Days Gone Belknap Nero Research Sites Locations Map

Days Gone

PlayStation 4

Days Gone: All Belknap Nero Research Sites

Days Gone Belknap Region includes only 2 Nero Research Sites you have to explore in order to get 100% completion in the latest video game developed by Bend Studio for PlayStation 4.

Belknap Nero Research Sites Map

Days Gone Belknap Nero Research Sites Locations MapAll Days Gone Belknap Nero Research Sites Locations can be revealed by conquering the Ambush Camps in the second region of the video game.

Specifically, you have to clear Bear Creek Hot Springs, Black Crater, and Belknap Caves.

On our map above you can see where all Days Gone Nero Research Sites in Belknap Region are located, while our guide below explains how to access them.

Belknap Nero Research Site #1

Days Gone Belknap Nero Research Site 1 LocationThe first Research Site in this region is found west of Hot Springs Camp. It is very similar to the first Cascade Nero Research Site we have approached meaning that you’ll have to perform a bike jump to reach it.

This can be done once you purchase the Nitro and Engine upgrades from Manny.

After you jump, follow the path up the hill and you’ll find another helicopter.

The Nero Injector is inside the white crate pictured above; however, you’ll also find an IPCA Tech on the ground as well as Nero Intel #9, Fuel and Scraps.

Belknap Nero Research Site #2

The second Belknap Research Site is located inside a mine, you’ll most likely want to approach at night.

During the day there is a Horde inside.

It is also worth mentioning that the entrance to this mine is south from the actual on-map location.

Look for it close to a small pond by the road. Once inside, follow the left path and descend to the lower section.

The Nero Injector (pictured) is sitting on a small hill inside a white crate.

Close to it is the Nero Intel 21, on a black crate.

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