibles.

Got stuck or have tips? Feel free to drop us a message in the comments section below, on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

Also, don’t forget to check our Red Dead Redemption 2 Wiki Guide for more useful tips and tricks that will help you get Total Completion.

Red Dead Redemption 2 All Chests & Lock Boxes Locations Map

1 – Lock Box

Contents: Money Stack

Location: Inside the Silent Stead. Just move to the location and grab the contents inside.

2 – Lock Box

Contents: Pistol Cartridges – Express, Repeater Cartridges – High Velocity

Location: The lockbox is located inside the Abandoned Mission towards the northern side of Tumbleweed. 

3 – Lock Box

Contents: Gold Nugget, Valerian Root

Location: This is present at the foot area of the four wagons. You can find these wagons at the three-way crossroads in the area. 

4 – Lock Box

Contents: Repeater Cartridges – High Velocity, Rifle Cartridges – High Velocity, Explosive Slug Phamplet

Location: You can find these just outside of the burned house of the alchemist. Just stick close to the train tracks to find this house. 

5 – Lock Box

Contents: Crackers

Location: You can find these under the bunk bed present in the southeast cabin of Benedict Point. 

6 – Lock Box

Contents: Ginseng Elixir, Pistol Cartridges – High Velocity, Repeater Cartridges – High Velocity

Location: There’s an abandoned white wagon northwest of Mercer Station. You can find it in the circle of wagons there.

7 – Lock Box

Contents: Canned Fruit, Canned Vagetable

Location: Head to the southeast of Jorge’s Gap, and look for an abandoned wagon. The box will be under it!

8 – Lock Box

Contents: Money, Small Jewellery Bag

Location: The lockbox is located inside the farm ruins. You will have to look under the broken table to find it!

9 – Lock Box

Contents: Pistol Cartridges – High Velocity, Repeater Cartridges  – High Velocity, Rifle Cartridges – High Velocity

Location: Present on the abandoned wagon present on north of Lake Don Julio. 

10 – Lock Box

Contents: Money, Opened Miracle Tonic, Wedding Ring

Location: The lockbox is located under the bunk bed present inside the Rio Del Lobo House. You can find this area in the northeast side of Rio Del Lobo Rock. 

11 – Lock Box

Contents: Herbivore Bait, Valerian Root

Location: Present in the abandoned campsite in the middle of the cactuses. 

12 – Lock Box

Contents: Aged Pirate Rum, Gold Nugget, Potent Miracle Tonic

Location: The lockbox is located inside the blacksmith’s workshop within the MacFarlane’s Ranch

13 – Lock Box

Contents: Bill Fold (x2), Money Stack

Location: The lockbox is located on the bottom of an abandoned well. Use the ladder to get inside.

14 – Lock Box

Contents: Money Clip, Special Bitters Pamphlet, Chewing Tobacco

Location: South of Ownajila Dam, along the road between some chests coming from a destroyed wagon.

You should see the wagon barely hanging from the mountain’s cliff.

15 – Lock Box

Contents: Gold Nugget (x3)

Location: On the river shore, several steps away from the small waterfall on Lake Owanjila. You should see it on the left side of the river while looking north.

16 – Lock Box

Contents: Predator Bait, Special Miracle Tonic Pamphlet, Rifle Cartridges – High Velocity

Location: This lockbox is located in a camp, under a wooden grate. The said camp is on a rocky plateau just under the mountain’s peak. You can get there from below.

17 – Lock Box

Contents: Money Stack (x2)

Location: For the next lockbox, you have to get ready to face the O’Driscolls. The collectible is at Hanging Dog Ranch and there are a lot of enemies waiting for you. Is it worth fighting them? Yes!

Inside the lock-box, you will find $100 as well as a lot of loot in the houses. You will see the RDR2 lock box on the second floor of the cabin. If the door is locked, you can break the windows. Take your time to fully investigate the area once you clear it.

18 – Lock Box

Contents: Aged Pirate Rum, Coin Sack

Location: At the location marked on our map look for a rather large cabin, similar to a fort. It has a square shape and you can climb a ladder inside to find the RDR2 lock-box near some barrels.

19 – Chest

Contents: Bill Fold (x2), Cobalt Petrified Wood

Location: This chest can be found in the northern area of Lake Isabella. On your main map is on the left side of the river. You should find it under a huge rock, in a cart. Next to the cart is a frozen corpse.

20 – Lock Box

Contents: Bill Fold (x2), Miracle Tonic

Location: Check the southern shore of the Barrow Lagoon lake for a rather tall tree stump near some rocks. The lockbox is inside the tree trunk.

21 – Lock Box

Contents: Jewelry

Location: At Adler Farm, check between the remainings of the burned cabin.

