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Far Cry New Dawn Target Practice Treasure Hunt Walkthrough

Far Cry New Dawn Target Practice is the fourth Treasure Hunt activity you can complete in the video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Target Practice is more accessible than High Art. While you don’t need any special perks to complete this Treasure Hunt; a weapon with a high fire-rate is recommended.

Therefore, before starting Target Practice Treasure Hunt in Far Cry New Dawn, you should try crafting the Rusty SMG-11 or the Rusty MP5.

Even though they are quite basic, their fire rate will help you complete this Treasure Hunt faster.

Treasure Hunt Location

Target Practice Treasure Hunt can be started at a small cabin located west of the Refinery Outpost and south-east of Signal Point Outpost.

The area is known as Nadine’s Junkyard.

Far Cry New Dawn Target Practice Treasure Hunt Location

Highwayman Note Location

When you reach the location on the map above; look for a Highwayman Note on an old rusted car, just like the one below.

“From all the gears and shit scattered around here, it looks like someone was trying to build some kinda machine.

Whatever it is, I’m guessing it’s gonna be fucking huge. Check out the area and report back when you find it. Maybe it’s something we can use.”

Far Cry New Dawn Target Practice Note Location

Far Cry New Dawn Target Practice Walkthrough

Now that you triggered this mission, head left away from the car and look for a digging site close to a zip line.

You should see it on a hill several steps away from the wooden cabin.

Far Cry New Dawn Target Practice Treasure Hunt Walkthrough 1Drop inside the hole in the ground and follow the tunnel which will eventually lead to some wooden stairs.

Now, follow the stairs up and you should notice a piece of machinery. This contraption leads to the treasure room, but first, you need to solve a small puzzle.

Let’s start with the left wall while looking at the large door. On it, you should see a yellow lever. If you pull it, several cogs will start moving.

Your goal is to make a large ball fall into a bucket.

Pull the lever, then notice that 4 targets appear. You must shoot all of them.

The first one is right behind the large cog next to the lever. You can shoot it through the hole in the cog.

The second target is on the right side, suspended on the ceiling; while the last two are behind the yellow lever. All of them are easy targets, and you can shoot them in any order.

Far Cry New Dawn Target Practice Treasure Hunt Walkthrough 2

Shoot all 4 moving targets

Now that the first ball is in the bucket turn around to spot 4 additional targets on the right wall.

Again, shoot all of them in any order to make them stop and activate the second metal ball.

Far Cry New Dawn Target Practice Treasure Hunt Walkthrough 3

Shoot the remaining 4 targets

Once all targets have been stopped, the second ball will start moving and drop into the second bucket.

The weight of these two balls will lift the gate inside the cave, thus allowing you to reach the hidden stash and the treasure room.

Far Cry New Dawn Target Practice Treasure Location

Loot the treasure room

Hidden Stash Rewards

Inside the treasure room, beside the ammo, you should be able to find the following Crafting Materials:

Name Amount
Duct Tape 208
Far Cry Credits
Spring 100
Gears 309
Perk Magazine 3
Components 203
Titanium 20


Did you manage to finish the Target Practice in Far Cry New Dawn? If you have questions, drop them in the comments section below, on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram.

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