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Red Dead Redemption II Gold Medal Walkthrough: Good, Honest, Snake Oil Story Mission

Want to learn how to complete Bounty Hunts in Red Dead Redemption 2, cowboy? Well, first you need to unlock them by finishing Good, Honest, Snake Oil. This mission introduces the sheriff of Valentine, who needs your help in finding and bringing in a series of fugitives.

You should know that the Red Dead Redemption 2 Good, Honest, Snake Oil is a time sensitive missions; meaning that you must complete it before Chapter 6, but you can only unlock it after you complete Polite Society, Valentine Style.

Furthermore, 2 in-game hours must pass since you complete the said mission, otherwise, Good, Honest, Snake Oil won’t be available.

When you are ready to start this mission, open your map, and in Valentine look for an icon showing a skull.


“Following a tip from the Valentine Sheriff, Arthur attempts to capture and turn in Benedict Allbright, a wanted criminal, out near the Dakota River.” 

Mission Requirements:

Gold Medal Goals:

  • Stop Benedict Allbright falling off the cliff
  • Hogtie Allbright within one minute and 15 seconds
  • Return Allbright to the sheriff within one minute 30 seconds


After you talk to the sheriff you will get your first wanted poster, so you can identify your bounty. He goes by the name of Benedict Allbright, and you must bring him back alive.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Good, Honest, Snake Oil Wiki Guide 1

Your first bounty target, cowboy!

After you check the poster, open your map and you will see a new icon just north of Valentine. It’s easy to spot being a yellow skull.

Ride to that location and look for the bounty target in a mountain passage close to the river and up on a small hill. Like pictured below.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Good, Honest, Snake Oil Wiki Guide 2

Doctor Benedict Allbright’s location

Approach and confront the target. During the conversation, stay alert because Albert will fall from the cliff. Help him immediately cowboy by pushing up your left thumbstick up and mashing  X/A.

Now that the doctor is safe, he will try to run by jumping off the cliff into the river.  The clock also started ticking and you must save the doctor as fast as possible to get the Gold Medal.

Gold Goal Tip: The last two gold requirements in this mission depend mainly on your horse and how you handle your lasso. If your horse is fast enough you will be able to catch the doctor in no time. If you secured the Hungarian Halfbreed while playing Money Lending and Other Sins I & II you won’t have any problems in catching up with the floating doctor.

Once you are next to him select the lasso and aim for your bounty target then press R2 to bring him out from the water. Hogtie him as you did with Kieran in Old Friends then hurry up to the sheriff in Valentine.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Good, Honest, Snake Oil Wiki Guide 3

Hogtie this fine gentleman

Drop the doctor inside the middle cell on your right as you enter and the mission is complete. Additional RDR2 bounties will become available as you progress through the game.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Good, Honest, Snake Oil Wiki Guide 4

Delivered to justice

Make sure you follow our complete Red Dead Redemption 2 Bounty Hunting Guide if you wish to learn how to complete all of them and don’t forget to check our Red Dead Redemption 2 Wiki Guide to get Total Completion in the game.

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