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Red Dead Redemption II: All Companion Item Requests Guide

When visiting your camp in Red Dead Redemption 2, your companions will often ask you to bring them various items in exchange for rewards.

These mini-quests or side-missions are known as Item Requests and will give you a chance to interact with Dutch’s gang members and find additional details about them.

How To Complete All Companion Item Requests In Red Dead Redemption 2

Completing the Red Dead Redemption 2 Item Requests will sometimes take only a few minutes, especially if you already have the requested items.

While these side-missions are not mandatory; if you truly want to find more about your companions, it is a good idea to help them whenever you can.

Unlike the Companion Activities, the Item Requests can only be triggered at specific times of the day, or while performing particular activities in your camp.

Furthermore, they are time-sensitive, meaning that you will be able to activate them during specific chapters and at specific locations.

RDR2 All Companion Item Requests Wiki Guide

Oleander Sage is a plant required by Charles

If you are a completionist and you wish to know everything about the characters in Red Dead Redemption 2, you should address all Item Requests as soon as possible.

In order to help you, we have created the following list where you can see all Red Dead Redemption 2 Item Requests, along with tips on how to complete them.

Abigail’s Request

Red Dead Redemption 2 | Abigail’s Camp | Source: Reddit

Request: $5

Available: Chapter 2 (Between 8 AM and 8 PM)

Context: Abdali is taking to Jack about his rugged and old clothes. Players can give her the money to help buy Jack new clothes. 

Reward: Honor Points

To complete this Item Request, simply give Abigail $5 from your wallet.

This is the simplest quest to complete since you only need to hand a couple of money out from your wallet. Therefore, there’s no particular reward for completing this quest either. At most, you will only be seeing a slight increase in honor. 

However, that might or might not be that marginal, depending on your current honor level. Luckily though, the end reward of all this ruckus is the Errand Boy Trophy, so hang in there!

Bill’s Request

Red Dead Redemption 2 | Abigail's Camp | Source: Reddit

Red Dead Redemption 2 | Bill’s Camp | Source: Jason’s Video Games

Request: Hair Pomade

Available: Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4 (Between 8 AM and 8 PM)

Context: Bill asks Arthur to get some hair pomade for him. Despite being surprised, Arthur agrees. 

Reward: Repeater Cartridges

The hair pomade can be found while exploring the world or looting enemies. If you don’t have one, try buying it from a general store. 

Alternatively, you will be able to find it in a town known as Rhodes. There’s a particularly special store inside there that sells Hair Pomade. It will set you back for a lot of traveling time and $ 1.50 in costs. 

However, it’s the easiest way of obtaining Hair Pomade and completing Bill’s request mission without spending too much time on it. 

Unfortunately, the trigger for Bill’s Request is quite random. You might get it after the Fishing With Jack Mission in Chapter 2, or you might get it after 

Charles’ Request 1

Red Dead Redemption 2 | Charles Smith | Source: Quora

Request: Moonshine

Available: Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4 (Between 8 AM and 8 PM)

Context: Arthur approaches Charles while he’s making fire arrows. Detecting Arthur’s interest, Charles promises to make some for him as long as he can source some moonshine. 

Reward: Fire Arrows

In RDR2 you can find Moonshine in various locations and even on dead enemies. If you already have one, complete the Item Request immediately. If not, buy one from the fence.

Moonshine usually costs around $60 but can be found for as cheap as $30 – depending on your honor and fame level. While looting is also an option, the purchase method is often considered a surefire method in comparison. 

With that being said, here are all the purchase locations for Moonshine:

  • The Thieves’ Landing’s Doctor’s Office in New Austin (only one can be bought).
  • The Chuparosa’s Doctor’s Office in Nuevo Paraiso (only one can be bought).
  • The Manzanita Post’s General Store on the western side of Elizabeth (three in stock).
  • The Blackwater’s Doctor’s Office in western Elizabeth (five can be bought in total).
  • The Blackwater’s General Store in West Elizabeth (five can be bought in total).

