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Red Dead Redemption II: North American Beaver Hunting Guide

RDR2 North American BeaverThe Red Dead Redemption 2 Beaver is a medium-sized mammal featured in the video game published by Rockstar Games for PS4 and Xbox One.

Unlike other mammals, such as American Badgers or Armadillos, for example; the North American Beavers are quite important when it comes to crafting; because the parts obtained from skinning can be used for a large number of items.

Inhabiting only several locations from the game (as shown on our map below), the Beavers can be found near rivers where they build shelters.

Red Dead Redemption II also includes a legendary variation of this animal species. Our hunting guide below explains what weapons and ammo you should use when hunting this animal.

You can attempt to hunt your first Beaver, as soon as you reach Horseshoe Overlook at the beginning of the second chapter.

Furthermore, you can see the complete list of crafting materials you can gather from a North American Beaver, and how to use them properly.


“The North American Beaver can be found along the Kamassa River in Roanoke. Its herbivorous diet consists of tree bark, cambium, roots, buds, and water plants. A Varmint Rifle is the ideal weapon for hunting beavers. Beaver scent glands, skin and fat can all be used for crafting.”

General Information

Animal Family: Aplodontidae
Size: Medium
Class: Mammals
Scientific Name: Castor Canadensis
Variations: Legendary Beaver
Huntable: Y
Skinnable: Y
Similar Animals: Coyote, Fox, Pig

North American Beaver Location & Habitat

RDR2 North American Beaver Location Map

North American Beaver Hunting Spots

Recommended Hunting Weapons & Ammo

The table below features the best Red Dead Redemption 2 weapons and ammo choices for scoring perfect quality kills on North American Beavers.

Weapon Type: Ammo:
Bow  Arrow
Poison Arrow
Throwable Throwing Knife
Poison Throwing Knife
Repeater Regular
Split Point
High Velocity
Rifle Regular
Split Point
High Velocity
Sniper (Scoped) Rifle Regular
Split Point
High Velocity

North American Beaver Parts & Crafting Materials

Depending on the quality of your kill you can obtain the following crafting materials and parts. These parts can be sold (see the price table below); or used at the Trapper, Fence or for Camp Upgrades.


Material: Sell Price: Kill Quality:
Perfect Beaver Carcass $5.25 Perfect
Good Beaver Carcass $3.15 Good
Poor Beaver Carcass $2.10 Poor
Stringy Meat $0.25 Any
Scent Glands $0.25 Any
Animal Fat $0.25 Any
Perfect Beaver Fur $2.50 Perfect
Good Beaver Fur $1.50 Good
Poor Beaver Fur $1.00 Poor
Legendary Beaver Carcass $19.00 Any
Legendary Beaver Tooth Can’t be sold Any
Legendary Beaver Pelt $18.00 Poor

Beaver Meat Cooking Recipes

With the meat you obtain from any RDR2 Beaver; you can cook the following recipe.

This cooking recipe requires a cooking fire available when you set your camp.

Recipe Name: Ingredient(s): Effect:
Plain Stringy Meat  Stringy Meat x1 Slightly restores all Cores

RDR2 Beaver Crafting Guide

When you successfully kill a North American Beaver; you can use the parts obtained from skinning as crafting materials.

Take them to the locations listed below in order to craft unique items.

Location: Item Name: Cost: Required Materials:
Trapper  Beaver Roping Saddle $96.00 Perfect Beaver Pelt
Beaver Mountain Hat $28.00 Perfect Beaver Pelt
Country Vest $25.00 Perfect Buck Pelt, Perfect Beaver Pelt
Grenadier Hat $24.00 Perfect Muskrat Pelt, Perfect Beaver Pelt
Legendary Beaver Flop Hat $22.00 Legendary Beaver Pelt, Legendary Boar Pelt, Cardinal Feather
Beaver Hunting Jacket $21.00 Perfect Cow Hide, Perfect Beaver Pelt x2
Raccoon Mountain Hat $21.00 Perfect Raccoon Pelt, Perfect Beaver Pelt, Hawk Feather x2
Beaver Drifter Hat $20.00 Perfect Beaver Pelt x2
Legendary Beaver Cavalry Gloves $18.00 Legendary Beaver Pelt
Arthur’s Camp Fire Arrow Free Arrow x1, Animal Fat x1, Flight Feather x1
Volatile Dynamite Free Animal Fat x1, Dynamite x1, High-Velocity Cartridge x1
Volatile Fire Bottle Free Animal Fat x1, Moonshine x1
Fire Bottle Free Animal Fat x1, Gin, Guarma Rum, Fine Brandy or Kentucky Bourbon x1
Explosive Cartridge Free Express Cartridge x1, Animal Fat x1
Explosive Slug Free Regular Shotgun Shell x1, Animal Fat x1
Predator Bait Free 1x Stringy Meat, 1x Wintergreen, Evergreen, Huckleberry, Raspberry or Blackberry
Fence Beaver Tooth Trinket $18.25 Legendary Beaver Tooth
Camp (Pearson) Campfire Seat Cover Free Perfect Beaver Pelt, Perfect Muskrat Pelt, Perfect Fox Pelt
Valuables Satchel Donate 50$ at the gang’s box Perfect Deer Pelt, Perfect Beaver Pelt, Perfect Rabbit Pelt

Hunting Tips

The first Beaver location you should check when trying to hunt a perfect (3 stars) exemplar is Lake Owanjila. Approach the lake’s shore slowly and activate Arthur’s Eagle Eye to spot the animals around you.

If you can’t find any Beaver, try using Herbivore Bait.

By far, the Varmint Rifle is the best weapon for Beaver Hunting in Red Dead Redemption 2. A headshot using Dead Eye will guarantee a perfect kill, and if the exemplar has 3 stars, a perfect pelt.

Did you manage to hunt this animal in Red Dead Redemption 2? Share your hunting tips in the comments section and don’t forget to follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for more gaming news, guides, walkthroughs, and trailers.

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