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Red Dead Redemption II: All Unique Shop Robberies Locations Guide

Just like home robberies and stagecoach robberies, most Red Dead Redemption 2 shops can be robbed anytime, but some of them have a series of stories behind, and the rewards you receive are bigger. By bigger we mean you can get more money, which is quite important in RDR2.

There are four unique Red Dead Redemption II shop robberies you should focus on if you want to encounter some strange shopkeepers running illegal side-activities.

When you try to complete one of these activities in RDR2, the goal is quite simple. Find a piece of evidence incriminating the shopkeeper, then force him to grant you access to a secret area where you will be able to find special loot.

Before we move forward, though, take a look at the map below to see all unique Red Dead Redemption 2 Shop Robberies available in the video game developed by Rockstar Studios.

RDR2 Shop Robberies Locations Guide

Red Dead Redemption 2 All Unique Shop Robberies Locations Map

1 – Valentine Doctor Robbery

The first unique RDR2 shop robbery you should try is the one on the Valentine Doctor. This can be attempted starting Chapter 2 and you can try it whenever you want.

So, how do you rob the Red Dead Redemption 2 Doctor in Valentine?

Start by reaching his shop marked on our map above.

Go around the building until you find a security door like the one pictured below. There is another one inside the doctor’s surgery room, but the one outside is more accessible.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Valentine Doctor Shop Robbery Guide 1

Knock on this door to uncover an underground business

Knock on the door just to be sent away by a guard.

Looks like the doctor is running an underground business. Great then, let’ make him talk!

Enter his shop and pull your weapon. Aim at him, but don’t fire. Instead, press and hold Up on your D-Pad. Eventually, the doctor will talk and he will agree to open the locked door inside his shop.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Valentine Doctor Robbery Guide 2

Scare the doctor and he will tell you everything

Great then! Make sure you are ready for a gunfight because after the locked door opens, several gamblers will try to kill you. Use your Dead Eye and take them out immediately. Don’t forget to kill the young lady inside because she also tries to get rid of you.

Now, you’re in a race against time because the deputies will come after you. Quickly grab the money on the table ($50) and the Schofield Revolver in the Weapon Case (both pictured below).

Red Dead Redemption 2 Valentine Doctor Robbery Guide 3

Take all the goodies on the table and run

Immediately exit the building and jump on your horse. Try not to kill anyone or you’ll end up with a bounty larger than the amount you earned.

2 – Saint-Denis Gunsmith Robbery

The Red Dead Redemption Saint-Denis Gunsmith is another unique shop you can rob quite early in the game (Chapter 2).

This shop is hiding a side-activity from which you can earn some extra money. Now that you know how to properly rob shops in RDR2, head to the location we have marked on our map and just enter the gun store.

Look for a locked door in the backroom and knock. Obviously, you will be sent away, but you already have the evidence you need.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Saint Denis Gunsmith Robbery Guide 1

Knock on the door to reveal the side-activity

Go back to the shopkeeper, and while aiming at him press Up on D-Pad.

After he opens the locked door, quickly melee the guard on the other side and threaten him. He will tell you that the gambling room is on the third floor.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Saint Denis Gunsmith Shop Robbery Guide 2

Threaten the guard but don’t kill him

Follow the stairs up and check the second door on the last floor. Now you have to keep things simple, and your gun in your holster. No need to alert the law, so start looking around.

The money on the table is yours to take, but there is also a hidden safe. And this guy’s position is betraying its location.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Saint Denis Gunsmith Shop Robbery Guide 3

The hidden safe is behind this poor fellow. Threaten everyone in the room and he will move away

To make him move, threaten all poker players until they give up the safe’s location. Luckily the guy above will also open it, so claim your prize.

Feel free to take everything you find in the gambling room, then head out without a bounty on your head.

3 – Rhodes Gunsmith Robbery

The Gunsmith in Rhodes is also a shady character who must be interrogated if you want to find an unusual story. You can do this once you reach the second chapter of the video game, and if you successfully complete this robbery you can get a new weapon.

So, pay him a visit, and go around his store to find a boy asking for help. You can notice that he is in the basement and you can talk to him through the window (pictured below).

Red Dead Redemption 2 Rhodes Gunsmith Robbery Guide 1

Check this window while visiting the Rhodes Gunsmith

That’s the only evidence you need to complete this RDR2 Shop Robbery.

Head inside the store and threaten the shopkeeper using the same technique outlined above. The shopkeeper will take you to the basement where you can find the boy.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Rhodes Gunsmith Shop Robbery Guide 2

Free the boy if you wish

Now, his story is very interesting if you ask more questions. The shopkeeper’s boy disappeared and he misses him very much. His prisoner reminds him of his lost son, and he decided to “adopt” him. Against his will, obviously.

Your goal is to free the boy so shoot his chains. Now, ignore the shopkeeper and loot the Lock Box in the basement and the Weapon Case where you can find the Lancaster Repeater.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Rhodes Gunsmith Shop Robbery Guide 3

Take the Lancaster Repeater inside the Weapon Case

Great job, cowboy! Ready for the final unique Red Dead Redemption 2 Shop Robbery? Travel to Strawberry, then.

4 – Strawberry General Store Robbery

The shopkeeper working at the General Store in Strawberry is running an illegal business from the basement of his shop. And you can make $50 by robbing him if you know how to play your cards.

First, reach the store and look for a window under the front porch. You can see it in the picture below.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Strawberry General Store Shop Robbery Guide 1

Check the window under the front porch to find a distillery

Take a look inside to see that the shopkeeper is producing moonshine. Now, that you have the evidence you need to pay him a visit inside and use your weapon to threaten him.

After a short dispute, he will lead you to the basement.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Strawberry General Store Robbery Guide 2

Down to the basement

When you enter; however, you will notice that there aren’t any valuables inside except for some canned food.

Why not threaten this guy again? There must be some money hidden here…

After trying to convince you that there is nothing of value in the basement, the shopkeeper will finally give up and tell you that he has a hidden stash behind a loose brick (pictured below).

Red Dead Redemption 2 Strawberry General Store Robbery Guide 3

Red Dead Redemption 2 Strawberry General Store hidden stash location

That’s it, cowboy! Take everything and leave the shop. This smuggler will think twice before starting a similar side-business.


Q: Can I really rob all the unique shops in Red Dead Redemption II?

A: Well, that’s the whole point of the game, pardner! It’s like asking if you can shoot a gun in a western. Of course you can!

Q: Do I need to be a seasoned outlaw to pull off these shop robberies?

A: Naw, you don’t have to be Butch Cassidy or Jesse James. Just be prepared for a little bit of resistance. The shopkeepers aren’t going to just give up their hard-earned cash without a fight.

Q: What kind of loot can I expect to get from these shops?

A: Oh, just the usual stuff – cash, jewelry, guns, ammo. You know, the essentials for any aspiring bandit. But keep in mind, the more unique the shop, the better the loot. So, aim high and shoot straight!

Q: Are there any consequences for robbing these shops?

A: Well, let’s just say the law ain’t gonna be too happy with you if you get caught. So, be prepared to make a run for it if things go south. And if you do get caught, don’t come crying to me – I’m just a computer program, I can’t help you.

Q: Do I have to rob all the shops in one playthrough?

A: Of course not, cowboy! You can take your time and rob at your own pace. But keep in mind, some of these shops can only be robbed at certain times or under certain conditions, so don’t dilly-dally too much. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that someone else will beat you to the loot.

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