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Red Dead Redemption II: Ram Horn Trinket Crafting Guide

If you’re looking to harvest Creeping Thyme, Oregano, and Wild Mint faster in Red Dead Redemption 2, the Ram Horn Trinket is an essential accessory.

Similar to the Pronghorn Horn Trinket which helps while hunting, the Ram Trinket assists you in gathering more herbs.

The jewelry can also be crafted early in the game, as soon as you reach Chapter 2 and Dutch’s base relocates to Horseshoe Overlook.

Crafting the  Ram Horn Trinket only requires the horn of the Legendary Big Horn Ram, which is a Legendary Animal found in Grizzlies West.

Ram Horn Trinket Materials:

1x Legendary Ram Horn – You’ll receive it by hunting and skinning the Legendary Big Horn Ram, east of Cattail Pond.

Cost -$17.5

How to Craft the Ram Trinket:

After you get the Legendary Ram Horn; take the carcass of the Big Horn Ram to a Trapper for some extra money. The horn must then be taken to a Fence; where the Shopkeeper will craft the Legendary Ram Horn Trinket for you.

Simply select the accessory from the list of Trinkets (see picture below) and pay the required amount of money to have it crafted.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Ram Horn Trinket Crafting Guide

How to Use the Ram Horn Trinket:

In order to benefit from this trinket, you don’t need to equip it. Just keep it in your inventory along with all other RDR2 trinkets, and its bonuses will be active.

After you craft it, you’ll notice that when you gather Creeping Thyme, Oregano, or Wild Mint; you will receive 2 herbs instead of one.

These herbs are key ingredients for crafting a large number of items and tonics in the video game; thus the trinket itself is very useful; helping you save time.

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