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Red Dead Redemption 2

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Red Dead Redemption II Gold Medal Walkthrough: Blessed are the Meek? Story Mission

While playing A Quiet Time you’ve found that Miach has been arrested in Strawberry; and even though he’s not your best friend, in Red Dead Redemption 2 Blessed are the Meek you need to save him, Arthur.

We won’t do this for Micah, but we’ll do it for Dutch, and there is no time to spare cowboy! Let’s go and see how we can set Micah free from the prison in Strawberry.


“With Micah due to be hanged for a double murder in Strawberry, Arthur attempts to break him out of jail.”

Mission Requirements:

New Weapons Available:

  • Schofield Revolver

Gold Medal Goals:

  • While escaping, kill all mounted lawmen within 55 seconds
  • Get 15 headshots
  • Finish with at least 70% accuracy
  • Complete the mission without using any health items


Head to Strawberry and look on your map for the M icon showing Micah’s location. Time to save him, cowboy, but before doing that make sure you are well equipped because getting the Gold Medal in this mission is not an easy job.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Blessed are the Meek Wiki Guide 1

Look for Micah inside Strawberry’s jail building

After you find the jail, enter the building and talk to the sheriff. Looks like Micah’s fate is decided so you need to save him as fast as you can.

Exit the building then go around it to see Micah’s cell, in the lower section of the building (pictured below). Approach Micah and talk to him.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Blessed are the Meek Wiki Guide 2

Talk to Micah through the window

Let’s see how you can do that. How about the hook on the Steam Donkey behind you? Yeah, that would help you pull the bars on Micah’s window. Grab the hook, and attach it to the window.

Now head back to the Steam Donkey and pull the lever by tilting the left thumbstick and mashing X/A.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Blessed are the Meek Wiki Guide 3

Use the hook on this Steam Donkey to set Micah free

As you free Micah, he will eventually kill a deputy. That idiot!

Nevermind cowboy. Time to escape.

Start by following Micah over the nearby bridge, remaining in cover all the time. Try to mark as many headshots as you can.

Gold Medal Goal Tip: Scoring 15 headshots and ending with an accuracy of at least 70% go hand in hand here. As long as you score headshots you should be able to complete the third gold medal requirement. Keep the Dead Eye skill activated as much as you can and pick your targets one by one.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Blessed are the Meek Wiki Guide 4

Using the Dead Eye will ensure you get 15 head-shots while maintaining your accuracy above 70%

While Micah is looking for Skinny, focus on looting the corpses nearby, then once he recovers his guns follow him over the next bridge.

After you and Micah get to the horses, the escape sequence starts.

Gold Medal Goal Tip: While trying to escape the town, you will be attacked by 6 lawmen on horses. To complete the gold medal requirement and kill them within 55 seconds, you need to follow Micah closely, and use the Dead Eye skill. If you get lost, you will most likely miss this requirement.

Scoring headshots is not a requirement here, but maintaining your accuracy above 70% is. This makes the Dead Eye a necessity. If you deplete the Dead Eye core, refill it with the items from your inventory.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Blessed are the Meek Wiki Guide 5

Follow Micah out of the red area to escape your pursuers

Finally, as long as you don’t use any health items while playing RDR2 Blessed are the Meek? mission you will be able to meet the final requirement.

Once you kill all mounted lawmen, stay with Micah and exit the red area on your minimap. At the end of this mission, you will receive from Micah the Off Hand Holster.

Furthermore, if you finish Blessed are the Meek? in Red Dead Redemption II you’ll unlock a new Bounty Hunting (Joshua Brown) as well as An American Pastoral Scene story mission. Feel free to check our Red Dead Redemption 2 wiki guides for more walkthroughs and if you have questions, post them in the comments section below or send them directly on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram.

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