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Red Dead Redemption 2

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Red Dead Redemption II Gold Medal Walkthrough: Enter, Pursued by a Memory Story Mission

Good morning cowboy! Slept well? Good, because a new day full of adventures awaits you in Red Dead Redemption 2! Grab a quick breakfast and a cup of hot coffee. You’ll need it since the snow didn’t stop last night and you must explore the nearby mountains.

Now that you managed to find some food and blankets for the gang, they should be fine. At least for a while.

But what about John? Micah and Dutch have no news from him, and his spouse must be worried. It is imperative to find him, Arthur.

Come, the second mission in Red Dead Redemption 2 is about to start. And so is our Enter, Pursued by a Memory walkthrough.


“John hasn’t returned from an earlier scouting trip. Arthur and Javier ride into the snow to look for him.”

Mission Requirements:

Available Weapons:

  • Sawed-Off Shotgun

Gold Medal Goals:

  • Kill all the wolves without taking any damage
  • Complete with at least 80% accuracy.


As you wake up in the morning in your gang’s house you are greeted by John’s spouse, Abigail. If you remember from the previous mission, John and Micah went scouting for supplies; however, you only found Micah.

Abigail is quite worried about his husband John who is missing for two days now; thus she asks you to find him.
The search mission is quite dangerous though, so why not let Javier help you?

The second mission starts after a short cutscene. As you can see it takes place in the wilderness, so make sure you are prepared for what’s coming.

Now that you know how to ride in Red Dead Redemption 2, it’s quite easy to follow Javier up the mountain.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Enter Pursued by a Memory Wiki Guide 1

Up the mountain, we ride

Simply hold X/A and you will automatically follow him. No need to exhaust your horse or to take unnecessary risks, because as you can see the path up the mountain is narrow.

Once you reach higher grounds you will eventually find a slaughtered horse. It seems that a pack of wolves attacked him. Better stay alert.

Several steps away from the carcass you can hear someone asking for help. Your horse, however, can’t move forward, so it’s time to walk.

Before you leave, why not take your sawed-off shotgun?

Get close to your horse, then while holding L1/LB tilt the right thumbstick up to select your weapon. Next, press L2/LT to select the shotgun, and release L1/LB.

Time to follow Javier now. Damn, that’s a dangerous mountain! Jump the ledge ahead, then crouch by pressing R3/LT. Finally, climb the 3 ledges and follow the short mountain passage.

When you exit the passage call for John Marston if you like. Looks like he is in trouble. And those wounds…

Red Dead Redemption 2 Enter Pursued by a Memory Wiki Guide 2

Damn Jonh, what happened?

Help John stand up, then along with Javier you’ll have to find another way. Move forward to trigger a short cutscene showing what attacked John’s horse and the young cowboy.

Those wolves sure look dangerous.

Before moving forward you should be aware of the Gold Medal Goals in Mission 2 of RDR2. First, and most important is to not take any damage from the wolves.

Since this mission has two fighting sequence it is imperative to avoid the damage during the first one, since it is the only one during which you will be attacked by the wild animals. If you lure them, that is…

Gold Medal Goal Tip: In order to achieve the first requirement for the Gold Medal, instead of calling the animals, it’s a good idea to ignore them. Hence, they will attack Javier and John. If you move fast enough, you can actually kill all wolves before they reach your friend. Keep in mind that Javier and John can take damage as long as you act before the three wolves finish them.

Stay close to your partners and you can kill the wolves by shooting them from the side. This strategy will help you finish the first requirement.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Enter Pursued by a Memory Wiki Guide 3

Attack the wolves from the side

Once the wolves are dead, mount your horse by pressing △/Y, and follow Javier.

Gold Medal Goal Tip: As you ride down the mountain another pack of wolves will attack Arthur Morgan and his partners. This time; however, their target is Javier, so, there is no need to worry about taking damage. Simply make sure you kill each wolf with one shot; thus securing the second Gold Medal Goal.

Did you know? If by any chance, you encounter difficulties in achieving at least 80% accuracy during the second mission, you can opt to change your weapon after killing the first pack of wolves; right before you mount your horse.

Did you know? Since replaying a mission is quite annoying, you have the option to restart checkpoints. To do so, you can either let the wolves kill you. This can help you skip cutscenes, without canceling your progress during a replay. Keep this in mind for all future missions.

The moment you get rid of the second pack of wolves, things get quite straightforward. Hold X/A and keep steering your horse following Javier down the mountain. Eventually, you will reach your base and the final cutscene for this mission triggers. Abigail is definitely very happy that you found John.

At the end of the second mission, the free-roaming option is activated, and two new missions become available: Old Friends and The Aftermath of Genesis.

We recommend you to focus on Old Friends first if you wish to get a 100% completion in Red Dead Redemption 2. Ready cowboy? Let’s go. The sun is still up!

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