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Red Dead Redemption II Gold Medal Walkthrough: We Loved Once and True Story Mission

Red Dead Redemption 2 We Loved Once and True is a story mission which introduces another character of the video game.

In fact, it is a woman named Mary Linton, and you should visit her as soon as you can, Arthur. To begin this mission, however, first make sure you fulfill the requirements we have listed below.

Then, wait for a few days and you should receive a letter at your camp in Horseshoe Overlook. Check your tent to see it.


“A letter had arrived for you.”

Mission Requirements:

Gold Medal Goals:

  • Peacefully convince the Chelonians to let you take Jamie
  • Return Jamie to Mary within two minutes


After you read the Letter from Mary you will see a new icon on your map (ML). Mary Linton is at Chadwick Farm, north of Valentine.

RDR2 We Loved Once and True Wiki Guide 1

Meet Mary Linton

Approach the house and enter to trigger a cutscene from which you find out that Mary’s brother has joined a strange cult named the Chelonians.

During the dialogue, you will be asked if you want to help Mary or not. Well, she did refuse your proposal to marry her, remember?

Even though it’s your decision; keep in mind that it has consequences. If you refuse Mary the current story mission ends. Should you agree to accept, you will have to find Jamie.

Let’s assume you are a decent man and forgot what happened between you two. Shall we?

Accept to help Mary, and you she will send you after her brother Jamie. Open your map and notice the new icon, east of Cumberland Forest. Ride there and on top of the mountain, you will find the Chelonian camp.

RDR2 We Loved Once and True Wiki Guide 2

Find Jamie at the Chelonian camp

As you approach the Chelonians you will find out that Jamie has chosen a path. Whatever that is…

The leader wants to know what path have you chosen, Arthur. And no…shooting bandits and outlaws is not a path. Unfortunately…

Gold Medal Goal Tip: For the first Gold Medal requirement answer with Undecided and Purpose. These are the positive answers.

The Chelonian leader will let you talk to Jamie after you give him the correct answers. But Jamie already chose a path so he will try to run away.

During the next part, you will have to chase Jamie. You don’t actually have to stop him, because a train will, but you have to remain close to him. Keep an eye on Jamie’s icon on your minimap and follow him during a rather long chase. After Jamie stops on the train tracks, get ready because a scene similar to a duel starts. Remember your RDR2 duels with the Gunslingers?

Your goal is to disarm Jamie without killing him. Aim for his gun during the slow-motion sequence, but keep in mind that Jamie will try to shoot himself in the head. Careful when you pull the trigger, cowboy!

RDR2 We Loved Once and True Wiki Guide 3

Disarm Jamie without killing him

Once you save Jamie you will have to bring him back to Mary.

Gold Medal Goal Tip: The trick for the second Gold Medal requirement is to avoid the road marked on your minimap. Instead, stay on the train tracks and head to Mary’s location. This way you will avoid any possible obstacles and turns. Furthermore, the tracks will take you straight to the station where Mary awaits.

RDR2 We Loved Once and True Wiki Guide 4

Ride on the train tracks to bring Jamie back to Mary within 2 minutes

Enter the train station to start the final cutscene and watch the women of your life departing with his brother.

Now that you have completed RDR2 We Loved Once and True story mission, you should focus on Good, Honest, Snake Oil. Alternatively, you can check out Red Dead Redemption 2 Wiki Guide for other walkthroughs.

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