Days Gone Cascade Lakes Railway Ambush Camp Location

Days Gone

PlayStation 4

Days Gone: Cascade Lakes Railway Ambush Camp Walkthrough

Days Gone Cascade Lakes Railway Ambush Camp Location

Days Gone Cascade Lakes Railway is a Crater Lake Ambush Camp featured in the latest video game developed by Bend Studio exclusively for PS4.

Location & Rewards

Wizard Island Camp Trust Points: 1100
Credits: 2650
XP: 4000
Crafting Recipe: Attractor Bomb


Cascade Lakes Railway Ambush Camp is located east of Diamond Lake Camp, north of Tumblebug River Infestation and north-west of Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway Nero Checkpoint in Crater Lake Region (see above).

Days Gone Cascade Lakes Railway, is a location that must be explored in order to complete the Ambush Camp Hunter Storyline.

This Ambush Camp is guarded by 15 Marauders, similar to those from Spruce Lake Ambush Camp.

Getting Inside

To get inside this Ambush Camp we suggest following the path along the railway (left side while looking at the camp), mainly because there is a large number of Snipers supervising the valley.

A head-on approach will eventually lead to a firefight you can avoid by going around the camp, then falling right behind your enemies (as pictured).

From this position, you can remain hidden for a long time and start working your way down the hill killing each Marauder you encounter.

As said, there are 3 Snipers in this area, and they can become problematic if they spot you. Try using your Crossbow or kill them from behind.

Another great idea is to use Residue Bolts on them, which will make them go berserk and open fire against their own troops.

Either way, the area offers a lot of hiding spots, and if you are detected, you’ll always have the high-ground advantage if you follow the indicated path.

Cascade Lakes Railway Bunker Location

Days Gone Cascade Lakes Railway Ambush Camp Bunker LocationThe Bunker at Cascade Lakes Railway Ambush Camp is located behind several black crates (also pictured).

As you can see they are in the lower section of the camp, behind the derailed train.

Unlocking Cascade Lakes Railway

Days Gone Cascade Lakes Railway Ambush Camp Map LocationThe map you’re looking for at this location is sitting on a table, on the right side of the corridor, you’ll see inside the bunker.

Once you get the map and the notes, this Days Gone Ambush Camp is marked as complete.

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