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Red Dead Redemption II: All Town Chance Encounters Guide

Unless you use cheats, earning honor points in Red Dead Redemption 2 can be a tricky job. The video game developed by Rockstar Studios, is (at least partially), based on decisions. And as with all decisions, there are results and consequences.

While many of them won’t alter the story missions you are about to play, they will affect the number of honor points Arthur Morgan has.

Simply put, cowboy, they will lower or increase your honor among the characters in the video game.A large number of honor points can be earned (or lost) while completing the events known as encounters or chance encounters.

As explained in our previous guide, in RDR2 chance encounters can be divided into 3 categories: Unique, Town Chance Encounters and Wilderness Chance Encounters.

Below we discuss all Town Chance Encounters in Red Dead Redemption 2. As the name implies these encounters are triggered exclusively in towns. Since their locations are random, creating a map for the chance encounters in Red Dead Redemption 2 is quite impossible.

What it is possible, however, is to help you identify them by describing the actions of the strangers you will meet during your explorations.

Furthermore, by identifying the said strangers, you should be able to know the results and the consequences of every action you are about to make.

Without further ado, check out the full list of Red Dead Redemption 2 Chance Encounters that occur in towns. You can see all the possible actions, their results, and their consequences. All you have to do is to act according to your play style.

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RDR2 Town Chance Encounters

Duel the Drunk

Sequence Description: In a saloon, you are approached by a drunk who wants to duel with you.

Results & Consequences: You will get 5 honor points if you ignore the drunk, and 2 if you accept the duel but do not kill him (disarm only). You lose 2 honor points if you kill him after Chapter 5.

Alternatively, while insulting you, the drunk may actually pass out before the duel starts.

Drowning Woman

Sequence Description: A woman is being drowned by a man.

Results & Consequences: Save the woman to get 10 honor points. If you beat the man, you will trigger a Public Hanging encounter. If you kill him, you won’t. You will lose 20 honor points if the woman dies while you watch.

If you ignore the woman you will lose 5 points. You can also lose 5 points if the woman manages to escape and you don’t intervene.


Sequence Description: A beggar asks for money.

Results & Consequences: If you give him what he asks, you win 5 honor points, but you lose 5 if you steal from him. Should you opt to kill him you will lose 10 honor points, while for beating him you lose 5 points.

Variant 1: If the beggar is trying to scam you, feel free to take his donations because you will not be penalized.

Variant 2: If the beggar is desperate, give him the money and he will give you a Snake Oil.

Couple Dispute

Sequence Description: A dispute between a man a woman.

Results & Consequences: Encourage them after the dispute if you want to earn 2 honor points; or antagonize them to lose 2 points.

For killing one of them you will be penalized with 10 points.

Del Lobo Breakout

Sequence Description: Several Del Lobo goons are trying to free a gang member from the jail. This occurs when you reach Epilogue 1.

Results & Consequences: If you watch the lawman getting killed you will lose 5 honor points.

Del Lobo Execution

Sequence Description: In Tumbleweed a sheriff is turning in a Del Lobo goon. Also available starting Epilogue 1.

Results & Consequences: Don’t help the goon escape because you will lose 2 honor points.

Bronte’s Goons

Sequence Description: This Red Dead Redemption 2 encounter takes place in Saint-Denis. Several goons chat in the street.

Results & Consequences: If you approach them you will start a fight and may alert the lawmen.

Bronte’s Patrol

Sequence Description: You are being hunted by Bronte’s goons, close to Saint-Denis.

Results & Consequences: Feel free to engage them because you are far away from the town.

Dead Bodies

Sequence Description: In Armadillo you can see a man loading dead bodies in a wagon.

Results & Consequences: Initially you will want to kill the man, but if you do that you will actually lose 10 honor points.

The man will warn you about cholera.

Dark Alley Robbery

Sequence Description: Someone is being robbed in a dark alley.

Results & Consequences: Save the man if you wish to earn 10 honor points, or leave and you will lose 5. Watch the poor fellow getting killed and you will also lose 5 points.

Finally, if you save, then kill him, you will lose 20 points.

Dark Alley Ambush

Sequence Description: In Saint-Denis, a stranger asks you to follow him, then you will get ambushed.

Results & Consequences: If you follow him you will wake up in the cemetery or close to the river.


Sequence Description: This RDR2 Chance Encounter is triggered after you save a stranger from a trap or a snake. Now he wants to repay you.

Results & Consequences: You will get 5 points for accepting his reward and the chance to pick an item of your choice from a specific store.

Alternatively, if you kill the stranger or his friend you will be penalized with -20 honor points.

Lemoyne Raiders Ambush

Sequence Description: This Chance Encounter takes place in the Rhodes saloon where two Lemoyne Raiders look for a fight.

Results & Consequences: Stay long enough and you won’t be able to avoid the fight.

Lost Drunk Man

Sequence Description: A drunk man needs help as he got lost.

Results & Consequences: Help him to earn 2 honor points, or mislead him to lose 2. You can also mislead him and watch what happens but you will lose 10 points.

If you wait for him to pass out then kill him, you will lose 20 honor points.

Curious Men

Sequence Description: Several men are watching through a window. They look excited.

Results & Consequences: The best choice here is two send the men away. For this, you will get 2 points. If you look through the window, you lose 2. Continue to watch and you will lose 10!

Assuming you want to look too, there are 3 variants: a cowboy who is spanked, a couple smoking some drugs or a woman getting undressed.

The Lost Dog

Sequence Description: A small boy lost his dog, and he needs help. Look for the dog within the marked area.

