Days Gone Box of Nails Locations

Days Gone

PlayStation 4

Days Gone: Box of Nails Crafting Material

Days Gone Box of Nails Locations

Box of Nails is a Crafting Material featured in Days Gone, the PlayStation 4 video game developed by Bend Studio.

The Days Gone Box of Nails is a resource for specific Survival Supplies.

Particularly it is used to craft weapons

General Information

Description: “A small box of nails used to make spiked weapons”
Craftable Supplies: Spiked Stool Leg, Spiked Fence Post, Spiked 2×4, Spiked Bat
Maximum Capacity: 10 (After unlocking Carry That Weight Survival Skill)

Box of Nails Locations

The Days Gone Box of Nails are very common materials, you’ll find while exploring the game’s world.

Just like the Beer Bottle and the Sterilizer, a Box of Nails respawns; meaning that once you find one if you revisit the same location after some time, you’ll most likely be able to find another box.

While looking for this crafting material in Days Gone, try searching abandoned garages and workshops; although you’ll also be able to find them inside houses, especially on porches.

Abandoned camps within forests are also great locations to find lots of Nail Boxes.

Two recommended locations to farm Boxes of Nails in Days Gone are the Old Wagon Motel (inside Marion Forks Infestation) and Willie’s Garage (inside Crazy Willie’s Infestation)

How to Use Box of Nails

This material is used to improve and craft various melee weapons, but keep in mind that additional items are required.

The most important one is the base weapon which allows you to place nails on it. For example, if you wish to craft a Spiked Stool Leg, the base weapon you’ll first need is the common Stool Leg.

Once you have all of them in your inventory follow these steps to craft a spiked weapon:

  • Hold L1 to access the Survival Wheel
  • While keeping L1 pulled, move R3 to access the Melee Weapon Category and make sure the base weapon is equipped
  • Keep L1 pulled and press R1 to craft the weapon
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