Charles’ Request 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 | Charles Smith | Source: Reddit

Request: Oleander

Available: Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4 (Between 8 AM and 8 PM)

Context: Charles has begun making Poison arrows now. You can get some as long as you have the Oleander for it. 

Reward: Poison Arrows

The Oleander is a common herb in the video game, and chances are you already have one in your satchel. If not, look for it on the river banks of Bayou Nwa area.

They generally comprise thin leaves with small pink five-petal flowers that make them pretty easy to distinguish – even from a distance. 

If Bayou Nwa doesn’t work out for you, consider trying your luck in the following locations:

  • Macomb’s End in Lemoyne: Head to the bank of the river towards the west of ‘n’ in the letter End on the map. 
  • Kamassa River in Lemoyne: Keep heading north from here until you reach the docking area of Caliga Hall. 
  • River’s Curvature in Lemoyne: Head towards the eastern corner of the N in Lemoyne.

This is generally considered one of the most poisonous plants in the entirety of America, so haphazard consumption is definitely not recommended.

Charles’ Request 3

Red Dead Redemption 2 | Charles Smith | Source: IGN

Request: Eagle Father

Available: Epilogue 2 (Between 8 AM and 8 PM)

Context: Charles will be seen hammering a new barn, interact with him to find out that he lost his eagle feather. Bring him a new one to satiate his sanity. 

Reward: Horse Reviver

For the third RDR2 Item Request, Charles will ask you to bring him an Eagle Father. This is a common bird found usually on top of the mountains in almost every area except for Bayou Nwa. Hunt and skin one to complete this request.

During hunting, the ‘quality’ of the kill is the ultimate deciding factor of the yield. We recommend you use the Varmint Rifle with 0.22 ammo. 

Much like owls, eagles can also spawn in fixed resting areas on the map. While this makes them pretty easy to spot, it also means you just need to find a single spawn point and camp it until your objective is completed from repeated hunting. 

The Swadbass Point is a pretty good eagle spawn point for beginners, so be sure to check it out! 

Dutch’s Request

Red Dead Redemption 2 | Dutch | Source: Reddit

Request: Pipe

Available: Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4 (Between 8 AM and 8 PM)

Context: Arthur can ask Dutch whenever he’s smoking a cigar outside his tent. The leader supposedly prefers smoking from pipes. Therefore, Arthur promises to give him just that. 

Reward: Spurs

To complete Dutch’s Item request, you must find a pipe. This is a rare item, but if you check Vetter’s Echo Shack, you will find it on a desk. The said shack is located west of Wallace Station, close to the map’s border.

At times, you might have to do a bunch of missions to unlock Dutch’s  Request since it’s supposed to automatically pop up somewhere around season 2. 

Hosea’s Request 1

Red Dead Redemption 2 | Hosea Mathews | Source: Game Live Story

Request: Shrew in The Fog

Available: Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4 (Between 8 AM and 8 PM). You must pick up The Deceitful German next to Hosea

Context: Arthur’s old friend loves reading books. From The Tale of The Deceitful German to Shrew in The Fog, there’s a lot to cover!

Reward: Predator Bait

When Hosea sees you reading, he will ask you to bring him the Shrew in The Fog book. This unique item is on a table inside a house in Bayou, just northwest of Saint-Denis.

The rapid influx of patch updates has admittedly messed up the quest trigger system of Red Dead Redemption 2. Therefore, we recommend you approach Dutch only when he hides his cigar. 

This quest is generally ranked higher than the others in the playerbase since it gives out one of the most aesthetically pleasing spurs in the game.

Hosea’s Request 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 | Hosea Mathews | Source: The Gamer Eyes

Request: American Ginseng x 2

Available: Chapter 3 (Between 8 AM and 8 PM)

Context: Hosea occasionally brews medicine for himself. Upon inquiring, he promises to make some for Arthur too, if he can bring him some American Ginseng.

Reward: Potent Medicine

The American Ginseng is another common herb in Red Dead Redemption II. Look for it in the West Elizabeth area. 

