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Red Dead Redemption II: Silver Chain Bracelet Location

The Silver Chain Bracelet in Red Dead Redemption 2  is another valuable and crafting item you need to find if you want to buy the Bear Claw Talisman from the Fence.

In the video game developed by Rockstar Studios, the Silver Chain Bracelets drop randomly, indicating that there are no fixed locations where you can find them.

While many players consider the RDR2 Silver Chain Bracelets rare items; others (including us) found more than one Silver Chain Bracelet at the same location.

Below, we’ll discuss the Silver Chain Bracelets in Red Dead Redemption II, and hopefully, help you find at least one of them.

Where to Find the Silver Chain Bracelets:

One of the first locations we suggest you visit if you wish to find an RDR2 Silver Chain Bracelet is Aberdeen Pig Farm. 

Similar to the Gold Earring, that can be acquired during Watson’s Cabin Home Robbery; you can approach Aberdeen Pig Farm following our home robbery guide.

Your goal here is to find the secret stash and also loot the body of the strange woman living at this location. You can see her below.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Aberdeen Farm Robbery Guide 2

A deranged woman, indeed…

Aberdeen Pig Farm and this specific woman is our first recommendation for those who want to find a Silver Chain Bracelet in Red Dead Redemption 2 mainly because we have found 2 of them while playing this activity. Both of them were found on this woman.

The second location we recommend is Watson’s Cabin. Ironically, while searching this location for a Gold Earring, we found a Silver Chain Bracelet inside the nightstand below.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Gold Earring Location 1

Check this nightstand at Watson’s Cabin

After picking it up, the game started an update, and we were forced to exit without saving. After reloading the game, we found a Gold Earring inside the same nightstand.

Consequently, this location spawns a Silver Chain Bracelet once every three days, so you can get your desired amount as long as you’re willing to wait for it. 

There is also a near-guaranteed Silver Bracelet in the “Archeology for beginners”. Just make sure to check near the army camp once you head to the campfire. 

Robbing trains is also a good method to find Silver Chain Bracelets, especially if you focus on women.

Alternatively, visiting various cabins and shacks while playing other missions, or simply while exploring the game’s vast world, should help you find the crafting item you are looking for.

Finally, you may also receive these bracelets as rewards for completing Chance Encounters. Never miss these opportunities, when you spot them on your mini-map.

As you can see the Silver Chain Bracelets in Red Dead Redemption 2 are totally random; so feel free to post your hints in the comments section below, or drop us a message on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram.

Silver Chain Bracelet: Recommended Loot Spots

Silver Chain Bracelet is usually found in random lock boxes and locations. Luckily, some areas possess a higher chance of dropping such items than the rest.

Having said that, let’s take a look at some of them in the Red Dead Redemption II: All Lock Boxes and Chests Locations Guide.

Secondly, these bracelets are generally equipped by the NPC ladies in the towns. Therefore, we’d recommend you rob one or two periodically (just enough to not get a high wanted level) in order to have a decent chance of obtaining Silver Chain Bracelets. 

A great way of discerning these ladies from the ones that don’t have it is that these ones will actually try to kill you.

The best place for looting is the trains since there’s only a limited amount of guards, and you can get a lot done before more approach your way. Just try to be done with it as quickly as possible, and don’t forget to loot the corpses on your way back! 

Hunt O’Driscoll Boys

O Driscoll Boys

This is the secondary antagonistic faction present in RDR2. The O’Driscolls have a pretty high chance of dropping a Silver Chain Bracelet upon death. Plus, you can also loot decent goods while you’re at it!

With that said, here are some of the main hideout locations of the O’Driscoll Boys:

  • Ewing Basin
  • Six Point Cabin
  • Hanging Dog Ranch
  • Lone Mule Stead
  • Colter
  • Millesani Claim
  • Citadel Rock (Southeast)
  • Dewberry Creek Curve
  • Trapper (East)
  • Southern Southwest of Wallace Station
  • Western Southwest of Downes Ranch
  • Eastern Southwest of Fort Wallace

If an O’Driscoll’s body is found dead, it’ll automatically trigger a wanted level. Therefore, don’t kill too many in a single run – unless you’re into making a run for your life. 

Aside from the surefire locations, you will also find them in the following quests:

  • Outlaws from the West
  • Old Friends
  • Paying a Social Call
  • Blessed are the Meek?
  • An American Pastoral Scene
  • Blessed are the Peacemakers
  • Horsemen, Apocalypses
  • Icarus and Friends
  • Goodbye, Dear Friend
  • Mrs. Sadie Adler, Widow II

Charlotte’s House

Charlotte is mysterious; she asks you for a bunch of favors and rewards you by permitting you to loot her house. Luckily, this works in your favor since there’s a high chance of finding an intact Silver Chain Bracelet. 

Having said that, you just need to check the drawer in her bedroom. However, this isn’t a surefire way due to the RNG. Therefore, we recommend you only try this if the other locations have failed for you. 

Nighttime Stranger Encounters

Source: Josiah Trelawny

Midnight Stranger Encounters

There is a quest on the marked location of the map that makes you meet a stranger on the northwestern part of Van Horn Trading Post. You will have to save a hogtied hostage from the hill folk. Once done, you will have to give her a ride to Annesburg.

As a reward, you will be getting the Silver Chain Bracelet – just be sure to treat the lady gently. 

Silver Chain Bracelet Location: Rumors

Multiple reports of players sighting the Silver Chain Bracelets across multiple locations have been reported. However, most of these remain unverified since the lands of Red Dead Redemption II are pretty vast to map everything. 

Having said that, it’s pretty worth giving these a shot to see where you draw the biggest end of the stick:

  • There’s a group of shacks in Lakay. Head to the biggest house and look under the nightstand in the back. 
  • Look for a wardrobe located towards the Hagen Orchard. On the map, this spot can be found on the O in the Bayou Nwa location. 
  • There’s a chest inside a military encampment located near the Bacchus Bridge.
  • Set up a camp to the northwest of the train track. Set a camp nearby, and wait for a woman to come to warm herself up. You can get a Silver Chain bracelet off of robbing her. 
  • You might get one as a reward while mailing the location of a dinosaur bone.

How to Use the Silver Chain Bracelet:

Assuming you already have the Quartz Chunk (follow our guide here if you need help getting it), and you find a Silver Chain Bracelet;  focus on hunting the Legendary Bharati Bear and looting the Legendary Bear Claw.

Remember that this unique item is not dropped by common Grizzly Bears.

With these 3 items in your inventory, visit a Fence and craft the Bear Claw Talisman. Keep this unique item in your inventory (no need to equip it), in order to activate its bonuses.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Bear Claw Talisman Crafting Guide

Need additional help in Red Dead Redemption II? Check our wiki hub for more hints, tips, guides, and walkthroughs.

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