Days Gone Berley Lake Ambush Camp Location

Days Gone

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Days Gone: Berley Lake Ambush Camp Walkthrough

Days Gone Berley Lake Ambush Camp Location

Berley Lake is a Lost Lake Ambush Camp from Days Gone, the video game developed by Bend Studio exclusively for PS4.

Location & Rewards

Iron Mike’s Camp Trust Points: 350
Credits: 1900
XP: 2000
Crafting Recipe: Incendiary Bolt


Berley Lake Ambush Camp is located northwest of Berley Lake Infestation, and southeast of Rogue Camp Infestation in Lost Lake Region (see above).

Days Gone Berley Lake is a location that must be explored in order to complete the Ambush Camp Hunter Storyline.

This Ambush Camp is guarded by 13 Marauders; which are very accessible if you follow our infiltration guide below.

Getting Inside

How to Get Inside Berley Lake Ambush Camp in Days GoneGetting inside Berley Lake Ambush Camp is extremely easy and if you follow our path you’ll most likely remain undetected.

As you approach this Days Gone Ambush Camp, from the main road leading to the entrance, turn right and go up the hill.

Remain in the close proximity of the camp, and you will arrive exactly on top of it, right behind the Sniper (pictured above).

From this location, you can scout the whole camp, and you can silently take out the Sniper. If you wish to remain hidden, simply add a Suppressor to your Sniper Rifle and take out the Marauders from above.

Obviously, you can also opt for a closer approach, such as taking out the Marauders using your knife.

Because the camp is quite large you have plenty of hiding spots.

Berley Lake Bunker Location

Days Gone Berley Lake Bunker LocationThe Bunker at Berley Lake Ambush Camp is in the close proximity of the cabin protected by Marauders.

In the picture above, you see that it’s behind a rock, but you should also see the hunting cabin in the distance.

Unlocking Deerborn

Days Gone Berley Lake Ambush Camp Map LocationThe map you’re looking for at this location is sitting on a table at the end of the small corridor you’ll face the moment you enter the bunker. Once you reach the end of the corridor, turn right and you should spot it.

After you get the map and the notes, the Ambush Camp is marked as complete.

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