The only way to trigger Hosea’s request is by talking to him when he’s using the pestle and mortar. On your map, keep heading to the north west of Cornwall Kerosene & Tar until you reach the mountain’s peak. 

Look around to find Ginseng bushes to harvest. They’re a bit more green in color, and can be interacted with. 

Jack’s Request 1

Red Dead Redemption 2 | Jack’s Request | Source: RDR2

Request: Abigail’s Thimble

Available: Chapter 2 (Between 8 AM and 8 PM)

Context: Jack has come to the camp panicking that he has lost his mother, aka Abigail’s Thimble. Now, it’s up to you to find it as soon as possible. 

Reward: Jack’s Drawing

Abigail’s Thimble is quite easy to find by looting enemies. Chances are that you don’t have one when Jack asks for it. This is because Abigail’s Thimble can be found only after you trigger Jack’s Item Request.

In order to activate this request, you would need to trigger the fishing mission first. After that, just wait in the camp between 8 AM and 8 PM. Now, talk to him, and the mission will start automatically.  

The thimble itself is located within camps. Just keep looting them to obtain it as soon as possible. 

Jack’s Request 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 | Jack’s Request | Source: Game Live Story

Request: Penny Dreadful Comic Book

Available: Chapter 2 (Between 8 AM and 8 PM). Complete A Fisher of Men first.

Context: While talking to Jack, he reveals that he’s left a book at a camp near Blackwater. Your main goal is to help retrieve that or to possibly give him something new. 

Reward: Chocolate Bar

For this reward, you must find a comic book named Penny Dreadful. It is inside a house on a nightstand at one of the following locations:

  • Lake Don Julio (SE from Armadillo)
  • Downes Ranch (E of Wallace Station)
  • Clawson’s Rest (NE of Valentine)
  • Pleasance (NE of Eris Field)
  • Osman Groove (E of Emerald Ranch)

You will be going on a fishing trip with Jack somewhere between the second chapter. This trip will act as a trigger to the mission – where Jack will reveal that he has left a book at the old camp of the gang. 

Unfortunately, there’s no particular information indicating which camp the book belongs to now. Therefore, it’s more of a search and retreive mission. The ultimate goal here is to fetch him a replacement for the book since the original one is long lost. 

Having said that, here are the replacement comics for this scenario:

  • Otis Miller And The Boy From New York: Located within Lemoyne towards the western areas in Town of Pleasance. 
  • Otis Miller And The Black-Hearted Lady: Slightly east to Emerald Ranch – within Osman Grove.
  • Wild West Heroes, No. 132: Located at the Downes Ranch towards the southwest of Valentine. 
  • Otis Miller And The Arabian Prince: Within the North West of Valentine, head to Clawson’;s Rest, and enter the small shack to find it. 

You just need to give him one of these books to complete the request. 

Javier’s Request

Red Dead Redemption 2 | Javier Escuella | Source: Eurogamer

Request: Oleander

Available: Chapter 2 (Between 8 AM and 8 PM)

Context: Javier loves his poison knives; no poison is too much for it. Help him create a new poison to apply, will ya?

Reward: Poisoned Throwing Knives

The Oleander is a common herb found in the Bayou Nwa area. It is surrounded by the Kansas River, so reaching there can be admittedly tricky.

Luckily though, the Oleanders are large and red in color, so it’s pretty easy to spot them even from afar. You can also use the Golden Glow technique to discern the normal items from the rare ones. 

Once you give the Oleanders to Javier, he’ll leave the Poisoned Throwing Knives in your tent. They’re usually present on the crate behind the bed’s head area. Otherwise, we recommend waiting or sleeping a bit to make them appear. 

Kieran’s Request

Red Dead Redemption 2 | Kieran Duffy | Source: Trophygamers

Request: Burdock Root

Available: Chapter 3 (Between 12 PM and 6 PM)

Contest: Kieran loves horses a bit too much, and since his horses need a bit of burdock root, he requests Arthur to find some for him. 