22 – Chest

Contents: Large Jewelry Bag, Bill Fold, Coin Sack (x2)

Location: Look for this chest inside a train car at the base of the large wooden bridge. It is the only wagon you can enter and the chest is on the left side.

Contents: Ginseng Elixir, Letter to Henrietta Douglas, Letter to Judge Finely, Letter to Miriam Wagner, Letter to the Saint-Denis Times-Tribune, Letter to William Errington

Location: Very easy to spot the lockbox is inside a mail coach next to the road.

24 – Chest

Contents: Small Jewelry Bag (x2), Large Jewelry Bag, Bill Fold (x2)

Location: For this chest, head for the hills and while staying on the edge move around looking for a small dead tree.

The chest can be seen at the bottom of the tree in a dig site with a skeleton next to it.

25 – Lock Box

Contents: Chewing Tobacco, Poison Arrow Pamphlet

Location: Look for the Mysterious Hill Home marked on our map, then go around the house and you should see the Lock Box outside, on the ground, between some barrels.

26 – Lock Box

Contents: Guarma Rum, Dynamite Arrow Pamphlet, Large Jewelry Bag

Location: This Lock Box collectible is located under a small wooden bridge in the southern area of Wapiti Indian Reservation.

27 – Lock Box

Contents: Aged Pirate Rum, Bill Fold (x2), Coin Sack

Location: Probably one of the most difficult to find, this Lock Box is located in an abandoned camp.

When you reach the peak of the mountain, look down to see a square ledge and a campfire. Slide down to get to the camp. As requested by our readers, here are several images from different perspectives which should help you find this specific lockbox.

In this picture, Arthur is aiming at the ledge where the camp is located.

RDR2 Grizzlies East Lockbox

The following picture, shows Arthur near the lockbox, looking at the peak of the mountain.

RDR2 Grizzlies East Lock box

Finally, the third picture shows Arthur standing in the hidden camp, right near the lockbox.

RDR2 Grizzlies East Hidden Lock box

28 – Chest

Contents: Kentucky Bourbon, Hair Tonic

Location: Find the chest inside a hut very well hidden between grouped trees.

The location is known as Witches Cauldron.

29 – Lock Box

Contents: Jewelry, Platinum Pocket Watch, Gold Nugget 

Location: The collectible is inside a small building made of stones. You should see it on a wooden table. This location is also known as Fairwale Shanty.

30 – Lock Box

Contents: Aged Pirate Rum

Location: Behind the waterfall known as Brandywine Drop, on an elevated platform.

While standing at the base of the waterfall and facing it, look on the right side for several platforms you can escalate in order to reach the area behind the water.

31 – Chest

Contents: Change Cup, Jewelry, Valerian Root

Location: The chest is easy to find, being quite large but you need to clear Beaver Hollow cave. It’s in the largest room (last one) close to the southern wall, next to a wagon without cover and wheels.

32 – Lock Box

Contents: Large Jewelry Bag

Location: The trickiest lockbox is the one in the cave behind Elysian Pool.

Get your lantern and advance until you see a deep ditch in front of you. Descend then crouch and look for a tunnel in the wall nearby.

Advance and turn twice, hugging the right wall. Eventually, you will see a camp and the lockbox on the ground.

33 – Lock Box

Contents: Coin Cup (x2)

Location: Under the southern end of the log bridge leading to Elysian Pool.

34 – Lock Box

Contents: Gold Nugget, Small Jewelry Bag

Location: Obvious enough the hidden treasure is inside the lone chimney marked on our map. Make sure you check it twice though.

35 – Lock Box

Contents: Hair Tonic

Location: Look for the lockbox inside a tree stump. It can be found next to a small chicken coop, a fence and some hay ballots, west of the trapper’s large house.

36 – Lock Box

Contents: Chewing Tobacco

Location: This lockbox in under a wooden grey wagon, without wheels. You will find it at the crossroads between Huron Glen and Buther Creek, close to the river.

37 – Lock Box

Contents: Female Fertility Statue.

Location: When you reach the brothel marked on our RDR2 map above check the porch and look under the chair.

Don’t mind the dead body on the chair. Might be an old prostitute.

38 – Lock Box

Contents: Bill Fold, Large Jewelry Bag

Location: When you get to this location on our map above look for an abandoned cart with a white cover.

Next to it is a big log and under it the lockbox.

39 – Chest

Contents: Bitters, Large Jewelry Bag, Silver Pocket Watch

Location: This RDR2 hidden treasure chest is found under a big tree log, as you move along the river.

40 – Chest (x 2), Lock Box

Contents: Bill Fold, Health Cure, Special Horse Medicine Pamphlet, Repeater Cartridges, Gold Nugget, Civil War Report Letter

Location: Inside the old fort at this location on our collectibles map, check the south-eastern wall. Look for it under the wooden ramp leading to the tower.

