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Red Dead Redemption II: Green Emerald Gem Location

The Red Dead Redemption 2 Emerald is a unique item awarded for completing He’s British, of Course. The Stranger Mission is available starting Chapter 3 of the video game developed by Rockstar Studios for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The RDR2 Green Emerald is also an item which started many debates, regarding its true value and usage in the video game.

Some players claim that the Emerald Gem is fake, while others suggest that is is a mission-related valuable.

Below we’ll try to solve the mystery surrounding the Green Emerald Gem from Red Dead Redemption II. But first, let’s see how to obtain it.

Where to Find the Emerald Gem:

As mentioned, you’ll receive the Emerald Gem from Margaret after you complete all four parts of the mission named He’s British, of Course.

This mission is quite hilarious and will reveal the fact that Margaret, the NPC responsible for running a circus, is actually a crook.

Even Margaret (notice the female name), is somehow fake since he poses as a woman. If you follow the questline, you’ll soon find out that the animals Margaret lost are also fake. This NPC is using a painted mule to fool people that it’s a zebra.

Nevertheless completing He’s British, of Course, is very important because it allows you to kill a lion (yeah, this one is real) from which you’ll retrieve the Lion Paw.

This item is required for the Lion’s Paw Trinket you can craft at the Fence.

Along with the Lion Paw; however, you’ll also get a reward from Margaret. This reward is a Green Emerald Gem, you can see in the picture below.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Emerald Gem Reward

How to Use the Green Emerald Gem:

Although many consider this Emerald to be related to a mission, we believe that it’s safe to sell it, because the only value it has is the one offered at the Fence. Which is precisely $50.

Our assumption is based on two pieces of evidence (clues) offered by the game. We’ll start with the most accessible one, which is available to those who have completed He’s British, of Course.

Soon after you finish the aforementioned mission, you should check Arthur’s journal. On one of its pages you’ll see the following note:

“The Emerald was about as real as the zebra and worth a whole lot less. Seems Miss Margaret made idiots out of all of us! What did I expect – a man who dealt in fake tigers gave out real gems?”

Red Dead Redemption 2 Fake Emerald Note

This note settles one important aspect. The RDR2 Emerald is fake. And even Arthur who is not a specialist in Gemology was able to identify it.

But what if it is related to a mission and you sell it by mistake? This theory appears due to an article from a newspaper regarding a gemologist named Louis T. Abresson.

According to the article, Louis T. Abresson disappeared in Guarma looking for the largest Emerald ever discovered. You can see the said article below.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Missing Gemologist Newspaper Article

The obvious question here is if you can find Louis T. Abresson and give him the Emerald you receive from Margaret.

We believe that there is no connection between this item and Louis T. Abresson. And there are 2 reasons for this.

First, Louis T. Abresson was last seen in Guarma, which is a locked territory. Even if we assume that Louis T. Abresson makes a return, it’s quite hard to fool a Gemologist specialized in Emeralds that the cheap copy you got from Margaret is the real thing.

So, what can you do with Margaret’s Emerald? Simply head to a Fence, sell it and feel grateful that you actually fooled the shopkeeper and got $50 on a fake item.

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