Days Gone Bare Bay Ambush Camp Location

Days Gone

PlayStation 4

Days Gone: Bare Bay Ambush Camp Walkthrough

Days Gone Bare Bay Ambush Camp Location

Days Gone Bare Bay is a Highway 97 Ambush Camp featured in the latest video game developed by Bend Studio exclusively for PS4.

Location & Rewards

Diamond Lake Camp Trust Points: 2750
Credits: 1700
XP: 5000


Bare Bay Ambush Camp is located east of Friendship Ridge Horde, and south of Chemult College Infestation and Nero Checkpoint in Highway 97 Region (see above).

Days Gone Bare Bay Ambush Camp is a location that must be explored in order to finish the Ambush Camp Hunter Storyline.

This Ambush Camp is guarded by 19 Marauders.

Getting Inside

How to Get Inside Bare Bay Ambush Camp in Days GoneTo get inside this Ambush Camp undetected, we suggest staying within the swampy area where a lot of bushes offer the best cover.

As you arrive at the camp, while facing the entrance, head left and stay close to the water. Most enemies are located in the central area, and because of this, you can easily take out solitary guards.

If you head here during the night, you may see some Marauders enjoying a fistfight. A Frag Grenade in the middle of the group will help you deal with all of them at once, instantly killing around 9 Marauders.

There is a single Sniper Tower at this location and the Sniper is focused on protecting the camp’s entrance. Kill him from distance using a Sniper Rifle equipped with a Suppressor.

Remain in the bushes all the time and you’ll be able to clean this large camp without being seen.

Bare Bay Bunker Location

Days Gone Bare Bay Ambush Camp Bunker LocationThe Bunker at Bare Bay Ambush Camp is very easy to find. Look for it in the central area, southeast from the water tower.

As you can see in the picture above it is also behind a tree.

Unlocking Bare Bay

Days Gone Bare Bay Ambush Camp Map LocationThe map you’re looking for at this location is sitting on a table, on the left side as you descend the ladder.

Once you get the map and the notes, this Days Gone Ambush Camp is marked as complete.

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