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Far Cry New Dawn Riddle Me Fish Treasure Hunt Walkthrough

Far Cry New Dawn Riddle Me Fish, is the fifth Treasure Hunt side-activity covered by our Wiki Guide for the video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Riddle Me Fish, is one of the shortest Far Cry New Dawn Treasure Hunts; however, it involves a tricky puzzle you need to solve.

Other than that Riddle Me Fish, doesn’t have any special requirements; and you don’t need specific Perks to complete it.

Therefore; you should attempt this side-mission the moment you finish the first four: For Whom the Bear TollsGoing HaywireHigh Art, and Target Practice.

Treasure Hunt Location

Riddle Me Fish Treasure Hunt can be started at a small hunting cabin, north-east of the Broken Forge Outpost.

This location is known as Skylar’s Riddle.

Far Cry New Dawn Riddle Me Fish Treasure Hunt Location

Warning Note Location

To start this Far Cry New Dawn Treasure Hunt, read the Warning Note located outside the cabin, next to a yellow crate containing Crafting Materials.

“Alright, you Highwaymen lice. You want to break into this bunker so bad, have at it.

Bunker’s under the shed. Door’s at the bottom of the ladder past the fish.

Go on then. Come in. I dare you.”

Far Cry New Dawn Riddle Me Fish Note Location

Far Cry New Dawn Riddle Me Fish Walkthrough

The note above is quite self-explanatory. The treasure room and the hidden stash are inside the shed, and the door is underground.

So head to wooden shed in the picture below, then drop through the trap door on the floor.

Far Cry New Dawn Riddle Me Fish Treasure Hunt Walkthrough 1

Check this small shed

Head towards the next tunnel and in the last room look around to see some fish on the wall.

To open the door you need to activate all fish as quickly as you can. The trick, however, is to know the combination.

Notice that each fish has a different color.  and a number above. If by any chance you press them in the wrong order you’ll be set on fire.

Far Cry New Dawn Riddle Me Fish Puzzle Solution

Press each fish in the correct order

So what’s the correct combination? To save you time, here is the solution to this puzzle:

  • Green (2)
  • Orange (4)
  • Purple (6)
  • Black (1)
  • Blue (3)
  • Yellow (5)

Activate the 6 fish in this order and the Riddle Me Fish Treasure Hunt is completed.

Far Cry New Dawn Riddle Me Fish Treasure Location

Loot everything inside the hidden treasure room

Hidden Stash Rewards

In the treasure room, make sure you pick up everything you find, including the Perk Magazines behind the door.

Besides the ammo, you should be able to find the following Crafting Materials:

Name Amount
Copper 167
Black Powder 4
Duct Tape 205
Far Cry Credits
Spring 202
Perk Magazines 3
Components 201
Titanium 18


Now that you have completed this Treasure Hunt, head outside and try playing the next one in line, named Rescuers Go Under.

Did you manage to solve the puzzle in Riddle Me Fish?

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