Days Gone Kerosene Locations

Days Gone

PlayStation 4

Days Gone: Kerosene Crafting Material

Days Gone Kerosene Locations

Kerosene is a Crafting Material featured in Days Gone, the PS4 video game developed by Bend Studio.

A Days Gone Kerosene is used as the main resource for specific Survival Supplies.

Unlike these supplies featured in the videogame, it must be found, because it can’t be crafted.

General Information

Description: “A flammable liquid used in crafting”
Craftable Supplies: Molotov Cocktail
Maximum Capacity: 10 (After unlocking Carry That Weight Survival Skill)

Kerosene Locations

The Days Gone Kerosene is a common material, you’ll find while exploring the game’s world.

Usually, you’ll find it in garages and fuel stations such as Marion Forks and Crazy Willie’s; however, since these are key-locations, first you’ll have to deal with the Infestations.

Early in the game, you’ll also find it in abandoned houses and even camping areas; but once you start clearing the Freakers Infestations, gas stations should be the first locations you’ll want to investigate if you want to farm Kerosene.

Furthermore, you should know that just like Beer Bottles, in Days Gone, Kerosene canisters, respawn; meaning that once you find one, if you revisit the same location after some time, you’ll most likely be able to find another canister in the same spot.

How to Use Kerosene

This material is needed to craft Molotov Cocktails; which also require Beer Bottles and Rags. Once you have all the materials in your inventory follow these steps to craft a Molotov Cocktail:

  • Hold L1 to access the Survival Wheel
  • While keeping L1 pulled, move R3 to access the Throwables Category
  • Keep L1 pulled and tilt R3 to select the Molotov Cocktail
  • Press R1 to craft a unit
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