RDR2 All Unique Collectibles Locations Map

Red Dead Redemption 2

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Red Dead Redemption II: All Unique Weapons, Outfits and Items Locations

The Red Dead Redemption 2 Unique Items can be found only at specific locations throughout the game’s world. They can take various forms and you need them for Total Completion in RDR2.

As you can see listed below, these unique collectibles in RDR2 can be rare weapons, unique outfits, funny masks, hats, and even books.

Once found, a Red Dead Redemption 2 unique weapon, for example, will be added to your compendium, Arthur, thus you will be able to access it later.

Unlike other weapons in Red Dead Redemption 2, they can’t be bought from stores; but you still need to find them if you are a completionist. Some of them are very well hidden, while others are easy to find if you know their locations.

Now that you have become one of the richest cowboys in the West, how about equipping yourself with some cool and unique weapons and clothes?

Want to wear a Pig Mask while robbing a train? Such as the one below? Our Red Dead Redemption II unique equipment locations guide is here to help you find it.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Unique Pig Mask

The Unique Pig Mask in Red Dead Redemption 2

Simply follow our map below along with the associated tips, and in no time, you will have a large number of unique outfits and weapons at your disposal.

Furthermore, our guide will also teach you how to get one of the best revolvers in the video game published by Rockstar Games. But before claiming it you will have to find two Torn Treasure Map Pages.

Ready cowboy? Great! Let’s find the strangest items in Red Dead Redemption 2.

RDR2 All Unique Collectibles Locations Map

Red Dead Redemption 2 Rare Outfits, Unique Weapons & Hidden Items Locations Map

1 – Tricorn Hat

For the first RDR2 unique item in our guide, you will need a boat. Make sure you secure one from the docks west of Braithwaite Manor (usually in the morning). Next, row towards the largest island on Flat Iron Lake, and check the shipwreck marked on our map.

The Tricorn Hat is inside the boat behind a wooden wall and some crates.

2 – Abalone Shell Fragment

This unique item can be found in Rhodes. First, find the sheriff’s office and then go around it moving north. Several steps away is an abandoned house with a red roof and white windows.

Enter the house through the main door and look for the Abalone Shell Fragment on the table to your right as you enter. This item can be used to craft the Bison Horn Talisman at the Fence.

3 – Broken Pirate Sword

This unique Red Dead Redemption 2 sword is found in a wrecked boat at the location marked above. Watch out for Alligators and look for it on a small island near a dead tree.

You should also see a skeleton in the same boat.

4 – Cat Skull Mask

At this location on our map, you should find a cabin partially sunk into the mud. Enter, then crouch and go through the next door.

Now look up and on the wall in front of you is this unique collectible. You have to climb the platform to reach it.

5 – Otis Miller and the Boy from New York

This book can be found in Pleasant, at the location we have marked on our Red Dead Redemption 2 map above. When you arrive enter the demolished school and look for the collectible on the other side of the building; on the teacher’s desk.

6- Otis Miller and the Black-Hearted Lady

Travel to Osman Grove marked on our map and find a solitary cabin. Kick the door if needed and then check the nightstand on the right side of the room.

Make sure you grab all items in this cabin.

7 – Civil War Knife

The next two items are located in Fort Brennand. When you reach the location marked on our map, enter the largest building and look behind the crates on the right side.

Notice the ladder that allows you to descend to the basement. Once you get to the lower level, turn right and in front of you on two creates is this unique Red Dead Redemption 2 knife.

8 – Civil War Hat

Several steps away from the previous unique item, on the other side of the basement, next to a locker is this unique hat.

Fully explore the basement because you will also find a hidden lockbox and a chest.

9 – Pig Mask

This strange (and funny at the same time) mask is located in Butcher Creek. Look for it on a wooden pillar next to the slaughterhouse shack.

When approaching the said shack, you should see two hunks of meat hanging. While facing them, look to the pillar on the right to spot the Pig Mask.

10 – Rusted Hunter Hatchet

This hatchet can be found behind the cabin marked on our map.

Simply go around the cabin and look for a tree stump with the hatchet in it.

11 – Viking Helmet

You can find the Viking Helmet in Red Dead Redemption 2 by visiting the location marked on our map and looking for a tomb.

Check the walls in the areas covered by stones and you should see it near some skulls.

12 – Meteorite

Look for the meteorite inside the house we have marked at location 12. The Meteorite House is on a hill while the unique item is located inside the hole in the ground.

