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Red Dead Redemption II Gold Medal Walkthrough: Advertising, the New American Art Story Mission

Advertising, the New American Art is the Red Dead Redemption 2 story mission you can play after you finish The Course of True Love in Chapter 3 of the video game developed by Rockstar Studios for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Advertising, the New American Art features two parts, both of them being covered by the following walkthrough.

You can start Advertising, the New American Art in RDR2 by talking to Abigail Roberts at Clemens Point.

Because getting the Gold Medal in this mission requires a high accuracy rate (above 90%); it’s a good idea to stock up on Snake Oil Tonic as you’ll have to use Arthur’s Dead Eye quite often.

Finally, before approaching Abigail Roberts, we suggest you save your current progress, in case you miss the Gold Medal on your first try. This method allows you to replay all Red Dead Redemption 2 missions using your current loadout.


“Catherine Braithwaite pays Hosea and Arthur to head into Rhodes and hand out stolen moonshine for free at the local saloon.”

Mission Requirements:

Gold Medal Goals:

  • Headshot five Lemoyne Riders in the saloon
  • Finish with at least 90% accuracy
  • Complete the mission without consuming any health items


When you approach Abigail Roberts at Clemens Point, you’ll find out that your partners are trying to get rid of the moonshine stash you stole while playing American Distillation.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Advertising the New American Art Wiki Guide 1

Talk to Abigail Roberts at Clemens Point to start the mission

It’s only normal to help them sell the booze, but first, you’ll have to discuss with Hosea.

Notice that a new icon (H) appears north of Clemens Point where Hosea waits for your arrival. Drive to that location to trigger a new cutscene.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Advertising the New American Art Wiki Guide 2

Find Hosea north of Clemens Point

Looks like you have to drive the moonshine wagon to Braithwaite Manor cowboy.  So, follow the path marked on your minimap and drive carefully to avoid damaging the cart.

When you approach the manor, Hosea will ask the guards to see Catherine Braithwaite and discuss a business opportunity.

Crazy Hosea wants to sell Catherine Braithwaite the moonshine we stole from her! Speaking of courage…

Red Dead Redemption 2 Advertising the New American Art Wiki Guide 3

Talk to Catherine Braithwaite at Braithwaite Manor

The good news is that Catherine accepts to buy the transport and even pays you and Hosea. The bad news, though is that you have to deliver the moonshine to the saloon in Rhodes.

So, here we are back on the road, but now following the path to the saloon. When you get to the saloon, park the wagon in the back as pictured below; then pick up the moonshine from the cart and follow Hosea inside the saloon.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Advertising the New American Art Wiki Guide 4

Park the wagon in the back of Rhodes saloon

As you enter, take a right turn and head behind the bar. Drop the moonshine behind the bar and wait for the party to start.

Continue to pour the drinks using the left and right thumbsticks. Keep the customers happy, until your party is interrupted and the shootout sequence starts.

Gold Medal Goal Tip: When you regain control over Arthur, immediately activate the Dead Eye and take out the enemies on the ground floor, followed by the one on the stairs. Aim only for their heads. Consume the corresponding tonics to refill your Dead Eye core and clear the ground floor scoring the required number of headshots.

Now, jump over the bar, and head upstairs where more enemies await. First, take out the one fighting Hosea, followed by the rest.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Advertising the New American Art Wiki Guide 5

Use Arthur’s Dead Eye as often as you can to score head-shots in the saloon

Assuming you scored the required number of headshots, you don’t have to worry about it anymore but make sure that all your bullets hit their targets.

After you completely clear the saloon, head to the balcony and jump inside the moonshine wagon with Hosea.

Gold Medal Gold Tip: During the escape sequence, the headshots don’t matter, but maintaining a high accuracy rate is vital. Since the enemies attack in waves, keep consuming Snake Oil and always make sure you hit your targets.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Advertising the New American Art Wiki Guide 6

During the escape sequence, keep killing enemies making sure you don’t miss your targets

Continue to protect the wagon, until Hosea reaches a secluded location and the mission ends.

After you finish Advertising, the New American Art, three additional story missions unlock. These are Magicians for Sport, The Fine Joys of Tobacco and Horse Flesh for Dinner.

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