Results & Consequences: Bring back the dog for 10 honor points. Once you arrive, if the boy punishes the dog you can earn 2 honor points by beating him. You will lose 2 if you kill the boy.

Killing the dog, in any case, will lower your honor by 10 points.

Rival Gang Encounter

Sequence Description: Several members of a rival gang antagonize you.

Results & Consequences: Act as you please but watch for witnesses.

Lemoyne Raiders Intimidation

Sequence Description: In Saint-Denis, few Lemoyne Raiders try to set on fire several buildings.

Results & Consequences: Feel free to engage them or leave them be as there are no consequences.

False Cure

Sequence Description: In Strawberry, an angry stranger is looking for a false doctor who sold him a fake cure for his impotence.

Results & Consequences: The doctor is inside the outhouse across the river. After you find him, if you help the angry stranger and the doctor dies, you will lose 5 points.

Mislead the customer, then return to the doctor and you will earn 2 points.

Bragging Cowboy

Sequence Description: This encounter is triggered inside the Rhodes saloon, where a cowboy is bragging and challenges you.

Results & Consequences: 2 honor points are earned for disarming (without killing) the rival. You lose 2 if you kill him.

Bragging Duel Winner

Sequence Description: After a duel you are challenged by the winner.

Results & Consequences: 2 honor points for disarming the target and -2 for killing him.

Running Family

Sequence Description: A family is loading a wagon and try to run to Armadillo.

Results & Consequences: This Red Dead Redemption 2 Chance Encounter is available when you start Epilogue 1.

You can’t win any honor points for intervening but you will lose 10 if you kill any family member, and 5 if you terrorize them.

Victim Robbery

Sequence Description: Several O’Driscolls/Lemoyne riders try to rob and beat a victim.

Results & Consequences: Earn 5 honor points for dealing with the riders, or lose 5 for not helping the victim.


Sequence Description: Someone knocks you down and steals your money when you enter a shop.

Results & Consequences: This encounter has only one solution. You either catch the thief or lose your money.

Self-Defense Murder

Sequence Description: A Valentine prostitute kills a man and asks you to help her get rid of the victim’s body.

Results & Consequences: During your exploration, you might encounter this prostitute in Red Dead Redemption 2, twice.

First Time: Turn the prostitute in to gain 2 honor points, or lose 5 for helping her after Chapter 5. You will also lose 5 if you help her, take her money and then turn her in.

Second Time: 2 points are earned for turning her in and 2 are lost for helping her. Additionally, if you turn her in you might trigger a new chance encounter (Public Hanging).

Public Hanging

Sequence Description: A criminal is put to rest.

Results & Consequences: If you intervene and help the criminal you will lose 5 points.

An additional 5 points will be lost if you free a criminal arrested by you and even more points if you kill any lawmen.

Piss Pots Over Balconies

Sequence Description: Some strangers will start throwing piss pots over balconies in the passengers below.

Results & Consequences: Feel free to act as you want because there are no consequences.

Lawman Chase

Sequence Description: In Saint-Denis, a lawman is chasing a criminal.

Results & Consequences: Feel free to act as you want because there are no consequences.

Saloon Rat Infestation

Sequence Description: In Saint-Denis, a bartender is asking you to help him solve a problem he has with rats.

Results & Consequences: Gain 5 points by helping the man, or lose 5 for not helping him even if you agree to.


Sequence Description: Several drunk cowboys exit a saloon causing troubles.

Results & Consequences: Feel free to act as you want because there are no consequences.

Street Fist Fight

Sequence Description: Two cowboys start a fight in the street in front of a saloon.

Results & Consequences: Feel free to act as you want because there are no consequences.

Wealthy Family

Sequence Description: A man and his wife are being robbed, and the woman might get killed.

Results & Consequences: You earn 10 honor point for saving the couple, and lose 5 for not intervening. You will lose 10 points if you simply stand and watch the women getting killed.

Additionally, you will lose 20 points if you decide to save the couple and then kill them.


Sequence Description: A recent widow accuses you of killing her husband.

Results & Consequences: Give her some money to earn 5 honor points, or antagonize her if you want to lose 2.

If you kill her you will lose 10 honor.


Sequence Description: A stranger is asking money from his debtor or else he will become violent.

Results & Consequences: Help the debtor to earn 5 honor points or watch him get killed to lose 5 points.

Del Lobos Terror

Sequence Description: In Armadillo, three Del Lobos start shooting a building. This chance encounter unlocks starting Epilogue 1.

Results & Consequences: Simply intervene to earn 2 points.

Valentine Robbery

Sequence Description: You are asked by a man in Valentine if you want a robbery tip in exchange for splitting the money with him.

Results & Consequences: Check the top drawer of the dresser in room 1B, but get ready to fight.

After the fight, if you lie the man and keep all the money for yourself; you will lose 5 points. Furthermore, the man will attack you next time you two meet.

New Gun Show Off

Sequence Description: A stranger just got a new weapon and by accident, he shoots a friend or himself.

Results & Consequences: Feel free to act as you want because there are no consequences.


Sequence Description: A stranger is being buried.

Results & Consequences: If you jump in the grave you will be penalized with 5 points. Kill anyone attending the funeral if you want to lose 10 additional points.

Kids Play

Sequence Description: Several youngsters make fun of you and then run away.

Results & Consequences: Chase them and you will end up ambushed.

Justified Accusation

Sequence Description: A man accuses you of a crime you committed.

Results & Consequences: Kill him and you will lose 5 honor points.

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