Days Gone: Bandages Crafting Guide

Days Gone

PlayStation 4

Days Gone: Bandages Crafting Guide

Days Gone: Bandages Crafting Guide

Bandages are Supplies featured in Days Gone, the PlayStation 4 video game developed by Bend Studio.

Days Gone Bandages play a vital role when it comes to Deacon’s surviving; therefore you’ll need to always have them in your inventory.

Unlike Days Gone Materials, a Bandage can be found or crafted.

General Information


“Restores 50% Health”

Required Materials:

Rag, Sterilizer

Maximum Capacity:


Bandage Crafting Recipe

In order to craft a Bandage in Days Gone, you’ll need to unlock the Crafting Recipe, which reveals the materials needed for this healing item.

The Bandage Recipe is unlocked while playing We’ll Make It Quick mission at the beginning of the game.

During this mission, you’ll have to track down Leon, then after you deal with him, Deacon and Boozer will return to their bikes.

As you go up the hill, you’ll be introduced to crafting and the first item you’ll learn how to craft is a Bandage. At this point, the Crafting Recipe is unlocked.

Crafting Materials

A Bandage in Days Gone requires two types of materials:

Material Amount/Unit How to Find
Rag 1 Exploring abandoned locations and houses
Sterilizer 1 Exploring abandoned houses, or inside ambulances

Crafting Bandages

In order to craft a Bandage simply follow these steps:

  • Hold L1 to access the Survival Wheel
  • While keeping L1 pulled, move R3 to access the Medical Category
  • Keep L1 pulled and tilt R3 to select the Bandage
  • Press R1 to craft a unit


Once crafted, a Bandage is automatically added to your Medical Supplies. This means that there are two methods to use it.

1. Quick Heal

You can quickly use a Bandage to heal Deacon by pressing Left on your D-Pad. This method is best used while fighting, as Bandages and Medkits are mixed in the Medical Supplies section.

This means that you’ll use any of them when you Quick Heal, and you have no control on which item is consumed.

2. Slow Heal

The second method takes more time and it requires you to use the Crafting Wheel.

This method allows you to pick which item you wish to consume in order to heal Deacon. If you want to save Medkits, then follow these steps.

  • Hold L1 to access the Survival Wheel
  • While keeping L1 pulled, move R3 to access the Medical Category
  • Keep L1 pulled and tilt R3 to select the Bandage
  • Press R2 to heal using a Bandage

Bandages Locations

Although Bandages can be crafted you can also find them through exploration, just like all other items. They are not rare, but they are random.

If you’re looking for more Bandages try searching inside houses, or ambulances.

While exploring an abandoned house, you should always focus on the bathroom first, because it’s the best location to find a Bandage in Days Gone.

It is also worth mentioning that Rippers and Marauders can carry bandages as well, which means that you should always loot their corpses.

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