Far Cry: New Dawn Duct Tape Locations

Far Cry: New Dawn

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Far Cry: New Dawn Duct Tape Crafting Guide

Far Cry: New Dawn Duct Tape Locations

Far Cry: New Dawn Duct Tape is a Crafting Material used to produce Weapons and Vehicles in the videogame published by Ubisoft for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

The Duct Tape in Far Cry: New Dawn, just like Copper, is a very common material; however unlike the latter, you won’t be able to find it by looting enemies.

Nevertheless, you’ll be able to get a lot of Duct Tape mainly through exploration, or by visiting specific locations.

Our guide below reveals some of the methods you can use in order to get Duct Tape faster in Far Cry: New Dawn.

In Locations

Far Cry: New Dawn features 101 Looting Locations you can visit and explore in order to get specific materials.

Below we reveal the full list of landmarks you should check out for this specific material.

Location Duct Tape Stashes
Wiki-Bean-ia 3
Filthgate 3
Buried Cargo 2
Laurel’s Shanty 3
Hightower 3
Bradbury Woods 4
Davenport Plains 4
Junk Tunnel 3
Broken Signal 3
Elsinore Farm 4
Nana’s Perch 3

Animal Skins

Although Far Cry: New Dawn includes a lot of animals you can hunt, not all skins can be traded for Duct Tape.

Here are the animals you can hunt, then trade their skins for Duct Tape.

Animal Type Trade Value/Piece
Deer 30 Duct Tape
Cattle 40 Duct Tape
Bison 60 Duct Tape

Fish Skins

As with animals, not all fish skins can be traded for Duct Tape.

Only the following fish type should be caught if you need this material.

FishType Trade Value/Piece
Rainbow Trout 30 Duct Tape

Treasure Hunts

By completing the Treasure Hunts side-missions in Far Cry: New Dawn you’ll also be able to acquire Duct Tape.

Each Treasure Hunt involves a hidden stash or treasure room, filled with various materials including Duct Tape.

Treasure Hunt Duct Tape Available
For Whom the Bear Tolls 206
Going Haywire  203
Riddle Me Fish 205
High Art 205
Rescuers Go Under 203
Target Practice 208
The Best Laid Plans 202
Burning Souls 204
Go With the Flow 204
Light ‘Em Up 201

How to Trade Items for Duct Tape

Whenever you have items you want to trade for Duct Tape, head to the nearest Workbench, and select the Trade Loot option in the menu.

Next, simply pick the items you want to trade and you’ll get the corresponding amount of Duct Tape.

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