RDR2 Special Chance Encounters Locations Map

Red Dead Redemption 2

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Red Dead Redemption II: All Unique Chance Encounters Locations Guide

While exploring the vast world of Red Dead Redemption 2, Arthur, you have the chance to encounter various characters asking for your help.

Unlike the RDR2 Strangers who will trigger Stranger Missions, these characters have random positions on your map, and the assignments you receive from them have various consequences.

Every time you approach such a position, you should see a small gray dot on your minimap. Additionally, you should also hear these characters asking for help.

Pinpointing their locations on a map is quite impossible since there is a large number of Red Dead Redemption 2 Chance Encounters available and they are random.

Based on their locations, the RDR2 Chance Encounters can be divided into 3 categories: Town Chance Encounters, Wilderness Chance Encounters, and Unique Chance Encounters.

While the first two categories don’t play a major role in the game (meaning that you can complete them or not); the third one is quite important.

As such, our Red Dead Redemption 2 Unique Chance Encounters locations map below, should prove helpful for those who wish to get Total Completion in the video game.

RDR2 Special Chance Encounters Locations Map

Red Dead Redemption 2 Unique Chance Encounters Locations Map

Unique Chance Encounters

What makes the 4 chance encounters above unique is the fact that they allow you to unlock additional missions.

This means that you must check each of the locations on our map until you find the required characters who will eventually trigger the missions we have listed below.

Make sure you do that otherwise, you might miss these special Stranger Missions.

1 – Treasure Hunter

At the locations marked on our Red Dead Redemption 2 map above by 1, you should find a Treasure Hunter.

There are 11 possible spawning locations where you can find this strange man looking through binoculars. Approach him and you will start the High Stakes Treasure Hunt.

Keep in mind that this character spawns after you complete The New South story mission in Chapter 3.

2 – Torch Procession, Stalking Shadows, Spooked Horse, Voice

When you approach the locations marked by 2 you will usually encounter members of the Night Folk Gang. Notice that these locations are in the Bayou area.

Because the gang spawns at night, visit them between 10 PM and 5 AM. Completing any of these chance encounters will unlock A Fine Night for It Stranger Mission.

Check this location after moving to Horseshoe Overlook in Chapter 2.

3 – Murder Scenes

There are three Red Dead Redemption 2 Murder Scenes locations you must investigate (marked on our map with 3).

Check all of them to find 3 maps and when you have all of them, you will be able to start the American Dreams Stranger Mission.

Just like the previous chance encounter, you can approach these locations after you complete Eastward Bound Story Mission, and start Chapter 2.

4 – Del Lobo Execution

Red Dead Redemption 2 Del Lobo Execution is a  special chance encounter which takes place when you reach Epilogue 1.

There is only one possible location (marked by 4), and if you approach it you will unlock two Bounty Hunting targets (Joaquin Arroyo and Esteban Cortez).

For each of the missions triggered by these Red Dead Redemption 2 unique encounters check their respective walkthroughs sections.

Finally, make sure you check our in-depth guides for other Chance Encounters and feel free to drop your questions in the comments section below, or on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

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