Days Gone Lost Lake Nero Research Sites Locations Map

Days Gone

PlayStation 4

Days Gone: All Lost Lake Nero Research Sites

Days Gone Lost Lake Region includes (just like Belknap) only 2 Nero Research Sites you have to explore in order to get 100% completion in the latest video game developed by Bend Studio for PlayStation 4.

Lost Lake Nero Research Sites Map

Days Gone Lost Lake Nero Research Sites Locations MapAll Days Gone Lost Lake Nero Research Sites Locations can be revealed by conquering the Ambush Camps in the third region of the video game.

Specifically, you have to clear Berley Lake Ambush Camp and Deerborn Ambush Camp.

On our map above you can see where all Days Gone Nero Research Sites in Lost Lake Region are located, while our guide below explains how to access them.

Lost Lake Nero Research Site #1

Days Gone Lost Lake Nero Research Site 1 LocationThe first Research Site in this region is found in front of a cave. It’s quite easy to access, but you should travel during the day, or you might encounter a Horde.

At this location, you’ll find the Nero Injector in the white crate (pictured) as well as Nero Intel #33 on another crate next to the Injector.

This Days Gone Nero Research Site is north-east of Sherman’s Camp Infestation.

Lost Lake Nero Research Site #2

Days Gone Lost Lake Nero Research Site 2 LocationThe second Lost Lake Research Site requires you to perform a bike jump for which you may need several bike upgrades from Iron’s Mike Camp.

The Research Site as you can see on our map is located east of Old Sawmill Nero Checkpoint and south-west of Deerborn Ambush Camp.

Make sure you jump over the gap (pictured) by using your bike’s nitrous, then when you land go up the hill and check the area.

The Nero Injector is located in a white crate by the helicopter. Go under the fallen tree to find it.

Additionally, make sure you grab the Nero Recorder collectible on the black crate in the camp to unlock Nero Intel #5 and the IPCA Tech from the corpse of the scientist in the middle of the same camp.

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