Days Gone: Marion Forks Infestation Walkthrough

Days Gone

PlayStation 4

Days Gone: Marion Forks Infestation Walkthrough

Marion Forks is a Belknap Infestation Area from Days Gone, the video game developed by Bend Studio for PlayStation 4.

Infestation Location & Nests Map

Days Gone Marion Forks Nests Locations MapDays Gone Marion Forks Infestation is located east of Bear Creek Hot Springs Ambush Camp, north-west of Horse Lake Nero Checkpoint, and north of Belknap Caves Ambush Camp in Belknap region.

Eventually, you’ll have to enter this area when you play It’s Not Safe Here mission.

Marion Forks Freakers Nest 1

From left to right, or, west to east, the first Nest on our map above is located inside a shop.

If you visit this location at night, only one Freaker will spawn once you set it on fire; mainly because all of them are outside.

Make sure you grab the Nest Residue after the nest burns.

Marion Forks Freakers Nest 2

The second nest is located inside the gas station.

When set on fire, only 2 Freakers will spawn at night.

There are no important items to be collected once you burn the nest, except for Nest Residue.

Marion Forks Freakers Nest 3

The third nest is located inside the Marion Family Grocery store. In the picture above, you can see that it’s on the second floor.

Simply throw a Molotov through the window, while standing outside, and kill the Freaker that spawns.

There are no key-items to be found at this location.

Marion Forks Freakers Nest 4

Another nest is located just behind the Marion Family Grocery store.

Look for it inside a wooden cabin on the right side as you enter. During the night, only 4 Freakers spawn.

Inside the nest, you’ll only find some Nest Residue.

Marion Forks Freakers Nest 5

The last Infestation Nest is inside a white garage.

When set on fire, 4 Freakers will jump out, so make sure you deal with them before collecting the Nest Residue inside the garage.

Once you destroy the last nest, the Infestation is complete.

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