Days Gone Black Crater Ambush Camp Location

Days Gone

PlayStation 4

Days Gone: Black Crater Ambush Camp Walkthrough

Days Gone Black Crater Ambush Camp Location

Black Crater is an Ambush Camp from Days Gone, the video game developed by Bend Studio for PlayStation 4.

Location & Rewards

Hot Springs Camp Trust Points: 750
Credits: 1200
XP: 1500
Crafting Recipe: Bat Axe


The Black Crater Ambush Camp is located south-west of Hot Springs Camp, west of Iron Butte Pass Nero Checkpoint and south of Patjens Lake Infestation in Belknap region.

Days Gone Black Crater must be explored in order to complete the Ambush Camp Hunter Storyline.

This Ambush Camp, unlike Bear Creek Hot Springs, is guarded by 14 Rippers, not Marauders. As you want to remain hidden, you’ll use a Crossbow or a weapon equipped with a Suppressor.

Getting Inside

Getting Inside Black Crater Ambush CampGetting inside Black Crater Ambush Camp is very easy because the hidden path below is close to the main gate (see image above).

Instead of accessing this camp head-on, through the main gate, you might want to check the path on the left side, close to the mountain. This path allows you to avoid the sniper tower, and eventually shoot the Sniper from behind.

As you move towards the upper section of the camp, there are few Rippers you’ll encounter, guarding the path we have outlined.

Deal with them while remaining in a bush, using the Crossbow. If you wish the create a diversion, feel free to use a Residue Bolt and watch them kill each other.

The Sniper in the tower guarding the front gate is the one you should focus on, but you can easily take him out if you follow the indicated path. Then simply deal with the remaining Rippers

Black Crater Bunker Location

After you clear the lower part of the camp move through the mountain pass.

At the very end of the pass, behind a small wooden fence is the bunker hatch (pictured).

Be advised that it might be guarded by a Ripper.

Unlocking Black Crater

The map you’re looking for at this location is sitting on a green table in a room just in front of the ladder you use to get inside the bunker.

Once you get the map and the notes, the Days Gone Black Crater Ambush Camp is complete.

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