About Prime Wikis

Primewikis is the number one source of gaming guides and walkthroughs. Doesn’t matter if it’s PC games, PlayStation or Xbox or what ever other console you’re playing on, we have the guide for it. 

We strive to provide very deep and in-detail guides and walkthroughs, to help our readers with every step of the game they are currently playing. 

The site regularly updates with new games, and provides very specific tips and advice on the games you love. 

The team of writers behind this site are real gamers, they spend hours on hours playing the games they write about, and most of the information you see on this site is their own experience after actually playing the game. This gives Primewikis a unique point of view into the world of guides that other sites can’t have. 

The team

  • Mohib Nadeem – A true gamer in heart, Muhib has been playing video games before he even began walking. Having played almost every game under the sun, his unique approach to writing guides makes his content a can’t miss! 
  • Talha – Goes by the name Talha, this gamer actually plays the games he wants to write about first, and only after that goes and buys the game ( we buy it for him ) and writes while he plays the game, this is the highest level ( pun intended ) that a gaming writer can achieve. 
  • BIlly Foxfort – This gal would rather have in her hand a joystick than any other thing in the world. Joining our team after we found her in the Reddit gaming subs, we were impressed by her vast knowledge about popular games and it was a no brainer for us to ask her to join our team. 

Mission Statement

To create the most in-depth WIki and guides about all the games published! That’s it’ it’s a bold mission, but we are getting it done, one game at a time.