For the second chest at this location, head to the house made of stones, and behind the crates look for a ladder. Once in the basement, start looting the items. Some of them can be found in a chest on the right wall as you enter. Finally, you can find a lockbox near the weapons locker on the other side of the room.

41 – Chest

Contents: Fine Brandy, Bill Fold

Location: Easy to spot on the ground, at the base of the train tracks to the west.

42 – Chest

Contents: Incendiary Buckshot Pamphlet

Location: Check the floorboard of the demolished house in Cooperhead Landing. It is very easy to find once you locate it on our collectibles map.

43 – Lock Box

Contents: Snake Oil, Apple, Miracle Tonic

Location: Look for the lockbox, between some crates on the eastern side of the horse stables, in the proximity of the red barn.

44 – Lock Box

Contents: Poison Throwing Knife Pamphlet

Location: The treasure at this location on our map is under a floorboard. It can be found in a long shack which serves as a refuge for homeless people.

45 – Lock Box

Contents: Apple, Bill Fold, Chewing Tobacco

Location: The lockbox is located inside a partially destroyed building at Macomb’s End. Look for it under the floor while facing the missing wall.

46 – Chest

Contents: Coin Cup, CoinSack, Bitters

Location: Look for this Red Dead Redemption 2 secret chest under the large wooden bridge over Kamassa River.

47 – Lock Box

Contents: Coin Cup, Bill Fold (x2)

Location: Check the southern room of Aberdeen Pig Farm, but approach the homeowners if the door is closed and they will invite you in.

The Lock Box is on a table near the window.

48 – Chest

Contents: Volatile Dynamite Pamphlet, Bill Fold (x2), Guarma Rum

Location: Fairly easy to find, this Red Dead Redemption 2 secret chest is located under a damaged cart, north of a small pond.

There is also an abandoned cabin at this location.

49 – Lock Box

Contents: Homing Tomahawk Pamphlet

Location: The following Lock Box is a little tricky to get. It is located inside the cabin south of Moonstone Pond. As you can see it was destroyed by a falling tree and the door is blocked.

To get inside use the tree trunk and move slowly.

The collectible is on the ground, but make sure you also check the nightstand for a large Jewelry Bag and some bourbon.

Climb the ladder nearby to exit the hut.

50 – Chest

Contents: Guarma Rum, Jewelry,  Platinum Bracelet, Special Health Cure Pamphlet

Location: The chest located at this spot is easy to find being placed in front of a large sculpture in the mountain. The Face is located just north of Moonstone Pond.

You can reach the wooden platform through a narrow path in the mountain’s peak.

51- Chest

Contents: Ginseng Elixir, Jewelry, Chewing Tobacco, Kentucky Bourbon

Location: At the crossroads marked on our Red Dead Redemption 2 map, look for an abandoned cart. The chest is right under the wagon.

52 – Lock Box

Contents: Coin Sack, Bill Fold (x2), Aged Pirate Rum

Location: The next Red Dead Redemption 2 Lock Box is inside a deserted camp on top of the northern mountain in TwinStack Pass.

53 – Lock Box

Contents: Ground Coffee, Volatile Fire Bottle Pamphlet, Miracle Tonic, Gold Nugget

Location: When you get to the Lock Box location on the map above, look for it in the burned forest, near an abandoned camp.

54 – Lock Box

Contents: Special Horse Stimulant Pamphlet, Gold Bar

Location: This RDR2 Lock Box is located inside a burned village. Look for the former’s sheriff building and check under his desk on the left as you enter.

If you own the Special/Ultimate Edition of the video game, don’t forget to visit the jailhouse in this village. Inside one of the cells, you’ll find the first treasure map which allows you to unlock Le Tresor Des Morts Treasure Hunt.

55 – Lock Box

Contents: Revolver Cartridges, Guarma Rum, Miracle Tonic 

Location: While facing the Painted Sky house check the right side of the small front garden. Look under the shelves next to a blue barrel, right under the window.

56 – Chest

Contents: Kentucky Bourbon, Bill Fold, Opened Revolver Cartridges 

Location: Under the covered wooden bridge look for a crashed wagon and next to it you will find this hidden video game collectible chest.

57 – Medical Chest

Contents: Large Jewelry Bag, Miracle Tonic, Premium Cigarettes

Location: By the road, find the abandoned pile of furniture and look under the table.

58 – Chest

Contents: Riffle Cartridges (Express), Large Jewelry Bag

Location: South-east of Riggs Station, in the small shed at Lone Mule Stead, under the table is a green chest.

