Red Dead Redemption 2 Pouring Forth Oil – I-III Wiki Guide 2

Red Dead Redemption 2

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Red Dead Redemption II Gold Medal Walkthrough: Pouring Forth Oil – I-III Story Mission

Pouring Forth Oil – I-III is a Chapter 2 Red Dead Redemption 2 story mission triggered by talking to John. The old gang member has a brilliant idea that will help you rob a train.

Want to help him, Arthur? Great, then you need an oil wagon to make the train stop. You know…a train is a train after all.

So, let’s see where can we find an Oil Wagon so we can steal if for the Pouring Forth Oil mission in RDR2.


“Arthur steals an Oil Wagon to use in the train job being planned by John.” 

Mission Requirements:

Gold Medal Goals:

  • Deliver the wagon to the drop-off within one minute and 45 seconds


Approach John at Horseshoe Overlook and talk to him about his plan. Now, open your map and notice that two Cornwall Oil Wagons appeared at Heartland Oil Fields.

Ride to that direction and we’ll teach you which one is the easiest to steal and how you can secure the gold medal in this mission.

Once you approach the Heartland Oil Fields don’t try to rush in gunning everything that moves. You will eventually die.

A silent approach is possible but hard due to the increased number of guards.

Let’s be smart on this one, shall we? Go around the fence to get a better view of the area. The card you want to steal is inside the yard. It should look like this one.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Pouring Forth Oil – I-III Wiki Guide 1

Steal the Oil Wagon inside the yard

Why this Oil Wagon? First, because it is near a fence that offers cover, and second because in several seconds you will be out of the danger area.

So, place yourself behind the fence and wait for the nearby guards to leave. Be patient and soon the Oil Wagon will remain unprotected. Simply jump over the fence and hop in.

Now, take a left turn to exit the yard and then head towards the train tunnel and make a right turn over the train tracks. Just before you reach the tunnel.

From now on keep rushing your horses over the hills, straight to the drop off point.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Pouring Forth Oil – I-III Wiki Guide 2

Ride over the hills straight to the drop off point

If by any chance you are followed, take out all attackers using the Dead Eye skill.

When rushing towards the drop off point make sure you avoid all obstacles especially large rocks, because you should not damage the wagon or kill the horses.

The drop off point is behind a house in the forest. Just park the wagon next to the demolished house and you will trigger the final cutscene.

Now, that you secured the Oil Wagon required for the train job, go tell John that you are ready.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Pouring Forth Oil – I-III ends the moment you talk to John at Horseshoe Overlook.

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