Far Cry: New Dawn Duct Tape Locations

Far Cry: New Dawn

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Far Cry New Dawn Duct Tape Stashes Locations: Filthgate

Far Cry: New Dawn Duct Tape Locations

Filthgate is a Looting Location from Far Cry: New Dawn, Ubisoft’s latest installment in the popular video game series.

Filthgate in Far Cry: New Dawn is a checkpoint featuring a small building by the road and an upper platform.

This landmark is usually protected by the Twins’ Highwaymen.

At this location, you’ll be able to find 3 hidden Duct Tape Stashes you can collect if you need more Duct Tape.

In the videogame, Duct Tape is a Crafting Material required to create Weapons and Vehicles.

Filthgate Location

Filthgate is located north-east of Roughneck’s Crag, on the road to The Inquisitor’s Grave. This looting location can be observed on the following map.

Far Cry: New Dawn FilthgateDuct Tape Stashes Locations

To fully control this location you need to find 3 hidden Duct Tape Stashes, revealed by the table below.

Duct Tape Stash Location
1 On a larger rock in front of the small building
2 By the stairs leading to the platform above the road
3 On the table inside the small building


After you get all Duct Tape Stashes at Filthgate, the location is marked as completed.

You can continue to scout this location for alternative loot such as Black Powder and Copper inside a backpack by the building’s front door.

There is also a backpack hanging on the upper platform. Shoot it down to find more Black Powder and Copper.

Finally, don’t forget to check the crate close to the second stash if you need Blasting Caps; as well as the large chest on the platform overseeing the road, for some Solvent and Ammo.

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