The LawBreakers Creator Just Pitched a revival

Cliff Bleszinski which we all know as the creator/director of the LawBreakers game published a tweet that really peaked the interest of his followers that there’s a chance that a revival version of the game will indeed happen. This happened about a month ago.  Well, turns out Nexon does own the rights to LawBreakers. @owenmahoney how about sliding into my DMs so we can talk about a resu...[Read More]

Final Fantasy XIV Lore Could Go On For 10 Years Says Game Director

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker expansion is coming later this year and game director Naoki Yoshida talked about the future of the game and mentioned that there is a lot that the team has in mind concerning the lore. Yoshida has dedicated his life to the game and it is interesting to hear the potential future of the game from him. Naoki Yoshida mentioned that the team has so many ideas that the lore o...[Read More]

Nioh 3 To “Surpass Nioh And Nioh 2” Teases Team Ninja

Nioh and Nioh 2 are both great games that have touched the hearts of the fans and have them craving for more. There is no information regarding another game in the series and while reports would have us believe that the Nioh 3 is not in development right now there is still hope. Nioh franchise director Fumihiko Yasuda recently mentioned that the story of Nioh is over but he went on to clarify that...[Read More]

Alienware m15 Ryzen Edition R5 Gaming Laptop Full Pricing And Specs Revealed

Alienware is known for making premium gaming gear and the Alienware m15 Ryzen Edition R5 pricing and specifications have been revealed. The laptop is available now and you can order one from the official store. The laptop starts at $1600 and comes in various hardware configurations featuring the latest AMD Ryzen 5000 series CPUs and Nvidia RTX 30 series graphics cards. Alienware m15 Ryzen Edition ...[Read More]

Watch Dogs Legion, Rainbow Six Quarantine Will Release On PS5 And Xbox Scarlett

Some of Ubisoft’s games are being delayed and while they are still coming out for the current generation of consoles, it has been confirmed that delayed games, such as Watch Dogs Legion will also be released on the Xbox Scarlett and PS5. CEO of Ubisoft Yves Guillemot confirmed that games like Watch Dogs Legion, Rainbow Six Quarantine, and Gods & Monsters will be cross-generation and will...[Read More]

Death Stranding Compared To A Netflix Series By SIE Worldwide President

Shuhei Yoshida, president of SIE Worldwide Studios has played Death Stranding and after playing the game for around 10 hours he compared it to a Netflix Original series. He mentioned that after playing the game for so long it seems that things are just getting started and that there is a lot to do. This means that Death Stranding might take a very long time to complete and even longer if you are i...[Read More]

Death Stranding Trailers Reveal Plot When Watched In The Right Order

Death Stranding is one of the most anticipated games that are going to release in 2019. There is a lot that we have learned about the game but there is still plenty that we do not know much about. Kojima talked about the plot of Death Stranding and he mentioned that players will need to actually play the game in order to figure it out. He mentioned that playing the game is part of the whole experi...[Read More]

The Last Of Us Part 2 Is 50% Bigger Than Previous Game

The Last Of Us Part 2 is coming soon and in the recent few days, we have got plenty of details concerning the upcoming game. We know that the game is not going to have a multiplayer mode even though it was confirmed at E3. We also know that this is not going to be an open-world game but there will be some choices that the player can make and plenty of side quests as well. Halley Gross, a screenwri...[Read More]

Naughty Dog On Why The Last of Us Part 2 Is Not Open-World

The Last of Us Part 2 has got plenty of new details and it turns out that not only does the game lack multiplayer but it also does not have an open-world either. That might be a bummer for some people but the game does have larger areas to make up for it. The open areas will be complemented with contained, linear, and scripted segments at times to make the game more intense. creative director Neil...[Read More]

The Last of Us Part 2 Does Not Have Multiplayer, Dev Responds

We have got plenty of details regarding The Last of Us Part 2 but oddly it seems that the game will not have a multiplayer mode. Fans are very upset because this is a feature that was confirmed at E3 2019. Naughty Dog’s lead game designer Emilia Schatz confirmed that The Last of Us Part 2 will not have multiplayer. Here is what she had to say regarding the matter: We’re focusing on a single-...[Read More]

Shroud And Dr Disrespect Find The Same Gears 5 Mechanic Frustrating

Gears 5 has got positive reviews and people love it but the game is not perfect. Shroud and Dr Disrespect, shared their thoughts on Gears 5 and mentioned that there is a mechanic that they both find very frustrating to deal with. The problem is that the game does not properly recognize when the player is trying to take a tight turn from a corner. What happens it that the character starts to roll a...[Read More]

Hideo Kojima Explains What Makes His Game So Different

Hideo Kojima is working on putting together and refining Death Stranding as we speak. He commented on what makes A Hideo Kojima game a Hideo Kojima game and he mentioned that he takes part in all the aspects of making the game. That is what makes these games so different. Hideo Kojima has made his name in the gaming industry and you can bet that Death Stranding will sell millions of copies even th...[Read More]