Reward: Horse Medicine

The plant known as Burdock Root can be found in the Great Plains area, usually on river banks or close to the train tracks.

These roots are generally pretty tall in nature, so they’re rather easy to distinguish between the bunch. Besides, their dark green leafy properties make for a fine spotlight. 

Having said that, they’re generally found on the western side of the Great Plains. Keep your eyes peeled near rocks and groups of trees. 

Lenny’s Request

Red Dead Redemption 2 | Lenny Summers | Source: Gosunoob

Request: Pocket Watch

Available: Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4 (Between 8 PM and 3 AM)

Context: Lenny has a pretty heartbreaking story for his father’s Pocket Watch, so it’s only right for Arthur to find it for him, right? or is it?

Reward: Dynamite

You will usually find Pocket Watches in lock boxes. More precisely, in lockbox 66 on our map. You can also find one in Vetter’s Echo, in a shack west of Wallace Station.

However, the quest watch is located in a hut on the eastern side of Pronghorn, so it can be a pretty common mix-up. Just fast travel to Strawberry and tread towards the northern par until the river is visible. 

Now, keep moving on the western edge of the map just before the ranch. Now, look your way towards the south near Vetter’s Echo road, and move towards the hut there.

Be careful, though, since there’s a ferocious bear inside. Neutralize it with dynamite sticks and look on the desk near the typewriter to find the pocket watch. 

Mary Beth’s Request

Red Dead Redemption 2 | Mary Beth | Source: Reign

Request: Fountain Pen

Available: Chapter 2 (Between 8 AM and 8 PM)

Context: Mary loves filling her journal with various events. However, her main wish is to write with a fountain pen. Can you help her fulfill that?

Reward: Gold Wedding Ring

Look for the Fountain Pen in Red Dead Redemption 2 inside the cabin is Osman Groove, east of Emerald Ranch.

You can trigger this quest by talking to Mary Beth in the camp, who seems to write something in her journal on a regular basis. She wishes to write using a fountain pen, but sourcing those is pretty hard, so that’s where your part comes in. 

Molly’s Request

Red Dead Redemption 2 | Molly | Source: WolfiePL

Request: Pocket Mirror

Available: Chapter 3 (Between 8 AM and 8 PM)

Context: Molly approaches Arthur and tells him about her broken mirror. As always, Arthur takes it upon himself, and sources a replacement for her. 

Reward: Cigar

An RDR2 Pocket Mirror can be found inside the cabin at Martha’s Swain. Look for this cabin between the west of Three Sisters and east of Annesburg. 

There’s a lake there that’s called O’Creagh’s Run. Head there, and search for a hut nearby. The Pocket Mirror is located near the nightstand by a bed. 

Pearson’s Request 1

Red Dead Redemption 2 | Pearson | Source: Hana

Request: Rabbit

Available: Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4 (Between 8 AM and 12 PM)

Context: While playing a game, Pearson reveals that he’s lost a precious compass that he had back in his navy days. 

Reward: Nutritious Stew

The rabbit is a very common animal you can hunt in most areas. However, their quantity is particularly dense around Boulder Blade, and its surrounding fields. 

Just keep heading to the southern side of Braithewaite Manor in Lemoyne, and you will be able to find a fair bit of them for completing Pearson’s Request while getting yourself one step closer to the trophy.

Pearson’s Request 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 | Pearson | Source: GamesRadar

Request: Naval Compass

Available: Chapter 2 (Between 8 AM and 2 PM). The request is triggered while playing poker

Reward: Rum

You can find a Naval Compass in RDR2 inside the boathouse in Braithwaite Manor. This area is pretty big, and is situated on the south-eastern corner of the map. 

Once you reach the manor, simply head inside, and grab the Naval Compass from the table, and you’re pretty much good to go. 

This errand is mainly only available in the second chapter. Therefore, we recommend trying other errands for anyone past that point.