59 – Lock Box

Contents: Guarma Rum, Canned Vegetable

Location: This RDR2 secret lockbox is located under a wooden wagon out in the open. Simply ride to the location on our collectibles map and look inside.

60 – Lock Box

Contents: Cigar (x2), Coin Cup, Chewing Tobacco

Location: The secret lockbox is found at the bottom of the ladder on the left side of the entrance to the old mill.

The ladder leads to the mill’s roof, and the collectible is between some crates on the ground.

61 – Lock Box

Contents:  Special Snake Oil Pamphlet

Location: Inspect the floorboard inside the wooden hut by the railroad to find this lockbox.

62 – Lock Box

Contents:  Bill Fold (x3)

Location: The collectible at this position on our Red Dead Redemption 2 Lockboxes locations map can be found at the base of a small stone wall just north of Ringneck Creek Graveyard.

63 – Lock Box

Contents: Canned Vegetable, Special Horse Reviver Pamphlet, Bill Fold (x2)

Location: East of Mattock Pond, as you travel through the forest, look for a tree stump on the hill close to Hill Haven Ranch.

64 – Lock Box

Contents: Gold Bar

Location: This lockbox can be acquired starting Chapter 4 and is located east of Catherine Braithwaite’s corpse.

65 – Chest

Contents: Aged Pirate Rum, Coin Sack, Chewing Tobacco

Location: Check the northern side of the house at this location (Catfish Jacksons) and look for the chest under the outer wall, near some crates and a wooden shed.

66 – Lock Box

Contents: Jewelry, Money Clip, Pocket Watch

Location: Enter the abandoned church and look for this Red Dead Redemption 2 lock-box under the wall that collapsed. Near the collectible is a camp with a red pillow.

67 – Lock Box

Contents: Guarma Rum, Rifle Cartridges- Express

Location: To find this secret lockbox look for a small forest at the location marked on our map. Next, find a wooden cart close to a  and some bones on the ground.

The lockbox is between the wheels of the said cart.

68 – Lock Box

Contents: Bill Fold, Aged Pirate Rum

Location: Thread carefully for the next collectible because Shady Belle is a territory controlled by a rival gang.

To find it, clear the area or sneak around and look for a shack south-east from the main house.

The lockbox is on the ground next to a cartwheel.

69 – Lock Box

Contents: Large Jewelry Bag, Bill Fold

Location: Several steps away (to the East), from the previous collectible, is a cemetery. Check the mausoleum.

70 – Lock Box

Contents: Potent Miracle Tonic, Revolver Cartridges – Regular, Large Jewelry Bag

Location: After you get the previous treasure lockbox, head south-east through the swamp until you reach a solitary island with a dead tree on it. On this particular dead tree, you should see a rope with several fishes on it.

Notice that there is also a camp on the ground while the lockbox is located in the tree trunk.

71 – Lock Box

Contents: Aged Pirate Rum

Location: The lock-box is inside the shipwreck located on the largest island in Flat Iron Lake. To get it you will need a boat which can be acquired from the small village west of Braithwaite Manor.

Check the docks usually in the morning.


Q: Can I just use dynamite to open these lock boxes?

A: Well, I suppose you could, but then you’d miss out on the thrill of finding the key or figuring out the combination. Plus, you’ll have to deal with the pesky lawmen who are sure to come after you for blowing stuff up.

Q: Do I really need to get all the lock boxes?

A: No, of course not. But collecting them all will give you a sense of satisfaction and completion that no amount of virtual money can buy. Plus, who doesn’t love finding cool loot?

Q: What if someone else already looted the lock box?

A: That doesn’t happen here, partner. There are plenty of other treasures to be found in the game. Just keep exploring, and you’re sure to come across something worthwhile.

Q: Can I sell the loot from the lock boxes?

A: Absolutely! Just make sure you’re selling it to a reputable fence and not some shady character who’s going to rip you off. And remember, some items are worth more than others, so be sure to check their value before parting ways with them.


Yee-haw! You’ve done it, partner! You’ve collected all the lock boxes and chests in Red Dead Redemption II, and you’re now richer than a gold mine. But more importantly, you’ve proven that you’ve got what it takes to survive in the Wild West.

From the dusty plains of New Hanover to the snow-capped peaks of Ambarino, you’ve braved bandits, bears, and bounty hunters, all in the pursuit of treasure. And though your journey may have been long and perilous, it was also filled with moments of wonder and beauty, from the stunning vistas of the Heartlands to the tranquil waters of the San Luis River.

So take a moment to bask in the glory of your accomplishments, partner. You’ve earned it. And when you’re ready for your next adventure, remember that the Wild West is full of surprises and challenges, just waiting for a brave soul like you to take them on. Happy trails, cowboy!

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