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Far Cry New Dawn High Art Treasure Hunt Walkthrough

Far Cry New Dawn High Art, is the third Treasure Hunt side-activity featured in the first-person shooter video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

High Art can be played after you reach Prosperity, and Free Roam is unlocked.

Unlike the previous two Far Cry New Dawn Treasure Hunts we approached earlier (For Whom the Bear Tolls and Going Haywire), High Art requires the Grapple Perk.

If you didn’t unlock it, head over to our Far Cry New Dawn Wiki Hub and focus on other activities that grant Perk Points.

Once you have enough, unlock the Grapple Perk and visit the location on our map below to start the High Art Treasure Hunt.

Treasure Hunt Location

High Art Treasure Hunt can be started in front of a pink garage, east of the Chop Shop Outpost.

This location goes by the name of Atelier Zilon.

Far Cry New Dawn High Art Treasure Hunt Location

Highwaymen Note Location

In order to begin this side-activity, read the Highwaymen Note next to the yellow car on the trailer pictured below.

“You guys, Master Zilon said himself: He built this workshop the way it is to train our bodies and minds. 

If we want to be even half the artist he is, we have to do as he does, no excuses.

So quit complaining about how hard it is to get inside the supply room and just be grateful he’s letting us learn from him at all.”

Far Cry New Dawn High Art Note Location

Far Cry New Dawn High Art Walkthrough

From the beginning, you should know that High Art, is a little more complicated than other Far Cry New Dawn Treasure Hunts.

After you read the note above, go around the pink garage and shoot the wooden planks on the window in the back.

Far Cry New Dawn High Art Treasure Hunt Walkthrough 1

Shoot the wooden planks on this window

Now, look around to spot a grappling point on top of the windmill nearby. The grappling point is above a zip line which connects the said mill and the barn.

Far Cry New Dawn High Art Treasure Hunt Walkthrough 2

Grapple here, then drop on the zipline

Use your grapple hook to ascend, then drop on the zip line and head inside the garage.

Once inside the garage, head right, crouch, then head left and drop on the ground floor. To open the secret stash treasure room in High Art Treasure Hunt, you need to switch 3 yellow valves.

The first valve (pictured below) is near the front garage door.

Far Cry New Dawn High Art Treasure Hunt Walkthrough 3

Turn off the first valve

For the second valve turn around and head to the left side of the garage.

You should see it in the back, behind a fence (also pictured).

Far Cry New Dawn High Art Treasure Hunt Walkthrough 4

Turn off the second valve

Once you turn off the second valve, the car in the garage will move up. For the third valve, head back to the first floor.

Climb using the blue ropes on the right side of the garage while facing the door.

Next use the car you just elevated, to cross to the other side of the garage; then crunch and turn left to see the third valve you need to shut down.

Far Cry New Dawn High Art Treasure Hunt Walkthrough 5

Turn off the third valve

The moment you stop the third valve, go back to the ground floor where you should see a yellow car in a vertical position.

Far Cry New Dawn High Art Treasure Location

Look behind this car to find the treasure room

Go around it to find the secret stash and the treasure room full of goodies.

Hidden Stash Rewards

Inside the treasure room, beside the ammo, you should be able to find the following Crafting Materials:

Name Amount
Copper 39
Black Powder 1
Duct Tape 205
Far Cry Credits
Spring 205
Gears 204
Perk Magazine 3
Components 204
Titanium 17


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