Days Gone Little Bear Lake Nero Checkpoint Location

Days Gone

PlayStation 4

Days Gone: Little Bear Lake Nero Checkpoint Walkthrough

Days Gone Little Bear Lake Nero Checkpoint Location

Little Bear Lake is one of the 12 Nero Checkpoints from Days Gone, the video game developed by Bend Studio for PlayStation 4.

Location & Rewards

Copeland’s Camp Trust Points: 800
Credits: 550
XP: 1000


Days Gone Little Bear Lake Nero Checkpoint is also a location featured in Bugged the Hell Out mission, which means that you’ll reach it while playing the game’s story.

This checkpoint is located north-west of Copeland’s Camp and it is mandatory to explore it because there are some key-items you have to retrieve from it.

Getting Inside

Since this Nero Checkpoint is not overrun by Swarmers, you can infiltrate through the main gate, although there is a hole in the southern fence, we suggest you use.

This infiltration point is preferred because it allows you to quickly reach the roof of the Nero building.

Before starting the generator make sure you disable the Nero MMU Speakers. This will help you remain hidden; otherwise, when you activate the generator you’ll start the speakers, thus alerting all nearby Swarmers.

Little Bear Lake MMU Speakers 1 & 2

How to Infiltrate Little Bear Lake Nero Checkpoint in Days GoneHead to the roof using the crates on the southern side of the building (pictured).

Disable both Nero MMU Speakers on the roof. They are in the corners of the building, facing the courtyard.

To deactivate a Days Gone MMU Speaker, approach it and press Square.

Generator Fuel (Gas) Location

Where to Find Fuel for the GeneratorWith the speakers silenced, it’s time to start the generator, but for this, you’ll need fuel.

Jump down from the roof, and head to the road in the middle of the compound.

Here, you should see a service truck and on it a gas canister (also pictured below). Approach it and press Square to pick it up.

With the canister in hand return to the generator located on the western side of the building.

The generator is near a blue dumpster.Approach the generator and press O to fill it with gas.

Finally, press Square to start it.

Once the generator is up and running it’s time to loot the place.

Enter the building through the door on the eastern side, and just behind the door, on the right side, you should see a room.

Notable Items

Item: Location:
Nero Injector As you enter, on the left side is a large crate.

Inside you’ll find the Sterile Bandages for the Bugged the Hell Out mission.

However, more important is the Nero Injector.

Nero Intel Recorder (#29) Sitting near a microscope in the room with the bed and the Gun Locker.
Medkit On the right side of the corridor, you should see it sitting on a large cabinet.
Rifle Ammo At the end of the same corridor, on the right side.
Beer Bottle On a bed in the room on the other side of the building.
Sterilizer Inside a locker in the same room with the Beer Bottle.
IPCA Tech On a Nero Scientist inside the same room as the previous 2 items. You should see it on the ground.
Kerosene In the large tent outside, sitting on a green crate.


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