Days Gone Old Pioneer Cemetery Nero Checkpoint Location

Days Gone

PlayStation 4

Days Gone: Old Pioneer Cemetery Nero Checkpoint Walkthrough

Days Gone Old Pioneer Cemetery Nero Checkpoint Location

Old Pioneer Cemetery is one of the 12 Nero Checkpoints from Days Gone, the video game developed by Bend Studio for PlayStation 4.

Location & Rewards

Copeland’s Camp Trust Points: 800
Credits: 550
XP: 1000

Old Pioneer Cemetery Nero Checkpoint is also a location featured in World’s End Storyline, meaning that you’ll have to explore it in order to get 100% completion in the videogame.

This checkpoint is located east of Pioneer Cemetery Infestation in Cascade Area.

Getting Inside

To get inside the Old Pioneer Cemetery Nero Checkpoint you have to clear the path towards the courtyard.

Push the blue truck in front of the large tent on the right side of the road leading to the compound.

The picture above shows its location, however, before doing so, you might want to disable the Nero MMU Speaker on top of the small building.

Old Pioneer Cemetery MMU Speaker 1

At this location, there are three Nero MMU Speakers you should disable before starting the generator.

The first one can be easily disabled by shooting it with your Crossbow.

Alternatively, you can disable it by climbing the building.

Old Pioneer Cemetery MMU Speaker 2

Move the blue truck mentioned above, then use the crates near the building to reach the roof.

Old Pioneer Cemetery MMU Speaker 3

The third one is on top of a guard post on the main road leading to the location.

Generator Fuel (Gas) Location

There are two canisters of gas near this location.

One of them is in the middle of the inner courtyard, but you’ll most likely use it to set the Freakers on fire.

The second one (pictured above) is outside, close to a large tree.

Once you find the fuel, take it to the generator located inside the courtyard, by the fence.

Approach the generator and press O to fill it with gas. Finally, press Square to start it.

Notable Items

Item: Location:
Nero Injector Enter the building and look for the white crate to find the Nero Injector. You’ll see it in the main room.
Nero Intel Recorder (#17) Nero Intel Recorder (#17) – Siting near a microscope in the room with the bed and the Gun Locker.
Bandages On the left side of the room, near the sink.
IPCA Tech On the ground, in the tent you used to get inside, after moving the truck. Look for a corpse.


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