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Far Cry New Dawn Going Haywire Treasure Hunt Walkthrough

Far Cry New Dawn Going Haywire is the second Treasure Hunt side-activity you can complete in the video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Going Haywire is a little bit different than For Whom the Bear Tolls, meaning that it involves a series of puzzles you must solve to get to the treasure room.

You can also attempt this Far Cry New Dawn Treasure Hunt after you reach Prosperity.

There are no special requirements for this side-mission, and the rewards you’ll find in the treasure room will help you level up faster and craft better weapons.

When you’re ready to start Going Haywire in Far Cry New Dawn head to the location marked on our map below.

Treasure Hunt Location

Going Haywire Treasure Hunt can be started at a small house (marked on our map), west of the Chop Shop Outpost.

This location is known as Parker’s Vault.

Far Cry New Dawn Going Haywire Treasure Hunt Location

Highwaymen Note Location

When you reach the location on our map, you should see an electricity machine, quite similar to the one invented by Tesla. In order to begin this Treasure Hunt, read the Highwaymen Note, on the workbench pictured below.

” This machine turned itself on when we drove by and if that’s not an invitation I don’t know what is. 

Problem now though is that it’s making this weird lightning shit and blocking the bunker door right in front of us.

It’s been a long day and I want to get looting. Figure out how the fuck we shut off the power to this thing.”

Far Cry New Dawn Going Haywire Note Location

Far Cry New Dawn Going Haywire Walkthrough

According to the Highwaymen Note, you found earlier, the treasure room and the hidden stash are right under the machine outside. The problem is that you can’t get near it; thus you cant’ enter the bunker.

The trick here is to deactivate the electricity machine. So here is how to do it.

Turn right and you should see a large house. Climb on the roof using the green rope in the picture below.

Far Cry New Dawn Going Haywire Walkthrough

Climb the rooftop of the house

Next, look around to spot a dead body on a grated window.

Crouch nearby and shoot the lock on the door below you, through the grates, as pictured. This will open the door of the house.

Far Cry New Dawn Going Haywire Walkthrough 2

Shoot the lock inside the house

Now, jump down and enter the house.

Once inside, head left and in the last room look for a yellow switch (also pictured). Pull it to stop the electricity on the machine outside.

Far Cry New Dawn Going Haywire Walkthrough 3

Pull this lever to stop the machine outside

Retrace your steps and go outside to notice that the bunker below the machine is now accessible.

Far Cry New Dawn Going Haywire Treasure Location

Drop inside the bunker to find the hidden treasure room and stash

Drop inside using the ladder, and open the next door which leads to the secret stash in the treasure room. Again, strategically loot everything inside the room, especially the Perk Magazines which will allow you to unlock new Perks.

Hidden Stash Rewards

Inside the treasure room, beside the ammo, you should be able to find the following Crafting Materials:

Name Amount
Copper 181
Black Powder 2
Duct Tape 203
Far Cry Credits
Spring 206
Gears 203
Perk Magazine 3
Components 207
Titanium 19
Solvent 3
Blasting Cap 2

Assuming you used the Perk Points from the first Treasure Hunt on other skills, it’s time to unlock the Grapple Perk as you’ll need it for the next treasure hunt named High Art.

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