Far Cry: New Dawn Cattle Hunting Location

Far Cry: New Dawn

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Far Cry: New Dawn Cattle Hunting Guide

Far Cry: New Dawn Cattle Hunting Location

Far Cry: New Dawn Cattle is a very rare Rank 1 animal you must hunt and skin while playing the video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

The Cattle in Far Cry: New Dawn is one of the 25 animals required to unlock the Master Skinner trophy/achievement.

Even if it’s a Rank 1 mammal, the Cattle can be quite difficult to hunt, because a map showing this animal’s location can’t be found.

That’s why we suggest you check the two spawning locations we reveal in the following videogame guide if you wish to find Cows in Far Cry: New Dawn.

General Information

Animal Family: Bovidae
Rank: I
Class: Mammals
Scientific Name: Bos Taurus
Huntable: Y
Skinnable: Y
Similar Animals: Deer, Pronghorn, Elk, Caribou, Bull, Bison, Moose

Far Cry: New Dawn Cattle Location & Habitat

Since a map showing the Cattle’s location in Far Cry: New Dawn doesn’t exist, you’ll have to rely on two hunting spots to find this specific animal.

The first one is the Old Fang Farm just several steps east of The Pantry Outpost, which is also a reference point for the Rescuers Go Under Treasure Hunt. Check our map below to see where the Old Fang Farm is located.

Far Cry: New Dawn Cattle Location 1When you get to this location, walk around the farm to spot a Cattle. Usually, Bulls spawn as well; therefore if you can’t find a Cattle, then move away from the farm and fast travel again until a Cattle spawns.

Here is a screenshot with a Cattle at Old Fang Farm.

Far Cry: New Dawn Cattle Hunting Spot

Another possible spawning point is the lighthouse featured in H.M.S. MacCoubrey Expedition.

Again you’ll have to explore the area around the lighthouse in order to find Cattles. If instead of Cows you see Bulls, restart the expedition.

Keep in mind that if you kill a Cattle and skin it, you have to complete the expedition otherwise the skin is removed from your inventory.

Below you can see a picture showing a Cattle found while playing the H.M.S. MacCoubrey Expedition.

Finally, while playing this expedition, you can hunt Sharks, which are also rare animals.

Far Cry: New Dawn Cow Hunting Spot

Recommended Hunting Weapon, Perks & Companions

The table below features the best Far Cry: New Dawn Weapons, Perks and Companions that will help you hunt Cattles faster.

Type: Name: How to Unlock:
Weapon Space Force SA-50 Craft at the workbench in Prosperity
Companion Timber Complete Man Eat Dog World Side Quest
Perks Tactical Binoculars Spend Perk Points
Outdoor Enthusiast
More Lung Capacity

Cattle Crafting Materials Trade Value

After you hunt a Cattle in Far Cry: New Dawn you obtain Crafting Materials and parts.

The following table shows their trade values and how to use them in the game.

Material Trade Value/Piece How to Use
Cattle Skin Duct Tape x 40 Trade at workbench
Meat N/A Craft Bait, Medkit at workbench

Hunting Tips

Just like the Skunk, the Cattle in Far Cry: New Dawn is easy to kill but hard to find.

Eventually, if you use the locations above you’ll be able to track at least one Cattle. When you do, you’re free to use any weapon you like; although because of the animal’s size, the Space Force SA-50, will get you a one-shot kill.

Did you manage to hunt a rare Cattle in Far Cry: New Dawn?

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