Days Gone Lost Lake Tourism Collectibles Collectibles Locations Map

Days Gone

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Days Gone: Lost Lake Tourism Collectibles Locations

Although there are five Days Gone Lost Lake Tourism Collectibles you’ll have to find once you reach the third area of the video game; only 4 of them require your presence at the locations we have marked below.

Lost Lake Tourism Collectibles Map

Days Gone Lost Lake Tourism Collectibles Collectibles Locations MapDays Gone Tourism Collectibles can be retrieved anytime, and even if they don’t appear on your map while exploring a region, you can still find them using our guides.

Each location features a fixed number of Tourism Collectibles, and you need to discover all of them if you wish to get 100% of the Days Gone Collectibles.

In Lost Lake, you’ll need to find only 5; compared to Belknap which features 9.

Our Lost Lake Tourism Collectibles locations guide covers all of them, providing an in-depth walkthrough for each collectable.

Tourism Collectible 1 – ” Sherman’s Camp Brochure”

Days Gone Lost Lake Tourism Collectible Location 1Description: An informational brochure about Sherman’s Camp, given to you by Addy in Lost Lake.”

Entry #: 11

Location: The first Days Gone Lost Lake Tourism Collectible is automatically unlocked when you play “Sherman’s Camp Is Crawling” mission.

This mission is mandatory, which means that you can’t miss this collectible. You’ll receive it the moment you start the said mission.

Tourism Collectible 2 – “Adam Finch Stout Label”

Days Gone Lost Lake Tourism Collectible Location 2Description: A poster of a craft beer label, found near Berley Lake in Lost Lake.”

Entry #: 26

Location: At the second location marked on our Days Gone Collectibles map, look for a large house with a wooden pergola outside.

This house is east of Berley Lake Ambush Camp, north of Santiam Tunnel Nero Checkpoint and west of Old Sawmill Nero Checkpoint.

Once inside, look for a pinball machine and next to it, on the wall, you can see the blue poster pictured above.

Tourism Collectible 3 – “Rogue Camp Whiskey Menu”

Days Gone Lost Lake Tourism Collectible Location 3Description: “A whiskey menu found at a bar in Rogue Camp, Lost Lake.”

Entry #: 14

Location: Fairly easy to find, the third Lost Lake Tourism Collectible is inside Bucking Elk Lounge. As you enter the restaurant, turn right and you’ll spot it on a table.

This building can be identified by the two fighting elks on the roof. Keep in mind that this location is inside Rogue Camp Infestation Area.

Tourism Collectible 4 – “Meet the Campfire Cadets”

Days Gone Lost Lake Tourism Collectible Location 4Description: A brochure about the Campfire Cadets found at Camp Pioneer in Lost Lake.”

Entry #: 12

Location: Similar to the previous collectible, the fifth can be found inside a story-related building at the location we have marked.

The said building is Camp Pioneer, a large wooden cabin. Look for the Oregon brochure on a table under the wooden stairs on the ground floor.

Tourism Collectible 5 – “Sherman’s Camp Farmer’s Market Poster”

Days Gone Lost Lake Tourism Collectible Location 5Description: A farmer’s market poster found at River Flow Farms in Lost Lake.”

Entry #: 13

Location: North of Iron Mike’ Farm you can find the last Lost Lake Tourism Collectible in Days Gone.

Look for it in the northernmost house, with a large white barn outside. The collectible is a poster which is found in the lobby. This house also features a piano in the living room.

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