There are 2 bodies that were hit by the falling meteorite.

13 – Torn Treasure Map 1

The Torn Treasure Map 1 is located inside Manito’s house at Manito Glade in the side table by the window.

If you kill Manito, make sure you claim his Rare Shotgun. Next, enter the house and turn right to see the side table. The Torn Treasure Map 1 is required to access Otis Miller’s Treasure.

14 – Rusted Double Bit Hatchet

Look for this hatchet in a tree stump, close to an outhouse, and the northern road in Annesburg. You should also see a red building at the location we have marked for you.

15 – Black Sheep

This unique Red Dead Redemption 2 sheep is found north of Heartland Overflow, near the train tracks.

Find this Black Sheep and kill it to loot a Gold Wedding Ring.

16 – Hewing Hatchet

The Hewing Hatchet is located on the southern shore of Moonstone Pond. It is in a tree stump by the campfire just in front of the cabin destroyed by a falling tree.

17 – Ancient Tomahawk

The Ancient Tomahawk in RDR2 can be found on the hill above the eastern side of Calumet Ravine. You should see it in the middle of a hanging target, which was destroyed.

18 – Nevada Hat

Nevada Hat is a unique Red Dead Redemption 2 hat that is by far one of the coolest, and also one of the hardest to find. This hat is located behind the Granite Pass waterfall.

To reach it moves from the top of the waterfall, down. While standing on the wooden bridge marked on our map, looking down the river; move right from one ledge to another, until you find the path leading to the area behind the waterfall.

19 – Hunter Hatchet

The Hunter Hatchet is an RDR2 unique weapon located at Dodd’s Bluff. It is a shack made of wood we have marked on our map.

When you reach it look for the hatchet in a tree stump outside the cabin.

20 – Otis Miller and the Arabian Prince

When you reach Clawson’s Rest marked on our map, enter the wooden cabin and check the nightstand on the left side, behind the door.

21 – Wild West Heroes, No. 132

This unique book is located at Downes Ranch. Enter the house and search for it on the nightstand near the bed and the window.

If needed you might have to engage the rancher.

22 – Double Bit Hatchet

The Double Bit Hatchet weapon is located in a well-known location if you followed all our Red Dead Redemption 2 walkthroughs.

You should see it in a tree stump north from the lone chimney in the forest. On your main map if you zoom in you might notice a black dot marking the exact location of the chimney.

23 – Antler Knife

The RDR2 Antler Knife can be found on the body of a stranger killed by a large Grizzly Bear. Check the location on our map and you should find the bear in an area surrounded by partially damaged trees.

Notice the claw marks on the said trees.

24 – Torn Treasure Map 2

Fairly easy to find, this unique item is the second part of the Otis Miller’s Treasure Map. You will find it in a hermit’s shack at the location we have marked.

Kill the hermit’s dogs if they attack you, then check the white nightstand by the bed.

25 – Wide-Blade Knife & Miner’s Hat

These two unique items are found in Beryl’s Dream Mine. Use the plunger at the entrance to clear the path ahead, then check the room on the right side.

Here you should find a dead miner and near him the unique knife and hat. There is also a Gold Nugget next to the victim’s right hand.

26 – Stone Hatchet

The Stone Hatchet is a unique weapon in Red Dead Redemption 2 available only to those who have completed a related bounty hunter mission in GTA V Online. It is in another tree stump found at the location marked on our map.

27 – True Tales of Frank Heck, No. 102

The book named True Tales of Frank Heck is located inside another shack, south of Lake Don Julio.

Just enter the cabin and check the nightstand.

28 – Ram Skull Mask

A funny and unique Red Dead Redemption 2 item, the Ram Skull Mask is located on a wooden post which supports a pergola.

Its location is the northern part of Ratskeller Fork, as you can see on our map.

29 – Otis Miller’s Treasure

If you followed the order on our guide, and you have reached Epilogue 1, you can claim Otis Miller’s Treasure. This unique treasure can be found by assembling the two torn treasure listed above.

Assuming you meet all requirements, head north of Cholla Springs to find a hidden cave named Rattlesnake Hallow. Its location is on our map.

Fully investigate this cave because inside you will find Otis Miller’s Revolver. It is a very rare Red Dead Redemption 2 weapon you might want to have.

Did you manage to find other unique items in Red Dead Redemption 2? Let us know in the comments below which one, and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.