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Red Dead Redemption II Gold Medal Walkthrough: Magicians for Sport Story Mission

In Red Dead Redemption 2Magicians for Sport is the first mission you unlock in Chapter 3, after completing Advertising, the New American Art story mission.

RDR2 Magicians for Sport is also required to unlock The Fine Joys of Tobacco, which leads to Horse Flesh for Dinner.

Magicians for Sport features 4 Gold Medal Goals, one of them being quite tricky. Therefore, as always, make sure you save your game before starting it.

You can play Magicians for Sport in Red Dead Redemption II by talking to Dutch at Clemens Point west of Rhodes.

Approach Dutch’s tent when you are ready, then follow the walkthrough below to complete the mission with a Gold Medal.


“Arthur and Charles go to track down Trelawny at his rental caravan in Rhodes.”

Mission Requirements:

Gold Medal Goals:

  • Inspect all the clues in Trelawny’s caravan
  • While tracking stay within 30 feet of Trelawny’s trail
  • Kill two bounty hunters in the cornfields within one minute
  • Complete the mission without consuming any health items


When you approach Dutch’s tent you’ll be asked to find Charles, who is located several steps away from your current location.

Talk to Charles and ask him to come with you, then mount your horse and ride to Trelawny’s location just north of Rhodes.

Follow the highlighted path on your minimap until you reach Trelawny’s caravan. Head inside the caravan, in order to inspect the clues.

Gold Medal Goal Tip: Once inside the caravan you need to inspect three clues in order to fulfill the first Gold Medal requirement. These are the food on the table, the bed, and the towel with blood on it on the bathtub. You can see all of them in the picture below. If you encounter difficulties in spotting Trelawny’s clues, activate Arthur’s Eagle Eye.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Trelawny's caravan clues

Inspect all three clues in Trelawny’s caravan

Now that you found Trelawny’s track, head outside with Charles and activate the Eagle Eye to notice the path you need to follow (also pictured).

Gold Medal Goal Tip: Make sure that you don’t get too far from Trelawny’s trail or you will miss this Gold Medal Goal. If needed keep the Eagle Eye active all the time.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Trelawny's track

Stay close to Trelawny’s track

Keep following the highlighted track, activating the Eagle Eye if you get lost. Eventually, you will reach a small camp in the forest where you can talk to two strangers.

Obviously, these two strangers don’t want to help you; therefore, get ready for a fist fight.  After you take out the one attacking you, make sure you interrogate the one captured by Charles. Don’t kill him because you’ll lose Honor Points.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Magicians for Sport Wiki Guide 3

Interrogate but do not kill this stranger

Because now you know that Trelawny is in a cabin by some cornfields nearby, stay close to Charles as he will take you to the next area in the mission.

After the cutscene, the real challenge begins. Once you set free Trelawny, the clock starts ticking and you have exactly 1 minute to find and kill two bounty hunters in the cornfields.

Gold Medal Goal Tip: From the beginning, you have to pay close attention to the cutscene showing where the bounty hunters go. Although there are 3, you only need to find and kill two bounty hunters for the Gold Medal. One is in the field on the left and one in the field on the right. The trick here is to pay attention to the birds, as they will show you the locations of all bounty hunters. To meet the time requirement, shoot the bounty hunters as you don’t have time to fist fight them.

Did you know? You can actually kill the two bounty hunters before they disappear; by immediately activating Arthur’s Dead Eye and shooting them with a rifle.

The third bounty hunter is located in the distant field on the right side of the area. Since you won’t be able to find him, look for his equipment on the ground, as you can see in the following picture.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Magicians for Sport Wiki Guide 4

Find the equipment of the third bounty hunter

Inspect the equipment to start a new cutscene during which you’ll actually be saved by Charles.

As he takes out the last bounty hunter, some enemies in the nearby barn will open fire on you. Sprint to the barn, then activate Arthur’s Dead Eye and take both bounty hunters out. One is close to the entrance and the other one is located at the window above.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Magicians for Sport Wiki Guide 5

Take out both bounty hunters in the barn

Now that the area is clear; make sure you check the corpse of the sniper in the barn as he will drop a Rare Blocking Rifle; which is a unique weapon you need to complete the game’s compendium.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Rare Blocking Rifle Location

Don’t leave the barn without the Rare Blocking Rifle

Finally, return to the cabin where you find Trelawny to finish Magicians for Sport.

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