Days Gone Crazy Willie's Infestation Locations

Days Gone

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Days Gone: Crazy Willie’s Infestation Walkthrough

Crazy Willie’s is one of the 18 Infestation Areas from Days Gone, the video game developed by Bend Studio for PlayStation 4.

Infestation Location & Nests Map

Days Gone Crazy Willie's Infestation LocationsDays Gone Crazy Willie’s Infestation is also a location featured in You Got a Death Wish mission, which means that you’ll reach it while playing the game’s story.

Furthermore, this Belknap Infestation is required to complete the Infestation Exterminator Storyline.

Crazy Willie’s Infestation is located south-west of Belknap Caves Ambush Camp and west of Little Bear Lake Nero Checkpoint.

This location can be reached simply by following the game’s story and addressing all main missions.

Eventually, you’ll be sent here when you unlock You Got a Death Wish mission.

Crazy Willie’s Freakers Nest 1

The first nest is located in a white cabin in the north-eastern part of the compound.

Throw a Molotov Cocktail through the window or door, then kill the Freakers that emerge.

There should be around 4, without those roaming around. Once it burns don’t forget to get the Nest Residue found within the building.

Crazy Willie’s Freakers Nest 2

The second Infestation Nest is located inside a white trailer (also pictured).

Since it is smaller, only 3 Freakers will spawn. You should see the nest very close to the first one.

After it burns, check the trailer for an ammo crate and more Nest Residue.

Crazy Willie’s Freakers Nest 3

The third nest at this location is inside a motel room, west of the previous one.

While standing on the cliff, throw another Molotov through the window.

Expect 4 or five Freakers to come out. Inside the room, check the ground for a Nest Residue and the fridge for a Stamina Cocktail.

Crazy Willie’s Freakers Nest 4

The fourth nest on our Days Gone Crazy map above, is inside another motel room, in the same building as the previous one.

After you set it on fire, around 4 Freakers will rush towards you.

Kill them, then investigate the room for another Nest Residue and a Health Cocktail in the small fridge.

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