Destiny 2 AFK Material Farming Without Bothering Anyone

With the new Destiny 2 Moments of Triumph, players need a lot of materials in order to get the most out of the event. Materials such as Dusklight Shards or Microphasic Datalattice can take a lot of time to farm but there is an easier way of getting these materials. Here we are going to look into a Destiny 2 AFK material farming trick. AFK farming is frowned upon in Destiny 2 because it can be frus...[Read More]

Destiny 2 Infinite Super Glitch Discovered On PC And Console

Players have discovered a Destiny 2 infinite Super glitch. With this active, players can spam their Supers whenever they want. This is not the first time that players have found a glitch in the game. If you have been playing Destiny 2 for a while now, then you will remember the loot cave. If you are interested in taking advantage of the infinite Super Glitch in Destiny2 then what you need to do is...[Read More]

Shenmue 3 Will Not Get Season Pass Even After Spending All That Money

Shenmue 3 is a crowd-funded game that was supposed to release on Steam but will now only be available on the Epic Games Store. You can imagine why people were upset about this abrupt change in platform. Epic Games is going to refund backers that are not interested in playing the game in the Epic Game Store but now it seems that backers will not get the Shenmue 3 Season Pass either. It is worth men...[Read More]

New Lord of the Rings MMO In Development At Amazon

A new Lord of the Rings MMO is in development at Amazon Game Studios. The new game is being made in collaboration with Leyou Technologies Holdings Limited, and Middle-earth Enterprises. The new game will take players back to Middle Earth. We do not know much about the game at this time but what we can tell you is that the game is going to be free-to-play. The name of this upcoming Lord of the Ring...[Read More]

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 Will Make Question Your Morality

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 is the next game in the Call of Duty franchise and it seems that Activision is trying to take the franchise back to its roots. This is a very old title that most of the community has already played. There is a lot of nostalgia around Call of Duty: Modern Warfare so it will need to be handled with a lot of care. Taylor Kurosaki, narrative director on the game talke...[Read More]

Borderlands 3 free-for-all Dueling Mode Announced

There is a lot of hype around Borderlands 3 and as we get close to release Gearbox has started announcing new features of the game. The developer has announced a new free-for-all-like dueling mode in Borderlands 3. In this mode, 4 vault hunters will face off against one another in a free-for-all classic style match to see who comes out on top. Borderlands is all about mayhem with friends so the ne...[Read More]

Capcom Talks About Why Monster Hunter: World Was A Hit

Monster Hunter: World sold millions of copies around the world and was a major hit in the western world. One of the major reasons is what this time Capcom released Monster Hunter: World on home consoles rather than sticking to portables. Portables are fun and all but they do not offer the graphical fidelity of home consoles. Monster Hunter: World director Fujioka Kaname talked about why the game w...[Read More]

Cyberpunk Movie Likely Now That Keanu Reeves is On Board

Cyberpunk 2077 is one the most anticipated games right now and seeing Keanu Reeves in the game was a major highlight of E3 2019. In a recent interview Cyberpunk 2020 creator, Mike Pondsmith mentioned that a Cyberpunk movie is could be made, now that Keany Reeves is part of the project. Pondsmith is actively taking part in the development of Cyberpunk 2077 and while he did not confirm that a movie ...[Read More]

Here Is Why Apex Legends Does Not Add New Legends Frequently

Apex Legends season 2 is out now and it has changed a few things. The new character Watson has also been added to the game. You must be wondering why it took so long for a new legend to be added to the game and why new legends are not added often in Apex Legends. Since the game released in February, only 2 new legends have been added. Octane was part of season 1 and Watson has been introduced in s...[Read More]

Half-Life 3 Teased Gabe Newell By Yet Again

Half-Life 3 is a game that fans have been waiting for. It has been years since the previous title came out and Valve has teased Half-Life 3 time and time again. Valve Index VR was released recently and while talking about the release of the product Gabe Newell himself teased the game, yet again. He mentioned that milestones are not the end of something but the start. He talked about how Half-Life ...[Read More]

Initially Disney Was “Cautious” About Making Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is the next game in the franchise that Respawn Entertainment is working on. The game is being made in collaboration with Disney and LucasArts’ story group. Respawn Entertainment CEO Vince Zampella talked about how the game was pitched and mentioned that Disney was a bit hesitant about making Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order at first. Zampella mentioned that it was th...[Read More]

Pikachu Is Not The Most Popular Pokemon In the World According To Polls

When you think about the most popular Pokemon in the world, Pikachu comes to mind. With Pikachu being the main character of the recently released Detective Pikachu movie, it is surprising that people like other Pokemon much more than the little Yellow mouse. 52,000 people took part in a survey in an attempt to find out which Pokemon is the most popular in the world. Surprisingly Pikachu came in at...[Read More]

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