Days Gone Santiam Tunnel Nero Checkpoint Location

Days Gone

PlayStation 4

Days Gone: Santiam Tunnel Nero Checkpoint Walkthrough

Days Gone Santiam Tunnel Nero Checkpoint Location

Days Gone Santiam Tunnel is a Lost Lake Nero Checkpoint featured in the latest video game developed by Bend Studio for PlayStation 4.

Location & Rewards

Iron’s Mike Camp Trust Points: 350
Credits: 1900
XP: 1500


Days Gone Santiam Tunnel Nero Checkpoint is also a location featured in World’s End Storyline. This means that you must explore and unlock it in order to complete all storylines in the videogame.

This checkpoint is located southeast of Berley Lake Ambush Camp, southwest of Old Sawmill Nero Checkpoint, and south of Berley Lake Infestation, in Lost Lake Region.

Getting Inside

How to Get Inside Santiam Tunnel Nero Checkpoint Days GoneGetting inside Santiam Tunnel Nero Checkpoint is very easy because even though this location is surrounded by a fence and the mountain, the gates are open.

Before entering and starting the generator, though, we suggest disabling both MMU Speakers we have listed below.

Santiam Tunnel Nero MMU Speakers 1&2

Days Gone Santiam Tunnel Nero MMU Speakers LocationsBy climbing the MMU building using the crates near the wall, you can disable both MMU Speakers in our picture above.

One is in the corner of the building (right side) and the other one is overseeing the entrance (in the picture, Deacon is aiming at it).

Nero Fuse Location

Days Gone Santiam Tunnel Nero Fuse LocationAfter you silence both speakers it’s time to start the generator.

But first, you’ll need a Nero Fuse located inside a Freakers Nest (pictured above).

Once you burn the nest close to the tunnel’s entrance grab the fuse on the ground, then place it in the fuse box on the MMU building’s front wall. Now get the fuel.

Generator Fuel (Gas) Location

The fuel canister is located by a blue crate in the front courtyard. Get the canister, then use the black crates to get on the roof of the building, and finally drop in the backyard where the generator is located.

Press O to fill it with gas.

Finally, press Square to start it. The location is now unlocked and you are free to loot it.

Notable Items

Item: Location:
Nero Injector Inside a white crate, opposed to the bed
Nero Intel Recorder (#18) On a green table next to the bed
Medkit On a shelf also near the bed
IPCA Tech Found outside on a hill behind the Nero tent
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