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Red Dead Redemption II: Armadillo Hunting Guide

RDR2 Nine-Banded ArmadilloThe Red Dead Redemption 2 Armadillo also known as Nine-Banded Armadillo; is a medium-sized animal you can hunt while playing the video game developed by Rockstar Studios for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Located in New Austin, you’ll be able to hunt this animal species only after you reach Chapter 6 in the video game; since early in the game, Arthur is a wanted man in Blackwater.

The Nine-Banded Armadillo in Red Dead Redemption II doesn’t have any variations or legendary specimens. Our hunting guide below explains what weapons and ammo you should use when hunting this animal.

Furthermore, you can see the complete list of crafting materials you can gather from an Armadillo, and how to use them properly.


“Nine-Banded Armadillos can be found in the regions of Gaptooth Ridge, Cholla Springs, and Rio Bravo. As omnivores, their main diet consists of insects, small vertebrates and often, carrion. A Varmint Rifle is considered to be one of the best weapons to hunt armadillos, as the bullets can easily pierce through their carapace. Armadillos can be eaten, though the consistency of their meat is stringy. Armadillo carapaces can be used for crafting.”

General Information

Animal Family: Dasypodidae
Size: Moderate
Class: Mammals
Scientific Name: Dasypus Novemcinctus
Variations: None
Huntable: Y
Skinnable: Y
Similar Animals: American Badger, Rabbit, Muskrat, Possum, Racoon, Skunk

Armadillo Location & Habitat

RDR2 Armadillo Location Map

Nine-Banded Armadillo Hunting Spots

Recommended Hunting Weapons & Ammo

The table below features the best Red Dead Redemption 2 weapons and ammo choices for scoring perfect quality kills on Nine-Banded Armadillos.

Weapon Type: Ammo:
Varmint Rifle 0.22

Armadillo Parts & Crafting Materials

Depending on the quality of your kill you can obtain the following crafting materials and parts. These parts can be sold (see the price table below); or used at the Trapper, Fence or for Camp Upgrades.

Material: Sell Price: Kill Quality:
Perfect Armadillo Skin $1.10 Perfect
Good Armadillo Skin $0.66 Good
Poor Armadillo Skin $0.44 Poor
Stringy Meat $0.25 Any
Perfect Armadillo Carcass $2.50 Perfect
Good Armadillo Carcass $1.50 Good
Poor Armadillo Carcass $1.00 Poor

Nine-Banded Armadillo Meat Cooking Recipes

With the meat you obtain from any RDR2 Armadillo; you can cook the following recipe.

This recipe requires a cooking fire available when you set your camp.

Recipe Name: Ingredient(s): Effect:
Plain Stringy Meat  Stringy Meat x1 Slightly restores all Cores

RDR2 Armadillo Crafting Guide

When you successfully kill an Armadillo you can use the parts obtained from skinning as crafting materials.

Take them to the locations listed below in order to craft unique items.

Location: Item Name: Cost: Required Materials:
Trapper  Billy Vest $32.00 Perfect Armadillo Skin x2, Perfect Goat Hide
Arthur’s Camp Predator Bait Free 1x Stringy Meat, 1x Wintergreen, Evergreen, Huckleberry, Raspberry or Blackberry

Hunting Tips

The Armadillo is relatively a small animal which doesn’t require too much effort when hunted. You can hunt it while riding simply by roaming around the areas on our map above.

Because of its size, a single shot (preferably in the head) will take down this animal. Use the Varmint Rifle with 0.22 ammo if you don’t want to destroy its carapace.

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