Days Gone Cascade Radio Tower Ambush Camp Location

Days Gone

PlayStation 4

Days Gone: Cascade Radio Tower Ambush Camp Walkthrough

Days Gone Cascade Radio Tower Ambush Camp Location

Cascade Radio Tower is one of the 14 Ambush Camps from Days Gone, the video game developed by Bend Studio for PlayStation 4.

Location & Rewards

Copeland’s Camp Trust Points: 800
Credits: 550
XP: 1500


Cascade Radio Tower Ambush Camp is also a location featured in No Starving Patriots mission, which means that you’ll reach it while playing the game’s story.

This Ambush Camp is located north of Little Bear Lake Nero Checkpoint and it is mandatory to explore it because there are some key-items you have to retrieve from it.

The Cascade Radio Tower Ambush Camp is protected by 10 Marauders. Taking them out silently is the key here, as you don’t want to alert them.

The best weapon you can use is the Crossbow, so make sure you pick it up from the Gun Locker before approaching this camp.

Using a silent weapon is also useful if you don’t want to attract Swarmers.

Getting Inside

When close to this location start with the guard patrolling outside the camp, just in front of it.

Next, you might want to check the path on the right (pictured above), to get inside the camp.

Once inside, take out the two guards at the edge of the camp, then advance slowly from one cover to another dealing with the remaining guards.

Cascade Radio Tower Bunker Location

Where to Find the Hidden Bunker Now that you cleared the camp, it’s time to repair the Tower Power Supply. Approach the power box and press Square. Next, press Square again to flip the switch.

After the cutscene that starts when you flip the switch, you’ll have to find the hidden bunker. Look for it inside the concrete building.

Unlocking Cascade Radio Tower

Days Gone Cascade Radio Tower Ambush Camp Map Location

Open the door, then open the hatch on the ground.

Your objective at this location is a map you need to retrieve.

You’ll find it on a green table, in the first room on the right side as you descend the bunker.

Check the picture above.

After you get it, No Starving Patriots mission ends, and you’ll unlock all corresponding rewards.

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