Far Cry: New Dawn Duct Tape Locations

Far Cry: New Dawn

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Far Cry New Dawn Duct Tape Stashes Locations: Wiki-Bean-ia

Far Cry: New Dawn Duct Tape Locations

Wiki-Bean-ia is one of the 101 Looting Locations from Far Cry: New Dawn, Ubisoft’s latest installment in the popular video game series released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Wiki-Bean-ia in Far Cry: New Dawn is an important location, where you’ll have the chance to meet Bean early in the video game.

Furthermore, at this location, you’ll be able to find 3 hidden Duct Tape Stashes you can collect if you need more Duct Tape.

In the videogame, Duct Tape is a Crafting Material required to create Weapons and Vehicles.

Wiki-Bean-ia Location

Wiki-Bean-ia is located north of Prosperity, south of  Bitter Stream and west of Gambler’s Run. This looting location can be observed on the following map.

Far Cry: New Dawn Wiki-Bean-iaDuct Tape Stashes Locations

To fully control this location you need to find 3 hidden Duct Tape Stashes, revealed by the table below.

Duct Tape Stash Location
1 On the ground floor, inside the living room, on a bookshelf
2 On the first floor, in the bedroom, on a shelf near the door
3 On the first floor, in the bedroom, behind a fallen bookcase


After you get all Duct Tape Stashes at Wiki-Bean-ia, the location is marked as completed.

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