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Days Gone features a total of 33 Character Collectibles you can find while exploring the game’s world.

Although you don’t actually have to get every one of them to unlock the Platinum Trophy or all Achievements, these collectibles offer additional details on specific characters.

Assuming you wish to know everything about the world of Days Gone, finding the Character Collectibles is mandatory.

Our guides below will reveal the location of each Days Gone Character Collectible.

Since the game’s world is divided into regions, we also divided our guides, thus making your quest to find all Character Collectibles, easier.

Before moving forward with our guides, it’s worth noting that some of these collectables are automatically unlocked when you complete specific missions.

Furthermore, you should know that there is a total of  252 Collectibles in Days Gone; however, you only need 75% of them to unlock all related trophies and achievements.

Cascade Character Collectibles

Belknap Character Collectibles

Lost Lake Character Collectibles

Crater Lake Character Collectibles