Sadie’s Request

Red Dead Redemption 2 | Sadie Adler | Source: GamingBolt

Request: Harmonica

Available: Chapter 3, Chapter 4 (Between 8 AM and 8 PM). After you complete Further Questions of Female Suffrage

Context: Sadie mentions how she used to play harmonica during the ” Further Questions of Female Suffrage” mission. Arthur promises to get a harmonica for her. 

Reward: Gun Oil

Check the shack east of Flatneck Station, in Grangers Hoggery. You should see it on a cupboard. Unfortunately, the location for this won’t be labeled on the map. 

Therefore, just keep heading towards the east to reach Grangers Hoggery. It’s pretty much south to Valentine and is generally pretty easy to spot. 

Sean’s Request

Red Dead Redemption 2 | Sean MacGuire | Source: Deluxe News

Request: Kentucky Bourbon

Available: Chapter 2, Chapter 3 (Between 12 PM and 6 PM)

Context: Sean is preparing firebombs in the camp while Arthur approaches him. He then offers to make some for Arthur as long as he can source him a bottle of Kentucky Bourbon. 

Reward: Fire Bottle

A common drink, the Kentucky Bourbon is also sold in general stores. Sean is generally on guard duty and is rather restless when it comes to sitting down at the table for the mission to trigger. 

In such cases, save and reload to give it another shot. 

Susan’s Request

Red Dead Redemption 2 | Susan Grimshaw | Source: Forbes

Request: Oregano

Available: Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4 (Between 8 AM and 8 PM)

Context: Susan approaches Arthur by herse for some seasoning herbs in order to put them in Pearson’s stew. 

Reward: Potent Miracle Tonic

Oregano is a very common plant that can be found in almost every area. This herb is recognized by its oval-shaped leaves that occasionally sprout purple flowers. You will usually see it near river banks and under rocks. 

Just head to the southern side of Valentine, close to Caliban’s Rest, and start making your way through the river. There’s a high concentration of intersections ahead; go there, and proceed with the Oregano search. 

Tilly’s Request

Red Dead Redemption 2 | Tilly | Source: HL Gaming

Request: Necklace

Available: Chapter 2 (Between 8 AM and 8 PM). The request is activated while playing Dominoes

Context: While playing a companion activity, Tilly mentions the story of her lost necklace. Arthur – the man amongst the men, takes it upon himself to retrieve it. 

Reward: Medicine

You will find at least one necklace while looting lockboxes and chests. Check our Hidden Lock Boxes and Chests locations guide in the Red Dead Redemption 2 Collectibles section.

Consequently, you can also rob gang hideouts to find the necklace. The Creek River has the highest chance of spawning the necklace, so be sure to check it out thoroughly. 

Alternatively, you can check the chest near the scaffolding on the face embedded inside the mountain. 

Uncle’s Request

Red Dead Redemption 2 | Uncle | Source: Deluxe News

Request: Medicinal Cream

Available: Epilogue 2 (Between 8 AM and 8 PM)

Context: Uncle will approach you for a bunch of ingredients to create a remedial medicine.

Reward: Clothes

Medicinal Cream is an item that must be crafted. You will need Milkweed, Kentucky Bourbon, Peppermint, Pomade, and Stringy Meat. All of them are common items.

Here’s how to source them:

  • Milkweed: Generally found on the riverbanks of Bayou Nwa and Dewberry Creek.
  • Kentucky Bourbon: Sold in stores for around $ 7.75.
  • Peppermint: Can be bought from the barn. 
  • Pomade: Head to Rhodes, and move inside the special store there that sells a yellow jar of it for $ 1.50. 
  • Stringy Meat: Obtained from hunting or fishing Armadillo, Badger, Bat, Beaver, Chipmunk, Coyote, Fox, Muskrat, Opossum, Raccoon, Rat, Skunk, Snake, Squirrel.

Did you manage to complete all Item Requests in RDR2? Let us know your questions in the comments section and don’t forget to check our Red Dead Redemption 2 Wiki. You can also reach us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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